Best Car Chargers 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Car Chargers

Looking for the Best Car Charger? Zero to one hundred, real quick. That what makes or breaks a car phone charger. You would rather have a charger that takes 4 minutes to charge just 1% than another which take 5 minutes to get you the same result. That one minute disparity makes a world of difference to you.

Bestselling Car Chargers Comparison Chart

  • AUXEY 2.0 Charger
  • Dimensions : 1 x 3.8 x 2.3 Inches
  • Charging Ports : 1
  • Item Weight : 0.3 Ounces
  • ANKER Quick Charge 3.0
  • Dimensions : 1.89 x 1.42 x 2.8 Inches
  • Charging Ports : 2
  • Item Weight : 2.08 Ounces
  • The iXCC Charger
  • Dimensions : 2.76 x 2.76 x 3.94 Inches
  • Charging Ports : 5
  • Item weight : 6.24 Ounces
  • The ANKER USB Charger
  • Dimensions : 3.5 x 2.2 x 1 Inches
  • Charging Ports : 5
  • Item Weight : 8.32 Ounces
  • Maxboost USB Charger
  • Dimensions : 5 x 4.4 x 1.2 Inches
  • Charging Ports : 2
  • Item Weight : 1.6 Ounces

Top 5 USB Car Chargers Reviews

Product Introduction:

When on the go, the quick charge system that the AUKEY 2.0 provides is an instant favorite. With over 3000 reviews recorded, and a customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 possible stars, a highly impressive 92 percent satisfaction rate, the AUKEY is the #1 selling Quick Charge Brand on Amazon.


  • The AUKEY fastest car charger has a main color of black, with 2 vibrantly colorful USB inputs. , one teal and the other a bright orange, this charger stands out with style, and has a generally pleasing appearance

  • Recorded to have a 75% charging speed increase than the average car charger usb, which means no more waiting 45 minutes for a full phone battery, a 75% charging speed increase that the AUKEY car charger adapter provides, will get the job done in just 25 minutes.

  • Equipped with enough power to charge both your phone and your GPS device at the same time, a feat an average charger could only dream of attaining

  • Has the option of Quick Charge 2.0 port (orange) , and Ai Power USB ( green ) port which is made to fit to the charging requirement of your devices.

  • The AUKEY charger has an ultra-light weight of 0.8 oz., which makes it easily mobile, and can readily fit in one’s pocket.

  • A universal charger, the AUKEY 2.0 is compatible with most phone companies such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola, LG and many more


  • “What if the device can’t handle the excessive current when you charge it, what if it begins to Overcharge or overheat? ” In regards to the aforementioned concern, one reason why the AUKEY car charger is one of the best in the entire market is because it is equipped with in-built safeguards which effectively regulate current and protect your phone.
  • There is absolutely no need to be alarmed.
  • The AUKEY 2.0 has two USB port which allow you to charge two different mobile at the same time.


  • As the charger support fast charging some person can think that there will be a heating issues.

The Leader

Lightweight, easily distinguishable, different colored charging ports, is as quick on the job as they come. The AUKEY is extremely durable, and should last well over 10 months while performing at a very high level. Quick Charge technology is the direction most chargers are moving towards now, because they provide undeniably great results.

Product Introduction:

Many go as far as to call the ANKER Quick Charge 3.0 the most proficient USB charging device in the world. , the ANKER fastest car charger adapter lives up to its name and is an all-time customer favorite. It has excellent design and performance. Whereas, the charger supports almost all the cell phone present in the market.


  • Mostly colored black, the ANKER car charger also has a red outer coating which adds to the appeal of its overall appearance

  • Equipped with one sole USB input, which charges at such an accelerated rate that is head and shoulders above all other conventional chargers found on the market.

  • The ANKER car charger is 4X faster than the average charger found in basic corner store. It takes just under 35 minutes for the ANKER Quick Charge 3.0 to charge your device from 0% up to 80%, a rather impressive feat that is significantly superior to an average car USB charger.

  • Quick Charge 3.0 is perceived by many to be the newest, swiftest and most proficient USB charging installation in the world

  • The ANKER quick car charger provides you stabilize fast charge. The charger will detect the type of device and according to that, it will give power to the device. In this way, it ensures the security of the device and it does not provide the same amount of energy to all the device.

  • One hidden feature of the charger is that it provide the protection from short circuit and has temperature control.


  • A major benefit of the ANKER Quick Charge 3.0 is that it comes with a hassle-free 18- month warranty provided. If your charger just happens to fall /break, or show signs of default, you are provided a year and a half warranty on your charger.
  • While the ANKER car charger adapter has a charging speed favorable to none, it is as safe as it is fast. Armed with an airtight MultiProtect system, the internal protection system of the charger ensures safety for your device at all times.


  • You’re probably thinking “my phone is used to a certain amount of electrical current, I’m afraid the speed of the ANKER will cause an overheating, or even damage my device”.

