Best Airless Paint Sprayer 2020 – Top Picks With Comparison

Best Airless Paint Sprayer

Are you looking for the best airless paint sprayer? A paint sprayer is a mechanical device used as an alternative to brushes and rollers for painting. It is used to paint walls of houses, fences, decks, ceilings, and other surfaces. It may be electric paint sprayer or gas-powered. Paint sprayers are mostly preferred because they are greatly reliable and faster to use.

Best Rated Airless Paint Sprayer Comparison Chart

  • Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station
  • Dimensions : 19.2 x 13.2 x 11.5 Inches
  • Air Hose : 11.5 Ft.
  • Pump Type : HVLP
  • Number Of Spray Settings : 15
  • Operating Pressure (PSI) : 3
  • Item Weight : 15.6 Pounds
  • Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/ Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit
  • Dimensions : 15.9 x 6.7 x 13.9 Inches
  • Air Hose : 9 Ft.
  • Pump Type : X-Boost Turbine Generates 3 Times The Power Of Comparable Sprayers
  • Number Of Spray Settings : 4
  • Operating Pressure (PSI) : 3
  • Item Weight : 10.2 Pounds
  • Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer
  • Dimensions : 18.5 x 12 x 12 Inches
  • Air Hose : 20 Ft.
  • Pump Type : Stationary HVLP Unit
  • Number Of Spray Settings : 3
  • Operating Pressure (PSI) : 1
  • Item Weight : 11.2 Pounds
  • HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer
  • Dimensions : 6 x 11 x 13 Inches
  • Air Hose : 7 Ft.
  • Pump Type : Turbine
  • Number Of Spray Settings : 3
  • Operating Pressure (PSI) : 3
  • Item Weight : 1 Pound
  • Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
  • Dimensions : 18.8 x 12.8 x 15 Inches
  • Air Hose : 75 Ft.
  • Pump Type : Piston
  • Number Of Spray Settings : 4
  • Operating Pressure (PSI) : 3000
  • Item Weight : 19.4 Pounds

5 Top Rated Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station

The powerful Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer Station is the ideal & best airless paint sprayer. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Wagner airless spray painter comes with a very handy storage feature. It is one of the best paint sprayers and ranked in top positions on various home improvement equipment lists.


  • The spray station comes with a powerful X-Boost turbine. This turbine creates pressure at which the material is sprayed.

  • The sheer power indicates that it is an ideal tool to spray paint large surfaces. Wagner electric paint sprayer can cover an area of 8 x 10 inches in 5 minutes and can spray up to 8.4 gallons of unthinned paint per hour.

  • The X-Boost turbine is stored in a durable and sturdy box that can be placed effortlessly on any even surface.

  • The Flexio, best electric Paint Sprayer comes with an 11.5 feet hose. The hose makes the Flexio more versatile as it can be used in harder to reach areas while the X-Boost box stays stationary.

  • Two nozzles are included in the Flexio electric Paint gun Sprayer. The first nozzle is the innovative iSpray that gives broad surface coverage for unthinned paint. The second nozzle is a detail finish nozzle for finer details and finishes.

  • The various controls are located on the handle for easy access and to illuminate walking to and from the spray station. The controls are used for a power paint sprayer, paint flow, and air power.

  • The hose, nozzles, and X-Boost are conveniently stored in an integrated storage area.


  • Very easy to use and control.
  • Assembly is quick and easy and storage is convenient.
  • It is fast and powerful for efficient results.
  • The Flexio is quieter and lighter than traditional spray stations.
  • The fine spray nozzle eliminates the need for additional brush painting.
  • It is affordable and can save money in the future on contractors.
  • It comes with a one year guarantee.


  • The guarantee is limited.
  • Some people find they still require some manual painting with brushes necessary.
  • The paint can dry in the nozzles if left too long unused. It may need to be cleaned when used for multiple layers.


The overall ratings and reviews of the Wagner Flexio Paint machine are favorable. Given the price, functionality, and ease of control, this air spray station is worth the purchase. It may not be a robot that does everything for you, but with the minimum human effort required, it sure does come close.

Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor

The Wagner range of home improvement equipment is known and trusted the brand. The company manufactures tools of the highest quality and top of the range performance. The Flexio 590 hand-held sprayer is no exception to this quality. This paint spray machine is ranked very high as a preferred tool for renovations projects.


  • The Flexio 590 sprayer is suitable for indoor and outdoor use for a variety of projects.

