Best Car Alarms Of 2019 – Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Auto theft is rampant and carried out with professionalism and ease, similar to that of the Grand Theft Auto Game. However, while the game can be enjoyed, you would never want to be holding the keys to your car or truck that has gone in sixty seconds.  No one really likes the prospect of being at the receiving end of a heist which separates an owner from his or her car.

Despite scary statistics, many owners have themselves to blame when they do not take adequate precautions to safeguard their vehicle from thefts. Many top rated devices available in the market and one has to only scout to choose the most suitable one from among the many affordable security gadgets. We have made your task easy, by zeroing in on five models from which you can choose the best car alarm to suit your budget.


Our Reviews for the Top Rated Car Alarm System


Viper 5706V Security System

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  • 2 Way Security + Remote Start System
  • 5-button sidekick remote control
  • 1 mile range
  • 4-Channel vehicle security system
  • Door and trunk triggers

best aftermarket car alarm systemFeatures

  • Pricing – This certainly counts as value for the money. A dependable and feature rich model, this two way system will throw a layer of protection over your vehicle. If your budget, then you need only look at the features to understand if it meets your requirements, because this is one model that makes it to the top of the best quality car alarm list because of its amazing features and reasonable pricing.
  • Remote Operation From Distance –A one mile range makes this a good one to have in your vehicle. If you are unsure that you have not locked your vehicle, all that you require is one tap to lock it effectively. You may also need to unlock your vehicle from a distance for the benefit of loading or unloading stuff without having to part with your keys. And this seems to have the perfect solution for long distance locking and unlocking.
  • Alerts – The different alerts programmed in the system lends great assurance to the user. From the door open car alarm to any break in attempt, the system triggers car alarms and alerts you if you are within range or intimates you the moment you return to the car through a clear display.
  • Crystal Clear Indication And Icons  –The intelligent display is uncluttered removing icons not in use, while spelling out the status clearly, to remove ambiguity.
  • Dual Car Controls–The software based signal encryption lets you control two cars with one remote, making it convenient for users who have additional cars.


  • Virtual technology means that you do not have to cut or rewire during installation
  • Plug and play interfaces will work seamlessly with others
  • Large LCD screen means you do not have to squint to read


  • The remote needs to be improved to enhance user experience

Right At The Top

This is one model that gets the best ratings among others by virtue of the features and the pricing at which the features are made available.


Python 5706

Python 5706P Responder

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  • Responder LC3, LCD Pager Car Alarm
  • 1-Mile Range
  • Commands – tones, vibration, text and icon display
  • LCD SST remote start
  • Slim 5-button SST remote control

automotive alarms systemsFeatures

  • Pricing – This one is decent model with features that are more or less similar to the previous.  You get a more user friendly interface in terms of commands that can be used to control operations.
  • Remote Operation From Distance –The remote can be operated from a radius of 1 mile, offering you great convenience in getting the vehicle ready before you even enter it.
  • Alerts – With professional installation, including proper bypass and interface modules, you can expect instantaneous alerts that are event driven.  This means that the moment a door is open, you get to know of it.
  • Smart Start Options – The system can be connected to a smart phone to control it. This means that you actually get to remote start the vehicle if you happen to be far away, and if you need to keep the engine running periodically.
  • Informative Remote –The remote doubles up as some kind of an update channel, offering information at the touch of a button. Putting the alarm in silent mode is a simple one touch operation to prevent embarrassing accidental setting off of alarms in public parking lots.


  • Smart Phone unit enhances the features
  • Impressive range on the 2-way remote
  • Thoughtful features on the remote


  • Remote battery seems to drain real fast. Could do with some improvements here.

A Close Second At Number Two

This is pretty close to the leader, probably missing out due to the few dollars difference in pricing.


AVITAL 5303L Security S

AVITAL 5303L Security System

  • Keyless Entry, active and passive arming
  • Multi-level security arming for selective arming
  • 2-Way Security system with Remote Start
  • 4 AUX outputs
  • LCD remote plus 4 button remote

aftermarket car alarmFeatures

  • Pricing – This is one model that will never disappoint you, offering you real value for your money. Some of the features make you wonder how this low cost option offers amazing value.
  • Remote Operation From Distance – Key less entry and remote start means that handling the vehicle will not come across as a chore for you. Convenience at the your fingertips is what this offers you, literally.
  • Alerts – The option of choosing the alerts or the sensors makes this a very intelligent system to have. Depending on where are parking your vehicle, and the known risks, you can choose the arming of sensors to save you the blushes from embarrassing situations.
  • Quick Reflex Panic Mode – The panic mode is sure to give an individual with malicious intent, the fright of his life. The combined action of a shrill car alarm and flashing of parking lights is bound to prove a deterrent even to determined thieves.
  • Encrypted Signals – The encrypted signals prevent interception of signals from being successful, thereby increasing security manifold.


  • Selecting the alerts and sensors
  • Encrypted signals
  • Keyless entry


  • Customer service needs to be more responsive and swift to improve customer experience.

Staying Strong At Number Three 

This is definitely a low cost option packed with incredible features that would give some of the higher rated models serious competition.