Close Second

The ANKER Quick Charger 3.0 is of top quality design, and is an all-time favorite among customers. Endless positive feedbacks about the product keep coming in on a daily basis. Feedbacks like “I can’t believe how quickly it charges, it’s truly amazing”, are posted about the charger on an hourly basis.

Product Introduction:

Built to fit in a car cup holder, the iXCC accommodates as many as five electronic devices to its five USB input. Designed to accommodate a small group of people, so everyone can fully charge their phone batteries on the way to art or their favorite restaurant.


  • Designed with ChargeWise technology, a technology of high caliber speed

  • Each of the five ports available on the iXCC have electric current of as much as 2.4 amps, a total current flow of 12 amps in all 5.

  • The iXCC charger is not quite small in appearance as a few regular portable car chargers adapter you are accustomed to. It has a height of 3.9 inches, a width of 2.8inches, and is an exact fit for the cup holder in your vehicle.

  • The iXCC is to be plugged into the cigarette lighter receptacle, while remaining seated in the car cup holder. When your device is plugged in, an inbuilt smart chip with the ChargeWise software instantly picks up your device and moves to produce high powered speed.

  • The charger includes many safety features in it. The charging procedure will get stopped once the charger will detect that battery is fully charged and in this way, the iXCC charger protects your device by over voltage, over current and the short circuit.

  • The charger allows most of the cell phones and electronic devices, whereas the charger will manage the power in every device according to the power rating.


  • Like most high speed quality chargers, protection and safety is held in high regard. The iXCC will not overheat or explode while charging 5 phones at the same time, an inherent premium circuitry ensures your devices maintain a perfect equilibrium

  • The device provides 2.4 amps of current to five devices at the same time which ensure that each person in the car can charge their cell phone at the same time with the fast charging support.


  • The device has cigarette lighter adapter at the bottom of the charger due to which at first you may think that the adapter is not provided.

Rallying Nicely At Number Three

A perfect charger for when hanging out with friends, family and loved ones. Next time you’re driving to your desired destinations with your social media active friends, no need to worry about conserving your devices battery by sending less texts or checking less emails, just plug it in and see for yourself!, maximum capacity and upmost speed — the iXCC guarantees result.

Product Introduction:

This seemingly small charger is capable of great power. The ANKER is beloved by Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex, and several other drivers who use their phone(s) for 4+ hours a day in the car. The ANKER USB charger for car has the capacity to charge four of passenger’s phone at a high-speed of up to 45% in just a 15 minute drive to their destination. Many drivers have bought two of this charger because it simply gets the job done.


  • Constructed with 4 input ports, which can charge four devices simultaneously,

  • Each chargeable device ranging from, Apple, Android, Samsung, Microsoft, and many more.

  • The 4 port ANKER uses an electric power of 48 watts for all four of its charging ports, and charges multiple technological devices at the same time with no lapse between them.

  • The ANKER 48W 4- Port charger, even goes as far as to charge a 12 inch MacBook, but only while the device is powered off or asleep, with an estimated charging time of 5 hours.

  • Due to its technological advancement, the charger is not suited for older Apple iPod devices such as the Nano, shuffle, classic or touch.

  • Each of the four ports can provide fast charging support at the same time. The charger detects the device type and provides the maximum speed of charging.

  • The charger provides safety to each device as it stops the charging when the cell phone goes to full battery. It also protects against the short circuit.

  • The device comes with the excellent build quality and is durable for the use of the extended period. The company provides you 18 months of warranty.

  • The charger consists a cigarette lighter styled fuse box.


  • Occasionally the charging port seems unresponsive. In case this occurs, it simply means your inputed device could have activated the central protective safety button. To reset the button, gently remove all plugs, including the plug of the charger itself, for three to five minutes, then give it another attempt.

  • The device has four USB ports on it and all the ports support the fast charging function. It has excellent build quality and is reliable for the use of long time.


  • Whereas the device has large size on it and does not provide a LED indicator for each USB port.

Number 4 Could Be Just A Number Here

The 48W 4-Port by ANKER has produced over 10 million satisfied customers, and counting. ANKER is the front running USB car charging company in the United States for a reason. With over 10 million gold- star reviews, the ANKER is overwhelmingly sought after, and comes with recommendations as high as no other charging device– Its results speak for themselves.

Product Introduction:

The Maxboost USB charger for car, a charger that performs just as it is named, provides maximum boost to an empty battery in no time at all. The Maxboost also comes with advanced features that I have never seen in a ultimate car phone charger. (10 MORE) It is inexpensive, but it has features like any of the expensive charger.


  • The Maxboost Car USB charger is very classy in appearance and has a fairly light weight of 1.6oz and a width of 5 x 4.4 x 1.2 inches.

  • There are two standard colors of the Maxboost available, one in white and the other in black. It wasn’t until just recently that I discovered that the standard solid colored car chargers of black and white are the most popular and most bought on Amazon.

