5 Netflix Movies About Mental Health: Stream Now!



Films are one of the most effective means of societal awareness. Previously, mental health was considered negatively in society.

Discussion of mental health could not be done, and it was seen as a taboo. Films have successfully burst the taboo and unleashed positivity about mental health in society.

Now, mental health is viewed with empathy. Hey! Want to download films about Mental Health? Get them all here.

The present discussion unravels the Five Netflix movies about Mental Health to create an opinion in society.


Mental Health

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is the state of mind that has the capacity to fight against the odds.

Mental health is that state of mind where the individual would be able to work productively and fruitfully. The individual must be able to contribute positively to society.

Some Facts On Mental Health

The intensity of mental Illness is extremely profound in the USA. Here are some of the facts to justify the Statement.

  • It is found through a study that nearly 1 in every 5 American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition.
  • Around 44 million people in the US are presently facing Mental Illness.
  • 18% of the US Adults are suffering from Mental Illness.
  • Nearly 42.5 million people are suffering from Anxiety Disorder.

Positive Relation Between Movies And Mental Health

A study conducted by the University College London and Vue Cinema inferred that people who watch movies are able to experience improved focus and attention.

This very focus improves the concentration and memory power of an individual. Another study tells that films are attributed to increasing high levels of Intellectual Capacity.

5 Netflix Movies On Mental Health

Netflix has always been revered for keeping a high-Quality Library for viewers. Amidst them, there are certain movies that send a positive note on mental health in society.

That people suffering from some form or other mental health conditions must not be sidelined in society is a message vehemently sent by the films. Streaming these films is an endeavor that needs to be seen positively.

Netflix needs to be applauded with praises for this endeavor of theirs. Below a short note of 7 of those movies is provided.

1. Memento

The protagonist Leonardo in the movie was invaded by unscrupulous elements and caused deep injury to his head.

The group also mercilessly murdered his wife. Leonardo then went on to forget everything.

He was seen reminiscing about his past through sticky notes and Tattoos. The film made people empathize with the character, and thus a positive note on mental health was dispersed successfully by the film.

2. Frailty

In the film, a person goes on to commit heinous murders. But, he thinks that he is guided by God and that he is killing demons in society.

Mc Conaughey plays one of his son’s characters, who, at last, confesses the father’s crimes.
This also evokes pity for the father, who, grappled by some mental health disorder, goes on committing heinous crimes.

But those are committed not under one’s consciousness. And there lies the problem.

3. To The Bone

Here it was seen that Ellen, a 20year old woman, battles to recover from Anorexia Nervosa.

Through the film, the filmmaker showed bits of his and the producer’s lives where they, at one point in their life, were affected grossly by eating disorders.

It was seen that physical and related problems caused mental health illness.

4. Strange Voices

This very film Shows a person constantly battling Schizophrenia. It was seen how the person showed his keenness to take the treatment. It sent a positive message to society that patients need to be treated.

5. Brain On Fire

In the film, it was seen how an individual, a successful journalist, was taken over by waking thought.

In the film, the struggle of the person and the willingness to recover from the disease are shown.


Films must reflect on the realities of life. They must call a spade-a-spade. In the end, it could be said that films have a bigger responsibility in society.

These NetFlix films show high quality and play a positive role in educating societies. So NetFlix should get all the praise.

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