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Best Brand For Brake Pads

Are you looking for Best Brake Pads ever? Brake Pads are a vital component of your auto vehicle and should not be taken lightly. There is no need to emphasize the importance of good brake pads when it comes to avoiding an accident. While driving, your reflexes, as well as your machinery, should be super-efficient to deal with accidents. Hence, it is a good idea to keep them in top form and replace them periodically. Here’s a look at best Brake Pad Brands and what they have to offer.

3 Best Brake Pad Brands For Cars – Comparison

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5 Quietest Aftermarket Brake Pads Reviews

best ceramic brake pads


  • Ceramic brake pads, next in line to metallic/semi-metallic brake pads

  • Comes with Noise control and Vibration control

  • No ‘Break-in’ Period

  • Enhances rotor life

  • DOT certified for safety ratings

  • Manufacturer’s warranty available

Akebono’s name stands for their performance. They have a wide variety of best ceramic brake pads that have the right friction and control to perform under pressure. Akebono caters to light SUV’s, small trucks, and even law enforcement vehicles. All of these require superb control and handling in critical situations, and that is what they deliver.

In-Depth Review

  • Akebono’s PRO-ACT range of brake pads has been specifically designed to provide noise cancellation. That means no unnecessary squealing or squelching of brakes when you need to be quiet.

  • These brake pads have proven their endurance over time. The ceramic brake pads not only perform better than the previous semi-metallic or low-metallic variants. But they are also capable of undergoing more wear and tear without a glitch in the performance.

  • If you are familiar with brake pads dusting, you’d know what kind of a bother it is, especially when cleaning your wheels. The brake pad material used in these brake pads is compatible with the latest automobile designs and significantly reduces dusting.

  • The wide range of brake pads available for more or less all kind of automobile vehicles is another feather in Akebono’s cap. There are more than 400 types of brake pads that can be customized for as many vehicles. Furthermore, all these products meet the ‘Original Equipment’ specification standards.

  • The PRO-ACT range of braking pads is specially designed for smoother braking experience. This ensures that there are no jerks or sudden starts while braking. You can be assured of a smooth stop whether you’re leisurely cruising along or in a condition of duress.

  • Not only is Akebono a trusted name in the field of brake manufacturing, but their long-standing organization also boasts of research and advancement in the field. The ceramic brake technology is attributed to them, and thus, they prove themselves the pioneer in the field time and again.


  • Tender on the rotor resulting in an enhanced rotor life
  • Good heat resistance
  • NVH (noise vibration harshness) cancellation
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal brake dust


  • Not meant for harsh driving (racing and such)
  • Initial bite, not up to the mark

Final Words:

The brake pads from Akebono are one of the best in markets for everyday commuters. They have been described as one of the smoothest brakes pads to have, with amazing original equipment compatibility. Though the initial stopping power is not as good as some others in the market, in the long run, these brakes pads perform and perform well. You will not be disappointed in their mileage. From the above akebono brake pads review it is clear that is a perfect brake pads for trucks. Check how much you can save, buying the Akebono ACT914 ProACT on Amazon

best brake pads


  • Front brake pad set

  • Suitable for the track as well as rigorous street usage

  • Made with high-temperature resistant compounds

  • Pad surface- scorched

  • Rotor-friendly brakes

  • Factory style shims

  • Manufacturer warranty available

StopTech is known for manufacturing high-performance brake sets. They cater specifically to vehicles involved in racing and heavy duty vehicles on the street. Their car brake pads are known for delivering quality performance on the track, and equally commendable display on the roads. Here’s a look into one of their front brake pad sets that are being hailed as one of the cheap brake pads in the market so far.

In-Depth Review

  • Though StopTech specializes particularly in brake sets for racing vehicles, they are a good substitute even for everyday usage. If you consider yourself a furiously fast driver, and your machines are accustomed to being handled roughly, this is a huge factor in choosing these brakes.

  • The pad surface of the brakes is scorched. This means that the friction created is at its finest even on the first run. There is a positive bite in the braking, no matter whether the brake pads are cold or warmed up.

  • The factory style shims ensure that there is next to no vibration in these brakes. This is a very important point to consider, in addition to the noise cancellation that comes with these pads thanks to the factory style shims.

  • The brake dusting is also minimal and helps keeping your vehicle cleaner and more efficient. Although it is not eliminated completely, the dust produced is very fine in consistency and is not immediately visible.

  • The compound used in making the brake pads is designed specially by the StopTech research team. It has very high heat resistance and thus, is more durable. As a result, the wear and tear on the pads is next to nothing.

  • They are very easy to install, thanks to their make that makes them one of the best to meet the OE standards. They are available in a wide range of different kind of automobiles and perform very well due to their perfect fit.