  • It weighs only 10.2 pounds, making it lightweight and comfortable for hand-held use.

  • This industrial paint sprayer comes with two detachable nozzles. The iSpray nozzle is suitable for larger areas and the Detail Finish nozzle is for more precision spraying.

  • The iSpray technology increases the durability of the sprayer.

  • Both nozzles deliver three types of patterns, namely horizontal, vertical and circular.

  • The XBoost Turbine delivers speed and pressure. It can deliver three times more power than a regular hand-held sprayer.

  • The Flexio 590 Sprayer can cover an area of 8 x 10 foot in less than 5 minutes.

  • It can spray up to 8 gallons of unthinned paint per hour.

  • The pressure of the spray can be adjusted. The controls are conveniently located on the sprayer for ease of use.

  • The hand sprayer is suitable to use on various surfaces. It covers walls, wood, furniture, and metal.

  • The pressure control allows even distribution of the material. It is perfect when multilayers are required for a project.

  • This airless paint spray gun is suitable for latex paint, oil paint and some users even reported to use it for chalk paint.


  • The Flexio 590 sprayer includes a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It is lightweight and portable paint sprayer for comfortable hand-held use.
  • The sprayer is 20% lighter than standard hand-held sprayers.
  • The XBoost Turbine gives a powerful performance for speed and pressure.
  • The XBoost has a very low noise level. It makes the sprayer 60% quieter than regular sprayers.
  • The iSpray technology makes it more durable.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The two nozzles are sufficient and additional tools and brushes should not be necessary.


  • The 10.2 pounds may feel heavy if held too long, causing fatigue in the arms.


The Wagner Flexio 590 hand-held sprayer is a powerhouse tool in a convenient hand-held size. It delivers on its claims to successfully complete renovating painting projects. The quality and workmanship of the tool is good and the end result is satisfactory. The price is very reasonable compared to the success of the product and satisfaction of the users.

Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

The Wagner air spray range is a known and trusted brand in the home improvement market. With the Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer there is no exception in quality. This compact handheld airless paint sprayer is ranked in the top 10 products for home improvement equipment. This best home paint sprayer is easy to determine why.


  • The Control Spray Max weighs only 11.4 pounds. It is mobile and great to use in difficult to reach areas.

  • The paint machine station box is sturdy when placed on even surfaces.

  • The spray head connects with a hose. This makes it more flexible with more control. The extension allows the user more flexibility to move with the turbine secured on a surface.

  • It is suitable for various materials. The Two-Stage Turbine makes it possible for the user to switch between different spraying materials.

  • The Control Spray Max features air pressure control, a metal spray gun and the powerful turbine.

  • Air pressure control allows the user to cover various area sizes in minimum time. Yet with pressure control it allows control over smaller and more delicate finishes by reducing overspray.

  • The user can switch between three different pattern settings. This makes it ideal for different effects on various surfaces.

  • The spray gun has a Lock-and-Go front to easily switch between materials.

  • The house paint sprayer is not only limited to paint. It is designed to also work for different spraying materials. It can be used for various types of paint, lacquers, primers, thinners and stains.


  • It is lightweight and mobile.
  • It is versatile and the controls are simple to use and easy to access.
  • The included hose is 20 feet long. This makes it more flexible for hard to reach areas.
  • Assembly of the Control Spray Max is quick and easy for both the pressure box and the fittings.
  • It is compact for easy maneuvering and storage.


  • At 11.4 pounds it is lightweight, but it may cause arm exhaustion when held too long. The long hose and best handheld paint sprayer can drastically improve this.
  • Some manual painting with brushes may be required for fine details and finishes.


The Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max is reasonably priced. It is a great tool for both amateur renovators and crafters alike. This professional paint sprayer is versatile on various surfaces and accommodates various painting media. It requires minimum attachments to get the same job done that a professional paint contractor would do only at a better price.

HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer

Homeright C800766 Finish Max is a basic and easy to use finish painting spray machines. It is ranked as one of the top products on lists for home improvement equipment. This model is the ideal tool to use for smaller projects. The success of the item lies in the simplicity of the design.


  • The HomeRight Finish Max is compact and lightweight.

  • It is ideal for smaller air spray projects.

  • This professional paint sprayer model is handheld, thus making it very versatile to use.

  • The pump and needle is made from brass for quality and durability.

  • The spray is adjustable. The user controls it for a personalized result.

  • Various spray patterns create different finishes that is suitable for various surfaces.

