28 Milestones In History of Automobile [Infographic]

History of Automobile

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  • The year 1888- Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, the two talented engineers introduced the first-ever gasoline-powered automobile to the world. They went on to form companies and were rivals until the 1920s. Later they merged to make Daimler-Benz and began manufacturing and selling cars with the name Mercedes-Benz.
  • The year 1893- Duryea brothers after successfully road-testing their gasoline-powered car with friction transmission, spray carburetor, and low tension ignition; formed the Duryea Motor Wagon Company.
  • The year 1899- The first police car ever used was in 1899 in Akron, Ohio. The very first assignment of the car was to pick up a drunk man and bring him to the Police station.
  • The year 1908- Ford’s Piquette Avenue plant in Detroit finished the production of first-ever Model T car. It started the era of the 4 seater cars and went on to produce over 15 million Model T cars.
  • The year 1910- This was the year when the car era unfolded in Britain. In 1910, there were over 1,00,000 cars in Great Britain. Most of the cars during this period were gasoline-powered and some very expensive ones even had folding tops to save passengers and driver from the rain. The concept of car batteries was perhaps just taking shape

  • The year 1920- Ford motors, by the year 1920 had over a million Model T cars. It was in this year when the Bugatti Type 13 was introduced in the market- an exceptional racing and touring model with highly advanced engineering design.
  • The year 1925- The best selling Model T car by Ford saw a massive price slash from a whopping $850 in 1908 to just $260 by 1925. Thanks to the mass production technique, the Model T car became affordable to all and began producing over 2 million cars per year by 1927.
  • The year 1930- Enter the 1930’s and cars became more comfortable and stylish. The introduction of automatic gears and special window defrosters made the comfort quotient high. The design too was much smoother and details such as seats, colors, etc. became a reason before buying cars.
  • The year 1937- This was the founding year of Volkswagen, one of the most celebrated automobile brands across the world to date.
  • The year 1940- The production of luxury cars like Hudson, Packard, and Delahaye 135 convertible was in full swing and people loved to show off their high-speed cars (the speed of Delahaye 135 convertible reached up till 95kmph).
  • 1940’s World War II Impact- Post World War II, the production of automobiles had been significantly impacted. During this period, automobile production in America almost stopped from the year 1942 until 1946.
  • The year 1948- This was the year when Mercedes Benz introduces the concept of electronic car windows.
  • The year 1951- John Hetrick invented the concept of car airbags and patented it shortly after. The revolutionary invention changed the way we understood car safety and made travels more secure for those sitting in the front seat.
  • The year 1966- Britain developed a fuel injection system to properly control the flow of air and fuel in the engine and ensure smooth functioning of the engine.
  • The year 1973- oil crisis hit the world and fuel prices escalate. The entire ’70s saw the troubled economy of fuel prices, thereby giving a boost to Japanese small, fuel-efficient cars.
  • The year 1985- ABS (Anti-lock braking system) was first introduced in the American car Lincoln by Teves, a German. With the help of computerized wheel movement sensing and hydraulic pressure, it helped to lock the wheels in case of emergency.
  • The year 1992- The major car manufacturer Jaguar introduced to the world the then fastest car- the XJ220.
  • The year 1995- World had so far seen 36 million cars. Out of these, 7.6 million were in Japan and 6.3 million were in America.Out of the 36 million cars, 8.6 million cars were sold in the USA itself.
  • The year 2005- Out of the 10 largest companies in the world, four are car makers from the early car era- DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, Toyota, and Ford.
  • The year 2008- Hyundai- a product of the Korean market acquires the coveted position of the fourth-largest automaker in the world. Hyundai was next to Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen.
  • The year 2009- general Motors files for bankruptcy and is later rescued by the government.
  • The year 2010- Chevrolet by General Motors introduces the first-ever electric-powered hybrid car- Volt.
  • The year 2014- Both Toyota and Hyundai introduces the first-ever mass-market hydrogen cars in the market.
  • The year 2016- Acquiring cruise automation, General Motors becomes the developer of self-driving technology.
  • The year 2017- Honda achieves the global milestone of crossing the cumulative production landmark of 100 million in a span of 53 years.

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