  • Performance Centric
  • No Noise, Vibrations or Harshness
  • Less noticeable dust formation
  • High resistance to heat
  • Admirable first bite
  • Factory fit


  • Shorter brake distance
  • Lesser bite if compared to original parts of some cars

Final Words:

These brakes give you all the good points of the sturdy and more domestic brake sets such as noise cancellation, lesser dust formation, and negligible vibrations. But, they have the advantage of being made for racing and high-performance driving. If your driving involves great bursts of speed and short reaction times, these are a must have. Check how much you can save, buying the StopTech 309.09180 Street on Amazon

ceramic brake pads


  • ThermoQuiet technology for quieter braking

  • Admirable stopping power

  • ‘One piece’ Brake pad

  • Optimized interface between pad and rotor

  • Wagner OE21 Low copper Technology

  • Manufacturer warranty available

Wagner provides with a vast range of aftermarket products, be it brake pads, rotors or hydraulics. All of their products are known for innovation and high performance. They have the most advanced technologies to offer, and the ThermoQuiet range is another in a line of equally amazing and unique products.

In-Depth Review

  • The brakes from the ThermoQuiet range are being hailed as one of the best in class brake pad sets available in the market. They have been specially developed to reduce noise and stand true to their name.

  • Not only that, they boast of Wagner’s very special, OE21 Low Copper technology. It uses a composite mold of different materials, which combined mimic the functionality of copper. This technology ensures a number of perks for the brake pad, namely NVH control, enhanced stopping power, better durability and enviable dusting quality.

  • The ‘One Piece’ brake pad constitutes a specially molded sound insulator. This one part incorporates a friction material backing plate and an insulator- all into one singular component. This ensures that this one-piece is stronger than what was used in earlier technology and can undergo more distress.

  • The unique design of these brake pads evenly spreads out the heat from friction, the sound and vibration over a large portion of the surface, resulting in lesser noise, harshness, and vibration. They have been named ThermoQuiet because of their noise cancellation in next level of genius.

  • Even the interface between the pad and the rotor has been enhanced by using an application-based design that optimizes the frictional component. This means the braking is much more efficient and powerful.

  • The dissipation of heat generated due to breaking is also better than other brake pads. This means that the pads won’t wear and tear easily and can handle much more than an average brake pad which gets deteriorated more easily as they are weakened by the constant exposure to heat.


  • Noise Cancelation
  • Superb pad and rotor interface
  • One Piece brake pad, stronger than other in class
  • NVH control
  • Superior Braking performance
  • Easy to install


  • Takes time to break in
  • Needs specific lubricants and other maintenance

Final Words:

These brake pads definitely have a lot going on for them in the innovation section. Wagner believes in improvement through research, and they stand true to their claim. The technology used in making these brakes sets them apart from their peers. Check how much you can save, buying the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1304 on Amazon

brake pad replacement


  • Designed for enhanced everyday performance

  • Uses semi-metallic, organic and ceramic material which is application specific

  • NVH (noise vibration harshness) Cancelation

  • Friction formulation specific for all vehicles

  • Electronic wear sensors

  • Premium shims

In the brake pad manufacturing industry, Raybestos has been a name to reckon with for more than a century. They have been in the market since the start of the 20th century and to this date, they continue to excel. It is their innovation and drive that makes them one of the most sought after brands in aftermarket products.

In-Depth Review

  • The ceramic formulation which is application specific ensures that you get better braking along with noise cancellation.

  • It also helps in reducing the dust produced by the brakes and functions of the new ceramic brake pads when compared to the older, semi-metallic models.

  • Smoother braking and noise cancellation, as near as possible to the factory settings.

  • The high responsiveness of the brake pads ensures that you don’t have to ram hard on the brakes to make the vehicle stop. It leads to better performance while driving and less stress for you.

  • The plate attachment is steel which means no rusting and better durability.

  • The backing plate is shaved and aids in the noise cancellation while also enhancing the breaking.

  • Even the abutment surface is application-specific that makes for smoother braking and fewer vibrations. Overall also increases the life of the brake pads.

  • The chamfers and slots match the OE design and improve the functionality of the brakes by reducing pressure on the rotor.

  • Electronic sensors have been included wherever required. If the sensors aren’t compatible with your vehicle, matching sensors also available easily in the market.


  • Easy maintenance and easily availability of parts in market
  • Installation hardware included wherever required
  • Superior pedal feel
  • Special Noise dampening shims
  • Original Equipment standard slots and chamfers, if not better
  • Dust characteristics


  • Take about a week to break in
  • Slightly tricky to install

Final Words:

These perform as food as the original equipment or sometimes even better when it comes to noise cancellation and brake dust reduction. The amount of dust produced is negligible and definitely a level up than OE materials. These are a very safe bet for everyday usage and the main thing is that there is no rare or specialized equipment that is hard to find. They deliver the quality promised and are very good for vehicles with moderate usage. Check how much you can save, buying the Raybestos PGD1273C on Amazon

Performance brake pads


  • The ceramic material used is platform-specific

  • MST (Molded Shim Technology)

  • Many layered shim construction, just as OE products

  • Slots and Chamfers designed specifically keeping in mind OE standards

  • Included- synthetic lubricant

  • Manufacturer’s warranty available

Bosch has brought much to the table ever since it patented its first braking technology back in the 1930s. They are one of the most sought after brand when it comes to aftermarket gear and products for automobiles. Bosch has revolutionized the industry with many first in class innovations, and the QuietCast range too stands apart from its rivals in the most advanced way.

