80+ Automotive Blogs To Help You Ride Your Fantasy

Are you the type who would not mind being called a petrolhead, a car enthusiast who loves to know everything about wheels? Featuring a review of the best automotive blogs here, just for you. Here is all that you need to know more about your passion. Get updated information on anything under the sun that’s related to cars – under the hood, designs, accessories like speakers, woofers, portable ham radio’s, etc,  exciting innovations, trends and most importantly – the very latest launches and developments on the automotive scene – globally. We’ve made this simple for you with six categories of blogs. Your reading needs will it into anyone or many. Cut to the chase with our review and comparative analysis.


Blogs For The Brand Loyalists

This is mainly for the serious brand lovers. You may be a Merc Fan or a die hard VW lover. You may not be interested to know what’s cooking elsewhere, with a single minded devotion and brand loyalty to a particular brand.  This one’s for you. Here we round up the best brand specific blogs. Catch all the information you need about your brands.


This is Nick’s take on the Audi, the VW’s cousin. With useful tips on getting the most out of your German car, this is one blog that will never disappoint the reader, dishing out all the information that is required.


Here’s all the info load one needs about the classy BMW. This blog is more or less the de facto authority on everything that’s BMW, though it is not handled or associated officially with the German giant.


This is a little different from the BMW Blog in that it profiles separate models. Which means that a reader gets to know all that is needed about a specific series or model, from a related post.


If you are not satisfied with the two blog feeds listed above, then you could find all that you are looking for about the BMW here. A dedicated and updated feed about BMW, this promises the very latest info.


This iconic model from the stable of General Motors has built its own reputation. For readers who love to know all there is to know about the Chevy, this is one blog that offers the complete lowdown. Heck, home mechanics also get amazing tips here.


Dedicated exclusively to the Corvettes from Chevrolet, this is a niche blog, catering to the cult followers of the Corvette, offering information about customizing and hard to source spares.


This is a niche blog about the Fiat 500 model in the USA. Listing out information about dealers, it has a forum with widely followed threads that discuss the Fiat 500. Statistical and informative, this is a blog or Fiat 500 owners and those intending to buy one.


This is Kia World. Here you will find all information about the Kia from passionate aficionados. This roundup offers interesting information about expected launches, and are thoughtfully segregated into categories of vehicles.


All that you need to know about Hyundai and Kia. This is a dedicated feed on the Korean Auto scene. Here, you get to know all about these two cars – launches, specs, events, reviews – the works.


An official fan blog dedicated for all MercedesBenz lovers and owners, this is a keeper of information that is thoughtfully classified to make it easy for a reader to browse and find relevant information.


Sometimes, a different perspective on something that we already know, makes it a lot more interesting. This is what is achieved by this blog about the German model we all love to drive, and love to see on the roads.


For those who swear by the People’s Car, this is the blog to look at. With useful links to get merchandise, this blog offers readers a good 360 view about VW and the world of motorsport.

Getting Under The Hood

This is where you love to know more about maintenance.  Simple and mandatory maintenance to keep your vehicle in good shape. Learn how to troubleshoot, and identify potential problems with technical information on vehicles.


Planning to soup up your car. Then this is the place you need to spend time. This is one blog that offers comprehensive information on spares, with detailed information on carrying out modifications.


Finally, a blog to help women break the fetters of stereotyping. This is a blog intended to help out women car owners. With interesting and useful information on some of the most important yet routine aspects of repair and maintenance like changing motor oil , quick fixes of wear and tear etc , this is a must for women.


Everything under the sun and under the hood. This blog is informative, offering tips and insights into car care and maintenance like car battery testing, changing motor oil periodically ,remove wear & tear and many more tips . Additionally, you get a lot of info about the aftermarket accessories that help in getting the most out of your car.


Every car owner knows the importance of preventive maintenance and this blog drives home the point, with amazing tips on maintenance and schedules that you should never miss.


Routine maintenance issues and repairs are bound to be experienced by car owners at some point of time. It is therefore best to be armed with information about maintenance. This blogs has it all – from the air conditioning to the little red flags that you need t notice.


This blog is thoughtfully crafted to help women understand more about a car, with a strong focus on DIY tasks. If you are a woman behind the wheels, then yes, this is one blog you should never miss.


A very resourceful blog, this offers not just the info, but links with pricing to get a job done. This is useful for individuals who do not have an idea of how much it is going to cost and how to get it done.


The tips and information offered here on this blog are pretty useful and owners of vehicles will get the latest info on the models they own. Updates on whats and whats out, are topped up with whats been called back in by the manufacturer.


This is more of a service maintenance contract cheat sheet. It offers crisp and useful information on the best way to maintain a car with the warranties offered by dealers.  Presented in an interesting manner, this is informative.


With a focus on videos, this blog is informative and straight to the point. This blog stands out for the testimonials of users who have relied on the videos to fix things themselves, with ratings and feedback on the videos themselves.


