2019 Automotive Marketing Priorities & Strategies


When you ask any internet automotive marketer as to what his top priorities and challenges are, he will most surely talk about the need to increase the quality and quantity of leads. This would most certainly be followed by the need for coming out the right strategies for better conversion of such leads. Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the various ways and means by which one can come out with the right automotive marketing priorities and strategies. It certainly will help in moving from one level to the next higher level and stay ahead of the competition at all points of time.

Inbound Marketing Vis-à-vis Outbound Marketing

When we talk about inbound marketing we refer to traffic which is interested to know more about the automotive dealer’s website or store. This continues to be very important and the onus lies on stores and websites to make use of Google, social media, blogs and other such medium to drive as much as inward traffic as possible. This is very essential for increasing the traffic and bringing in more numbers of prospective leads.


On the other hand outbound marketing is an attempt whereby the desired informed is placed just at the doorsteps of the potential customer. It does not matter whether such persons are looking for this kind of information or not. These include traditional avenues like TV, radio, newspapers and also digital ads which are broadly targeted.

While the latter is effective, it is not very affordable for new entrants into online marketing and therefore inbound marketing strategies could be a better way forward.

Advertising On Facebook & Social Media

The question which often comes to our mind is whether facebook advertising is good and whether it is worth it. If one goes by surveys and reports there are reasons to believe that well structured and well focused facebook ads could help automotive dealers to see better marketing return on investments than those who did not choose this route. Hence, being present on social media is important because of obvious advantages and benefits associated with it.

Marketing Contents By Dealerships

Creation of quality content by dealers is also something which one should always keep in mind. However, it is important to find out as to who creates marketing content and it has been found that taking the help of marketing agencies and marketing staff is the best way forward and it could help in creating customer specific content and also contents that are keyword enabled and keyword rich.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is also a method which is used by many automotive dealers. This is a method by which website visitors are tracked and also to try and find out what such visitors are looking for. It also is about finding out ways by which they can be engaged. Once this is done the marketing for such persons are automatically personalized yielding useful and tangible results.

Hence at the end of the day as far as 2018 is concerned the above could be the in thing as far as automotive strategies and priorities are concerned.

Author Bio : David is a Marketer first and Geek second. He cut his teeth on direct response marketing way back in the early 2000′s. Since then he’s become, more or less “the secret weapon” the biggest marketers in Australia sneak through the back door to create Websites That Sell, set up Multi Million Dollars Launches and Create Profitable Online Marketing Systems.

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