In-Depth Review

  • The QuietCast range significantly ‘ups the game’ in the aftermarket brake pad industry. It uses rubber-core shims and MST to give superior noise cancellation and effective braking.

  • The durability and long-lasting nature of the brake pads are up to the mark as promised. Bosch is known for products that stand the test of time and keep performing at their peak, long after others have given up. The stamp of Bosch is enough to free your mind as far as the quality of the product goes.

  • The manufacturer support that Bosch provides is in itself quite exceptional. When it comes to the overall worth of the product, it also matters how easy it is to maintain and how readily are its parts available in the market. In this respect, Bosch has got you covered.

  • Formulations are available over a long range of ceramic, semi-metallic and Organic (non asbestos). They are platform-specific and give you the freedom to choose the right product for yourself in a wide array.

  • The rubber core shim that Bosch provides is not so common in the aftermarket products. It is used in the OE manufacturing, and hence, Bosch gives you a material that is otherwise quite rare to be found.

  • The pre-attached shim is laminated and cured for both heat and pressure. It is placed between two steel plates, and because of this process, the bonding between the steel and rubber is very sturdy. As a result, you get better noise cancellation, resistance to corrosion and superior strength.

  • The Molded Shim Technology ensures that the shim remains adhered through the entire duration of the usage of the pad. It is done because the adhesive, pressure and the heat, mold the shim with the backing plate and friction material.


  • Stability and better noise cancellation over a long duration
  • Easy maintenance, well-known brand
  • Pre-attached rubber rim
  • MST ensures superior performance in braking
  • Smooth performance with next to no vibrations


  • Brake grease that comes with the package is not necessarily enough
  • Can have issues with fit, be extremely careful before ordering


The name of Bosch is enough to ensure quality and performance. If you are not an expert and don’t have much technical know-how, you can trust Bosch products to carry you through. Bosch battery itself is best for your car.  When you are planning to buy a battery for your car, there are quite a few important points that one must bear in mind. For example, you must certainly pay attention to the highest rated car battery solutions. This is because the rating of the bosch battery is one of the most important attributes as far as quality and performances are concerned. The main thing is that Bosch products are immensely popular and as a result, you can easily get help if you face any trouble. They deliver all that they promise and continue to come up with path-breaking technologies in the field. From all-ceramic brake pads review, we understood that will work for a long time and will never disappoint. Check how much you can save, buying the Bosch BC465A on Amazon

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Best Type Of Lifetime Brake Pads

  • As mentioned above, brake pads should be regularly checked and replaced within a certain amount of usage for safety purposes. Therefore, you should be very vigilant when it comes to the lifespan of your brake pads.

  • Since there are a huge variety of brake pads available in the market, make yourself absolutely sure of the make and model that you need. They should fit seamlessly for good performance. If the brake pads don’t fit properly, they cut into the rotor and damages it. If you are not sure of the design you need for your car, ask for advice from an expert. You cannot take chances in such cases.

  • With innovation in the field of brake pad technology, there is an excess of material to choose from. It can be ceramic, semi-metallic or organic and each has its own value. Make yourself aware of the specific functionality of each before deciding onto one. Even though ceramics are the latest in technology and do perform the good, the rest are still relevant and are a viable option.

  • The kind of brake pads you pick also depends highly on your driving style and the model of your car. The best brake pads available in the market vary from race cars to regular cars. Therefore, you should first get the basics right, as to which particular brand/range cater to what kind of driving style before making a purchase.

Benefits Of Using Right Brake Pads

  • The Brakes are a very integral part of your automobile and are crucial not only for its performance but also your safety. With usage, the brake pads tend to wear down, and their productivity decreases. This not only puts undue pressure on your vehicle but is also very dangerous for your safety while driving.
  • Ideally, brake pads should be replaced after 25,000-30,000 miles. You should also periodically check the wear and tear on your brake pad so that you are warned, and their sudden failure doesn’t come as a nasty surprise to you.
  • Brake Pad Replacements are not as bad as they sound. Most of the aftermarket brake pads available perform quite well, and sometimes even better than the original ones. There has been much innovation, and they come in a variety of formulations, and you can have your pick depending on your needs and preferences. The constant innovations in the products make sure they deliver even better than the original products and should definitely be considered.
  • They are also available in a wide price range, and since the difference between a bad and a good brake pad can decide life and death matters, it is advised that you think carefully before buying, and do not hesitate even if the cost of brake pada is little bit high. After all, it is an investment for the well-being and safety of you and your loved ones.

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The importance of proper functioning brakes cannot be emphasized enough for the safety of your vehicle, and you. They should be checked regularly and replaced. If you slack, it can prove to be life-threatening. And although they are available in a wide price range in the market, you should only go for the ones that are right for you. Expensive doesn’t necessarily equate to better, but the quality of the product should not be compromised. Hope this review helps you in picking up whatever brake pads is best for you. Happy and safe driving!