An endearing blog, this is a simple and useful resource. Here, a VW mechanic shares his knowledge about cars and repairs. He takes questions, and though being a VW specialist, he is qualified to answer questions on other models too.


This is a technician’s paradise. Laid out in the form of a Q&A session with a staggering number of articles on specific topics, this gives the complete lowdown on the finer technical aspects of doing your car.

Launches And Reviews

Waiting with baited breath to hear about the newest launch? Well, here’s all that you need to know. This series of blogs will furnish information about the latest launches, and reviews about models during a road test.


Resources in a single URL. This is a blog that is packed with information on cars. Features and comparisons help the reader to understand performance of models better, helped by inputs from experts from the automotive industry.


This one is geared to meet the hunger for information about automobiles. From the most trivial to the most indepth, this is a single source for authoritative information for the community.


An all-in-one blog, this covers the industry across cars and two wheelers. An authoritative guide, this blog shares expert opinion, reviews, ratings and performance reports, in addition to tips.


Another female friendly blog, this is positioned as a ready reference and useful resource for women behind the wheels. The blog offers women an opportunity to understand more about the world of cars in an amazingly new perspective.


An interesting connection of articles and posts on a wide range of topics make this a hugely informative and entertaining blog. You get to know more about how a car – regardless of your interest – buying, selling, driving or comparing.


Whats hot and whats not. This in a nutshell outines the contents of this blog. It profiles cars and the industry across the most wide ranging  topics that are of particular interest to readers.


This needs no introduction. It is a widely followed blog in the American automotive industry. With a  reputation for presenting the most relevant information with an indepth analysis, this is a blog that offers expert opinion.


With impressive coverage,this blog ranks as a popular read. Readers get a load of information through DIY tips, review of gadgets, and anticipated launches of concept cars.  An exciting presentation of information makes the blog more engaging.


Probably one of the most updated blogs, this is a blog that keeps the user up to date with the very latest information on cars, right from launches, features, sneak peeks and reviews.


This blog offers insightful information about automobiles. It offers a ringside view of the industry, right from vintage to the latest concept cars about to hit the market.


True to its name, this blog offers some of the most indepth reviews about cars. The takes are interesting with interesting perspectives that lend a better view of a car across all aspects.


This one raises the bar on engaging content. Beginning with the games to keep one engrossed, this takes the reader to the most indepth content through a simple and effective segregation of topics.

Qualified Advice

For authoritative information that you need to know, before you zero in on a particular model of car, you need to be read these blogs. Here, statistics and hard facts will help steer you to a choice of a car that meets your specific requirements.


An original feed of information, this comes as refreshing change from the usual offerings in blogs that curate content from popular sites. This offers incredibly useful information on pricing and trade offs.


This blog will introduce you to the top cars. It furnishes information in easy to reference categories and lists. The information is data rich, making it reliable.


Enjoying a reputation among car owner as a channel for trusted information, this is an invaluable resource to readers who find it difficult to make a choice between close choices.


This blog has morphed from a community blog to an informative feed on cars across the most divers topics. You can be sure that you will find the information that you are looking for, here. Guaranteed.


More like a sidekick, this is one blog that will act like a cheat sheet for you to refer before you decide on a buy. A guide to buying or selling, this transforms the reader into an informed individual.


True to its name, this blog is a blue book of sorts. Offering perhaps the most thoroughly researched and neatly presented information, it offers readers reliable information that can be referred to prior to buying or selling a vehicle.


Knowing the value of a prospective purchase or one that is in possession greatly helps in either acquiring or disposing off an automotive asset. And this blog does precisely that, helping readers to understand the value of a car.


Want to know everyday problems and issues with specific makes and models? This is the blog that goes the whole hog, explaining the ins and outs of cars.


This blog is a little guide on buying or selling a car. Here you will find all that you need to know about a car that you intend to buy, or how you need to go about selling one.

Classics And Concepts Of The Future

If you fancy the cars of the future and would love to know what’s coming out of assembly lines in the future, then these blogs need to be on your feed. Everything you need to know about futuristic cars and innovation in automation is all here.


A one stop resource that traces the history of automobiles, this is an interesting blog that features difficult to see content. Curated painstakingly, this is one blog that you should never miss if you are a car lover.


This is an offshoot of the hugely popular FossilCars Website, with stunning imagery and twitter feeds. A true blood classic car stream, this is one blog that will never let a an down in any way.


Innovations are hitting the market at high speed and the green concepts are stealing the limelight in shows. This blogs brings you everything you need to know about the green revolution in cars with useful tips.


Classics are evergreen and this is one blog that is all set to keep the interest alive, naturally. A comprehensive blog on all things related to classic cars, it features listings to car clubs and an extensive inventory of products.


For lovers of old cars who are looking or useful tidbits of information and reviews about cars, here is something that will help to keep the enthusiasm alive. Riveting information is presented in an interesting manner.


