Helpful Information About Filing For A Product Liability Case

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A product liability case relates to any injury sustained due to a mislabelled or defective product. It might be possible that the product had a manufacturing flaw or that it simply failed to warn customers about a potential risk.

Accident victims can suffer from a wide variety of injuries such as crushed fingers, losing a limb, eye injuries, and even wrongful death.

All victims that are suffering from injuries sustained from using defective products are liable to be compensated for their injuries as well as pain and suffering due to the accident.


How A Can Law Firm Help You Regarding A Possible Product Liability Claim?

A law firm that specializes in these cases has the relevant knowledge in litigation regarding defective or dangerous merchandise.

Examples Of Product Liability Cases Include:

  • Industrial and construction equipment such as industrial machinery or scaffolding.
  • Sports and recreational equipment such as motorcycles or treadmills.
  • Household items, for example, smoke detectors or food packaging.
  • Transportation equipment such as aviation parts or airbags.
  • Protective barriers on public roadways.
  • Medical equipment such as surgical devices.

When a manufacturing company is brought to suit, you’ll be facing a legal team that has most likely worked with hundreds of cases related to product liability. They can bring forward compelling arguments against your case, that’s why you need the assistance of Maedgen Accident Attorneys that is equipped to handle your case and can fight for the best possible outcome to ensure you receive the necessary compensation.

Supplier’s Liability For Harm Caused To A Customer

In the past, claims arising from losses or damages incurred by a third party or consumer were regulated by common law. This means that liability for such loss could only be determined concerning the common law of delict. It was often difficult for consumers to successfully prove their claims.

But since the inception of the CPA, the legislature introduced a different approach. A Supplier may be held accountable for any damages or losses incurred by a consumer due to them supplying a defective or unsafe product or where damages or losses arose from a Supplier’s failure to provide adequate information regarding the risks posed with using of a product. The Supplier may be found liable regardless of them being negligent or not.

The Probability Of Success In A Claim Is Determined By These Three Questions:

  • Whether services and/or goods are involved as defined in CPA
  • If so, whether the party (against whom the claim was instituted) is, in fact, the supplier as defined in the CPA and,
  • Whether the claimant suffered any harm as a result of defective goods supplied by the supplier.


When you have suffered injury or losses from using a defective product and you are considering filing for a product liability case, you should consult with a legal firm that understands product liability and how the law can influence these cases.

You need to have an attorney on your side that won’t back down from the opponent’s legal team that can handle whatever they bring forward to the case.

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