  • It can be used to spray wood, furniture, ceramics or metal with any one of the three patterns.

  • The patterns are horizontal, vertical and circular, each creating a different finishing effect.

  • Spray patterns are distributed evenly for a professional finish.

  • The Finish Max pump paint sprayer does not require any additional fittings and components. It is used without a pump or air compressor and requires no hose.

  • It can be used in combination with other home improvement equipment for even better results.

  • The Finish Max is simple to maintain.

  • It can be used for indoor and outdoor projects.

  • It is suitable for use with various materials, such as latex paint, oil paint and chalk paint.

  • Do not let the size mislead you. The Finish Spray Max can be used for various sized projects. You will probably just need to refill the spray tank more often.


  • Weighing in at only one pound, the Finish Max is extremely lightweight. This is ideal when you need to hold the sprayer for periods of time in difficult to reach areas.
  • No additional fittings makes that it is more mobile and maneuverable.
  • The components are easy to clean.
  • It is not designed for larger projects, but it is certainly not limited to small area coverage.
  • It comes with a two year guarantee.


  • A disadvantage may be that you will require brushes or rollers for larger areas. Additional equipment may be required to decrease overspray and create precision coverage.


The HomeRight Finish Max is an ideal air spray tool for crafters and do-it-yourself projects. It is an affordable hassle free product to use on its own and still does the job required. It is simple to use and ideal for projects that require handheld paint sprayers equipment.

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Sprayers are a USA produced high pressure sprayer. This high-speed sprayer has effective and high-quality features that make it ideal for home renovations projects. The performance is so efficient that it receives top ratings in many home improvement categories. This is the best paint sprayer for home use too.


  • The graco hvlp paint sprayer features a high pressure spray stainless steel piston pump.

  • The ½ horsepower Universal motor can spray a quarter of gallon unthinned paint per minute.

  • Graco paint sprayers has two detachable paint cans, a one gallon and a five gallon can. The flexible suction tube gives flexibility and control.

  • This high performance sprayer can spray up to 125 gallons of paint annually.

  • The X5 sprayer comes with a 75 feet hose for extra reach and maneuverability.

  • Magnum paint sprayer supports tips of up to 0.015 inch and comes with a RAC IV SwitchTip. This tip can be reversed if clogged with paint.

  • The metal spray gun has a filter in the handle to block possible debris from the paint and prevent clogging.

  • Cleaning is a breeze. The Magnum X5 has a Power Flush adapter that connects to a regular garden hose that literally flushes it clean.

  • Operating is simple and the Push Prime startup button makes it simple and reliable to power on and off.

  • A sturdy stand of 19.4 pounds secures the stand while the user can move around with the hose and hand spray.

  • The hose and hand sprayer is lightweight and easy to use for longer periods without causing exhaustion of hands and arms.


  • The Magnum paint sprayer offers a one year warranty on manufacturer defects.
  • The high pressure makes it ideal for home renovations of various sizes.
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The stand stays secured in one place, reducing heavy lifting and carrying.
  • The extra-long hose allows freedom of movement and combined with the hand spray gun, great for hard to reach areas.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • The five gallon tank eliminates the need to refill the paint constantly.


  • A disadvantage may be that additional tools and brush work may be required for more detailed finishes.


According to the graco paint sprayer reviews; The Magnum X5 Stand airless sprayer is fast and efficient. It is worth the price and lives up to the positive ratings and rankings. The high pressure, volume and speed make it ideal to complete larger renovations such as decks, fences and walls successfully. This Product also features on the best seller ranking list.

Which One is Considered the Best Paint Sprayer?

What is the best paint sprayer? There are very few differences found among current paint sprayers. They all strive to get the job done in the most efficient way. On reading this article, you may find out that airless paint sprayers have multiple benefits and hence, may be considered one of the best.

Types of Paint Sprayers

There are three types of paint sprayers.

  • Conventional Sprayers:

    A conventional paint sprayer works in such a way that paint flows from a reservoir, through a tube pressurized at an average of 8 to 30 PSI. Air pressure is then increased by a compressor pushing the paint to the tip. The pressured air splits the paint into smaller liquid particles which are propelled onto the surface or project. The result is a nice smooth application. This type of paint sprayer is however considered inefficient. Only 30% of the liquid goes to where it’s required while 70% is lost to the surrounding.

