The Best 8 Car Detailing Secrets

Car Detailing Secrets

Ever wondered how professional detailers and mobile car valet services make their cars shiny for long? Don’t worry if you always try to take care of your car, but the results disappoint you. Knowing how to detail your vehicle to professional standards isn’t a matter of vanity. You need to maintain the value of your car to ensure you get the best possible price when you sell it.

There are several car detailing blogs on the internet about the same. Here, you will get the best 8 tips and hints that will boost your washing, polishing, and waxing efforts.

Car Detailing Secrets

Top 8 Car Detailing Secrets

Dry The Glass Surfaces In Two Directions

When drying and cleaning car windows, you will meet streaks inside or outside the glass. Learn to dry the interior glass in one direction and the exterior differently. For instance, you can decide on the vertical and horizontal direction.
When you dry the glass in this way, you will know whether the streak is inside or outside the car. It will help you to deal with the issue quickly without causing more blemishes and streaks.

Clean The Very Top Areas Of The Windows

If you want to limit unwanted smears, wind down the windows and clean the top sections of the glass. Excess dirt can build in the window jamb, causing dripping, streaking, and other marks. Winding down windows allows professional cleaners to remove all debris and dirt.

Shampoo After Every Fortnight

To keep paintwork glowing, you need to wash it after every fortnight. Remove dirt to limit unwanted abrasion to inhibit rust. Regular car washing can’t remove the protective coat from the paintwork. It will only happen if you don’t wax it. Use a two-in-one wax and shampoo to aid in protecting your wash.

Use A Chamois Or Towel To Dry The Paintwork

If you clean your vehicle and leave it to air dry, it develops watermarks on the surface. These marks are more complicated to clean than road dust and dirt. Use a chamois or a soft microfiber towel to dry your vehicle. It will remove all water droplets from the paintwork. Start the cleaning process from the car top and work on each panel to remove the excess water.

Use Polish And Not Wax To Remove Swirl Marks

The swirl marks are super fine scratches appearing on the surface of the car paint. They result from a dirty or wrong sponge or cloth. Covering the car in wax will not help in this situation. The best way is to remove swirl marks using a quality car polish.

Rinse Well Your Sponge During Cleaning

To limit the risk of swirl marks surfacing, you need to rinse your cloth or sponge well during cleaning. Use a different bucket to do this. The dirt particles on the cloth can damage your car paint with ease during the cleaning process.

Car Detailing

Do Trim Treatment Before Waxing And Polishing

A black plastic trim needs unique maintenance and care from the rest of the car body. To keep the plastic trim beautiful, treat it using a black restoring product. Do this before waxing and polishing.
The black restoring product will restore the black color. It will protect the plastic from chemicals, abrasion, and grime. It’s easy for polishes and waxes to stain the bare plastic making it vital to treat it first.

Invest In Quality Cleaning Tools And Products

If you need to clean your vehicle well, you need to get the right tools, equipment, and products. The tools and products should protect your paintwork finish. They should have a cleaning formula to remove the stubborn debris and dirt.


There are many ways to clean your car. The above tricks will make your detailing process easier to handle.

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