There is something riveting about vintage. And this blog takes the readers the whole distance in all things vintage about rides – cars and motorcycles. The standout feature o the blog is the diverse nature of content.

Tips, Hacks, And Tidbits

Love the little tidbits that make lie more interesting? Maybe a little tip, a hack, or just some information that makes you happy about your car or your manufacturer? Here is where you will find information that you would love to have, but do not know where to look for it.


This blog has it all. For readers who would love to know more about anything and everything about cars, this blog is the best place to look for information. And while you’re at it you should also take a look at some of the incredible pictures they post.


Aimed at delivering a 360 degree view of cars, this blog delivers content with a rich mix of visual imagery that makes the reading a lot more interesting.


This blog offers many different interesting perspectives to a topic. Informative pieces jostle for attention with opinions, giving it a well rounded feel. And yes, you get a say with your own inputs.


Cars of the czars. This blog caters to the uber luxury segment of exotic cars. Featuring cars that make news in the world of luxury, this blog shares info in an entertaining and engrossing manner.


This blog profiles the cars that every owners dreams of owning. It covers the whole gamut, offering interesting information on different categories with the latest trends.


This blog is backed by the formal training offered on campus by the automotive training school. With impressive resources on offer, it is a great place for related information.


For anything under the sun related to British Sports Cars, this is the place to start your search. Here you will find information about sales, service and restoration articles on British Sports Cars.


The second syllable says it all. It is meant for the fanatics. A true blood automotive blog, this has pulsating content with great videos to boot, in addition to the huge interest generated in its forums.


Here is a blog that provides information in a simple yet effective comparison. The rich content offers readers a good look at cars and pretty much everything that is related to it.


For those who are crazy about stars, and would love to know a thing or two about celebrities and their rides, then this is where you need to spend time. Offering the inside scoop on stars and their wheels, it is a fascinating read.


One of the more trendy blogs that finds mention in other online publications, this is a blog that brings the best of visual imagery and riveting content in one place.


This is an holistic view of the automobile industry. You get to see the larger picture of the world of automobiles. The new technologies that will come on the market and the impact it will have on your world.


This is an amazing round up of information related to the auto world from across the globe. Here, you will get at a single glance, all the latest news and developments.


This is a blog that readers will be able to relate to easily. It covers topics of interest to everyday users of cars. The blog is drafted from the perspective of an user, making it useful.


This blog, from the popular agency of the same name, shares the expertise of the promoters and the agency in the business of cars. The reviews and the specs tell it all.


In addition to being considered as a popular resource for supercars, this blog offers useful information, reviews and sneak peeks into cars that are of general interest to owners.


An authoritative source on luxury models of cars, this is a reliable resource for readers who intend to buy a luxury model car or are in possession of one.


This blog is of great use to motorists from a user standpoint of view. It helps readers understand regulations and helps the association in drumming up support for issues.


This blog is more of a melting pot of different categories of car lovers. Rallying behind the love for cars, this blog brings the latest info on anything that moves on the roads or off it.


United in the passion for cars, this blog is a wonderful effort, offering fabulous coverage of cars through a creative lens put together by different minds.


If you are the type who would love information with generous doses of humor and interesting takes, then look nowhere else. Authored by experts in the world o automobiles, this will make reading a lot more interesting.


This is a specialist blog that focuses more on the sub compact category. However, it does stray into other categories with featured articles. Definitely worth reading.


Celebrated as one among the best blogs of this year, this British blog presents readers with well presented information that can be easily used in a global context.


The blog title is more of a misnomer. It actually deals with a lot more than parts. It offers in depth and use ulinormatio and resources about all aspects of cars.


This blog is like taking a physical trip to a garage. Packed with info that will help you visualize and understand the topics better, this is one blog that offers a refreshing and completely useful angle to information.


Nothing is more informative than a video post that explains actions in frames clearly. This is one blog that showcases the need for riding safe on the roads, with riveting videos, and witty one liners.


Here again, the title is a bit of a misnomer. This blog offers information on all types of cars, in addition to SuperCars. So do not get put off by the title, but enjoy the highly rated information in the blogs.


One among the most popular blogs across categories, this is a small community by itself, dishing out information, reports and the latest news on the automobile front.


One of a kind, this blog comes with expert opinion flowing from the mind of one of the sharpest minds, who also happens to be accredited in the domain. The photographs and the content complement each other excitingly.


This is a niche blog that focusses on high performance cars. If you are a fan of style and power, then this is the blog you need to read. Interesting sections showcase exotic cars of specific regions.


This is for the speed kings who rule the roads. Packing in information related to supercars and fast cars, this blog will never disappoint the reader, bringing in the very latest information on the masters of the road.

Are you an automobile and car freak and would like to be updated with the latest information on different makes and models of cars? Then you need to spend some time looking some quality and dependable blog sites where you could find useful and reliable content. We try and share a few such sites which could help you stay updated.

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