15 Best Selling Cars in the World [Infographic]


Do you take an avid interest in cars and would like to know more about the 15 best selling cars in the world? If the answer is yes, then it makes sense for you to have a closer look at these 15 cars.



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  1. Toyota Corolla

In spite of some natural disasters and unwanted accidents, there is no doubt that even today Toyota Corolla continues to be a top selling model in the world.

  1. Hyundai Elantra

It is better known as Avante in South Korea. It is giving sleepless nights to Corolla and has sold around 1.01 million numbers.

  1. Wuling Sunshine

A product of GM joint venture this is one of the most popular and highest-selling models in China and perhaps also across the world.

  1. Ford Focus

This is the same model of car which is available across the world and is in line with Ford’s One Ford strategy. It has sold around 919000 units this year.

  1. Kia Rio

This is another high selling car model from South Korea. It sells quite well in the US and other developed markets. In fact, a major portion of the sale comes from an older version in Iran.

  1. Ford Fiesta

Having sold 781,147 units in 2011 there is no doubt that Ford Fiesta is fast emerging a high selling car in the world.

  1. Volkswagen Jetta

This model from Volkswagen has sold around 745,000 units across the world and is considered to be a very popular brand.

  1. Toyota Camry

This continues to be America’s bestselling car and also is a popular car across the world. It has sold 726000 units not so far off.

  1. Chevrolet Cruze

This is another high performing and high selling model from General Motors. As the demand picked up worldwide, the car sold 691,000 units in 2011.

  1. Volkswagen Golf

This is a highly dependable and popular car and has been selling quite well across the world. 648,000 units were sold in 2017 and it could become a top-selling car by 2018.

  1. Volkswagen Passat

This redesigned model from Volkswagen has sold 565,000 units worldwide and it is now being built at the new factory in Chattanooga, Tenn.

  1. Honda Civic

Because of some negative reviews and some natural disasters, the sales of this car fell to 555,000 units this year. However, it still retains is aura a highly popular car on the earth. Honda has a contract with the World Top Brands like Exide, Duralast to provide the best battery for car since the year 2003.

  1. Dodge Ram

This is a popular car in the USA and posted strong sales of 145,326 units during the last quarter.

  1. Suzuki Swift

This is a low price and entry model from the house of Suzuki. It has sold quite a few thousand numbers and it has made its presence quite strongly in various countries of the European Union including countries like Switzerland.

  1. Mazda3/Axela

With last quarter sales of 108,808 units, there are reasons to believe that this carmaker has broken through the ranks. It will not be long before it is able to make its presence even more strongly because of aggressive marketing plans which are now being put in place.

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