  • High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) Sprayer:

    This type of paint sprayer uses the high volume low pressure delivery technique. This small paint sprayer works similar to a conventional sprayer only that higher volumes of paint are delivered at low pressure. This helps to reduce overspray as it saves 40% of the material. Much of the paint ends up on the surface and there is minimal wastage. Some of the HVLP sprays are adjustable, providing horizontal, vertical or circular patterns. They also provide heavy, medium or light stain options. They are ideal for stain, lacquer, paint and varnish projects. For homes and smaller projects, it is best to acquire a sprayer that has a paint reservoir and spraying machine all held in a single unit.

  • Airless Paint Sprayers:

    In airless paint sprayers, a hydraulically powered pump is used instead of an air compressor. The paint is split into small paint droplets without the use of compressed air. Paint is forced and pushed into tiny holes at high pressure and this produces a fine mist that provides a smooth and uniform finish on the surface of the material. They are often larger and are used to work on ceilings, doors, exterior walls and decks. They are commonly used in the commercial and residential painting industry.

How to Search for the Best Quality Airless Paint Sprayers

Factors to consider when searching for a best paint sprayer include:

  • Pressure or Horsepower

    Steve Mahacek, e-marketing and PR manager for Wagner Spray Tech Corp says that the larger horsepower is going to help you to complete your project within no time. However, he greatly advises on getting a sprayer whose power you can handle. What influences the pressure of a particular sprayer is the type of motor used to make it. Most commercial paint sprayers come with control knobs with pressure ranging from as little as 8 PSI to 3000 PSI depending on the type of motor used. One with a rating of 3000 PSI can distribute half a gallon per minute. This is enough to complete painting an averaged sized room in one and a half hours.

  • Spraying Tips

    These refer to the different sizes of nozzle openings. It affects coverage and overspray. Small and fine nozzles help to attain finer detailed work. Sizes of openings usually come indicated as .015 or a fan size(includes measurements of spray pattern widths and tip sizes) of 515. The latter means that the spray pattern covers 5 inches while the tip opening is .015 thick. All measurements are usually in inches. The two most important factors to consider when choosing the type of spray tip is thickness. Some sprayers are equipped with a reversible tip which facilitates easy cleaning and unclogging by turning and blowing out the blockage.

  • Volume

    Volume of sprayers is measured in gallons per minute. This is a measure of the speed at which paint or any other liquid used comes into contact with the surface of the project being worked on. For painting, one may need more gallons of paint, approximately 15 gallons. Different paint sprayers come with paint reservoirs of varied volumes. It is best to choose one that matches your needs.

  • Value or Pricing

    If you are considering using a paint spray for a day’s job, it is better to rent than buy one. Prices of renting range from $70 to $100. If you’re considering buying one for regular use or for your profession, then it is important to work within your budget. For professional use, you will need a powerful sprayer and one that can perform painting tasks quickly. Prices range vastly. If you have no problem with spending a lot of money, you will definitely get great rewards from investing in purchasing a much more powerful sprayer. It will create great results and save time as you will be able to cover more ground with a fast paint spray. It is therefore important to choose a best paint sprayer that is suitable for your project.

Benefits of The Good Airless Paint Sprayers

  • They are fast on projects and highly efficient. Where lots of gallons of paint are required, they are very effective.

  • They provide glass smooth finishes on surfaces. Paint is laid flawlessly providing a uniform application hence giving satisfactory results.

  • They do not use compression technique when driving paint to the tip. A hose method is used instead that pushes paint outside. This prevents overspray.

  • They provide a fully adjustable pressure control. This prevents spreading of paint to unwanted areas.

  • They are portable and easy to manipulate. Those placed on a cart allow easy movement and storage when not in use.

  • They are suitable for a range of projects, whether big or small projects.

  • They are light and easier to carry. The motor is usually small under a horsepower of 1. They are hence not heavy on the arm meaning you can work for hours without tiring.

  • They provide great value for your money. They are economical and cheap airless paint sprayers.

  • There is less material wastage. Due to the high efficiency of airless paint sprayers and minimal overspray, there is minimal wastage of paint as much of it actually goes where it’s supposed to.


Once you have found chosen your most preferred best airless paint sprayer, it is important to read and follow all the manufacturer’s setup, safety and operating instructions. Necessary precautions should be taken when using a paint spray. Use respiratory masks and eye protection equipment to protect yourself from chemicals emitted by the sprayer. Paint in vapour form tends to get onto the farthest objects so cover everything located near your project.

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