🥇Are Recliners Bad For Your Back ?

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are recliners bad for your back
are reclining sofas bad for your back

Is sleeping in a recliner bad for you??

Sitting or sleeping on a recliner, makes you experience the most comfortable and pleasurable moments especially after a long and tiring day. You may feel a sudden bout of pain in your lower back when you leave the recliner and get up. The research data also supports this that more than 80 % of us can get the lower back pain in our life at any point of time.

As children we were always taught to keep our back straight, but going into the true aspect an extremely straight back can cause you pain in your lower back and in place of a 90-degree angle, 110 or 130-degree angle is good for your back’s health.

What Does A Recliner Do Exactly?

A recliner chair provides a lot of lumbar support, your body fits in it perfectly and the feet also get an elevation above heart level. The support provided by the recliner should be proper otherwise it may lead to back pain.

Checking The Proper Lumbar Support

When you put your legs up there should be no gap between the chair and your lower back. Any recliner that provides a good lumbar support will make your back relax properly and comfortably. Your body will droop if the centre of the chair forms a gap and this will lead to straining of your lower back ligaments and muscles. You can check this by sitting and sinking in the chair and this might hurt your back.

The middle of the chair holds the gravity and while standing or sitting your knees will have to do efforts. This may aggravate the pain in the knees and make them weak.

Advantages Of A Recliner

Relief From Stress

We all have super busy lives and relief from stress works as a natural healer for the whole body. These recliners give you and your lower back a good support by making the body relax and have a stronger back. We can have our upper body and lower body relaxed by elevating our legs. The legs positioned above the heart level help in reducing stress and inflammation in a natural way.

If your back is strong then it will lead to stronger muscles and give a break from a constant state of stress.

Every recliner is made differently according to the body type. The sizes of the recliner back and footrests may vary widely.

Recliner should be a tool to provide you will extreme relief from any aches or pain. They should not increase or be a part of any pain in your body.

Improves Blood Circulation

If your body remains without stress then your mood remains more positive. This keeps the blood circulation good and prevents any debilitating conditions. Your heart also remains in a healthy condition and the mind in a peaceful state.

There may be conditions when you may undergo tingling, muscle cramps, throbbing pain in limbs and may result in ailments, obesity or any arterial problems. Any sort of pain or discomfort in your body can be remedied with these recliners while you keep your feet elevated. Oxygen rich blood will flow more properly and your lungs and airways will get a path to breathe deeply. These work well for the overall health of your body.

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Relieves Aches In Joints

If any person is suffering from joint pains, or arthritis then the recliner seat provides you with immense comfort and all your pain gets engulfed. For your overall wellness and mobility even, the physicians recommend to use a reclining seat with the legs elevated. The muscle strain can be reduced to 77 %, any degenerative changes up to 61% and in case pregnancy related back pain then about 60% relaxation you can feel. Post-operative stages are also cured by these recliner seats.

If you have been doing a lot of work then you can gift your spine with natural therapy of comfort and all load will seem to vanish away.

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Disadvantages Of Recliners

Bad For Extended Sleeping

The middle of the chair holds the gravity and while standing or sitting your knees will have to do efforts. This may aggravate the pain in the knees and make them weak.

Choosing The Right Recliner

If the seat you buy is not appropriate for you back then it will be bundle of troubles for you and will increase your pain too. a rolled towel or a puffed-up pillow may help you if set in the seat’s curvature.

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In the last, we can say recliners work great if you use them in moderation along with other things that are a part of a healthy lifestyle. Good brands of recliners work on the customer complaints and do modifications accordingly for your comfort and relaxation. Choose wisely and look for the recliner that has features suitable for you and your body requirements. After all, it is all about you!

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