  • The Maxboost Charger is rated very highly by previous buyers, given a rate of 4.3/ 5, the Maxboost charger comes highly recommended.

  • Built in LED light, makes the MaxBoost one of the most useful chargers in the market. Say goodbye to turning on your car lights at night just to find your charger to plug in your phone, the Maxboost charger leads you through the dark.

  • This charger has two USB port and both of them supports fast charging. The device has very compact, low profile design which reduces the size of the charger.

  • Even though the charger has the low price, it does not compromise with the performance. The charger does not get heat on the repeated use while it provides all the safety feature that of an expensive charger provides.


  • Armed with full speed charging as high as 4.8 amp, and improved charging speeds caused by in-modeled smart sensor, the moment you connect your electronic device to it, the Maxboost Charger calibrates the adequate flow of high speed current is to be distributed to your device, resulting to a safe and swift charge.

  • As I mentioned earlier, the Maxboost is compatible with most devices available, and is also modeled with intricate circuit design which ensures the protection of your devices against overheating, or overcharging, in fact, the Maxboost is wired to stop charging as soon as your devices battery is detected to be full.


  • Doesn’t have Qualcomm charge technology

Number 4 Could Be Just A Number Here

The LED light technology on this charger gives it a more appealing physical and technological design. Very few top car phone charger have been made with such technology, all of which makes it very appealing to customers looking for both a visually appealing, and a high speed charging device.

Features of The Best USB Car Charger

  • A usb car adapter is usually small in appearance and serves as a channel with a USB port for charging your electronic device(s).

  • Generally weighted from 0.5 ounces to as big as 2 pounds and are generally designed to easily fit in a person’s pocket or purse.

  • Car chargers are usually plugged into the cigarette lighter receptacle in your vehicle.

  • Some chargers are only equipped with only one USP port, for just one device, while there are others with as many as 4 USB ports for up to four devices, those kind of car chargers usually require more electrical  power,  and are also bigger in size, than the one port car chargers.

  • When a usb car adapter is plugged into the charging port of cigarette lighter receptacles, there should be an indicator on the car charger itself, usually a red light that shows that the charger is indeed on, and ready to charge your device(s).

  • Often times than not, there will be no indicator as to whether the charger is on or not, depending on whether the  charger itself  is of a newer, updated version, or not,) but still go on  ahead and attempt to charge your device for verification.

How To Choose The Top Quality Car Charger

No one wants something that works just one time out of every ten times when they desire to use it. Imagine a scenario when you are in your car and you urgently need to get in touch with your boss regarding whether to come into work, and you reach for your car charger in attempt to charge your dead phone, all to discover that the charger that was just working earlier that morning is now of  no use.  Speed is the defining factor, the one result that truly matters is when it comes to the top quality car phone chargers – so, how quickly can it get the job done?

  • Consistency

A perfect portable car phone charger has to be of the best quality and also charge at a very high level in just a few minutes, which translates to saving you both time and money.

  • Quality And Speed

Most of the time, quality trumps quantity. For example, buying 4 car chargers for a total of $1.50 each ($6 total) from the local gas station, and having them all break within 2 months, is far worse than paying $10 for a good quality car charger that performs at a high level for a year and a half. Sometimes being cheap is actually more costly. Look for a high speed, durable quality, and well recommended charger, then invest in it.

  • What Are Customers Saying?

Are they happy with their charger? What is the rate at which buyers return their chargers? Are there any company call backs for multiple damaged charging products? These are a few more important factors to consider when buying a long-term portable car charger. Make sure that you have done your research as a proper research before buying ideal car charger. Because this is very important for the proper car working.

Benefit of Having A Good Car Charger

A $1.50 dollar store charger isn’t built for longevity. But every once in a blue moon, The one that is built to last. Super sturdy when attached to the charging port of your car, and most importantly, your phone literally goes from a mere 20 percent, to an outstanding 65 percent, in just 30 minutes, sometimes quicker.

  • The most important benefit of having a great car charger is the increased amount of confidence that comes with knowing that no matter how low your battery is, and no matter what emergency occurs, you are more than equipped to handle it.

  • The charger with the low cost cannot provide enough electric power to full charge to a cell phone. The low-cost charger just provides a limited amount of power by which the cell phone will not dead. You will be just able to do some important work and you can’t use your phone as you wanted.

  • Whereas a good charger not only will charge your electronics device with much faster rate but also provide some other cool feature like it will provide you multiple ports. By use of these port, you can charge multiple devices at the same time. The other cool feature that a good charger will provide an indicator, which will tell you about the charging status of your mobile.

  • However, the right car chargers have a long life than the poor quality charger. You can depend on the car charger for the long distance travel that you can charge your electronic devices whenever you want to charge.


When you have a good USB car charger, you can travel to long distance without having any concern about your cell phone battery percentage. It will provide you a good amount of charging speed and it has a long life, so you will need not to buy a charger now and then. From the above cell phone car charger reviews, you can easily find the best car charger for you.

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