Best Car Wax Reviews 2019 – Top Picks With In- Depth Buying Guide

Are you looking for best car wax ever? A car wax does more than adding shine to your car. It is a waterproof layer of protection against all kinds of dirt that seals your car paint in place. Therefore, it is necessary to wax your car every couple of months. I made a list of my favorite products in this article. If you really want to try out the best automotive wax other than what you use, I hope this article will help you.


Bestselling Car Wax On The Market

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5 Top Rated Car Wax Reviews

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Liquid Glass Lg-100 – Best Liquid Car Wax

lign: justify;">The first product in my list of best auto waxes, this auto wax is not that well known but it has been around since 1980’s.This is a best synthetic wax which means that it does not really have any car wax. And of course, it is the best liquid car wax. So, it comes with all the perks as well.

Liquid Glass LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish


  • Gloss finish
  • Auto polish
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t need to be removed

In-depth Analysis

  • As the first job of the best auto wax is a smooth finish, I will start with that. This sealant is famous for covering up all kinds of scratches or deformities from any debris. It basically protects the paint job of the car. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be salt road deterioration or the dreaded bird dropping, it is easy to cover them up. Even stuff like tree scratches or rust and corrosion could be dealt with it.
  • It is an auto-finish product. You just need to apply it and wait for it to air-cure. When it dries up, it solidifies like glass. You will not have to deal with broken or chipped paint or scratches or even discolorations till the car wax lasts.
  • It is extremely durable as I mentioned. It lasted for over seven weeks for me before I had to re-do it. You can use it on any sort of vehicle. I even heard about it being used to car wax a plane by someone.
  • It doesn’t even matter what kind of paint you use. It gels well with anything and everything. And you don’t need to remove it once it is applied either. You can put as many coats as you like. But remember to leave a 4-hour gap between each.
  • However, I did notice that it did not hide any swirls that may have formed. Instead, they were highlighted on the car surface & it is the best wax for car. And that’s the only aesthetic defect that I could find. It is a bit of a deterrent. But I would still use it for the sheer durability of the product.


  • Covers up all scratches
  • Helps remove all kind of dirt easily
  • Firm finishing
  • Goes will all kinds of paints
  • Contains no wax


  • Highlights swirls instead of hiding them

Final Verdict

When it comes to car waxes, I think that this is the best of the best. Of course, you should form your opinion after trying out a couple of products on your car. I drove my car through a forest trail after applying this, and it came out as smooth as it was before. Nevertheless, the magnified swirls can be a bit ugly. However, on the bright side, this is very easy to apply. Just remember to shake the can before use. And the quantity is a lot. So, you can apply a good number of coats as well.


Meguiar’s G18216 – Leading Wax For Your Car

">Meguiar is known for its pure quality. This one too is a synthetic liquid car wax. You can try out the carnauba paste car wax as well. However, if you usually park your car outside at night, I would recommend this one over the latter.

Meguiar's G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax


  • Synthetic protection
  • ThinFilm Technology
  • Advanced Synthetic polymers
  • Hydrophobic polymer technology

In-Depth Analysis

  • It is a synthetic formula. You can easily notice the extra sheen on the car surface after you finish wiping off the wax. Not just that, it lasts for a considerably longer period. And my favorite part is how it brings out the shade of your car. My blue Porsche never looked better.
  • Meguiar’s Liquid Car Wax uses this Thin Film Technology that makes the application all the easier. Have you ever found it difficult to car wax out in the sun? Well, this technology makes things infinitely better. And there’s always the issue of car wax hardening too much and becoming irremovable. But this one can be removed even before the car wax is completely dry, thus, making it easier on your hands.
  • The advanced synthetic polymers add to the shine and reflectivity of the surface. Moreover, it ensures that any accidental wax does not leave a white residue on plastic surfaces. This is often an issue with liquid car waxes. However, with this one, you can avoid it.
  • The hydrophobic polymer technology, on the other hand, is what makes the car wax waterproof. It basically boosts the surface tension, and the water beads roll off the surface easily, instead of leaving marks.
  • However, I had some issues regarding the quantity they provide. It doesn’t last long. It would have been even better if it came in a larger pack. I had the same issue with the paste as well.


  • Lasts long
  • Provides depth to the color
  • Bonds well with the paint
  • Easy to remove
  • Waterproof


  • Quantity is not enough

Final Verdict

Honestly, the first thing I noticed about the package was the foam applicator and towel that was included. But moving on, I would recommend that you wait for 5 minutes before you wipe off the acr wax. And do not apply it all at once. It is better to handle little sections at a time. If you are unsure about whether the car wax is ready to be wiped off, you should just swipe the area with a finger. If it comes off, then it is not. About the car wax itself, this product is really good. And apart from the quantity, I have no qualms about it. I would recommend it blindly to anyone.


P21s 12

P21s 12700W Carnauba Wax – Best Car Wax For Black Cars

give you a short introduction about carnauba wax first. It is the first choice of any car wax enthusiast. It doesn’t last long. And it’s a hassle to apply. But the shine you end up with is worth applying it every other week. Trust me on that. It is a natural car wax against all the other synthetic products.

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax


  • Carnauba and beeswax blend
  • Paste car wax
  • Doesn’t powder
  • Doesn’t stain

In-depth Analysis

  • I would seamlessly prefer it over anything else because, firstly, it is carnauba car wax. And secondly, it is far closer to my budget than other carnauba car waxes. Combined with beeswax, it offers the best kind of shine to your car. You really won’t get that effect with any variety of synthetic car wax. It comes in a paste form. And that makes this easier to apply. The buttery formula melts into the surface as well.
  • I noticed the lack of abrasives in it. This is a good thing because I am always worried about scratching the paint job. And many or most car waxes contain abrasives. It repels the bugs and debris and all kinds of scratches as a whole.
  • It is completely safe in case you mistakenly apply it on rubber or plastic. That means that it leaves no ugly white residue that you will need to pay to get off. And a shiny car with a blotchy bumper does not look good.
  • The durability is not bad considering its carnauba car wax either. It easily sticks for a couple of months as well. Of course, that would vary according to climatic situations. For the removal, you only need to wipe it off with a folded microfiber towel.
  • This is a professional quality stuff and to be honest, I can’t find much if any flaws in this. I had half a mind to renounce any other product, and the only thing that stopped me was the price. That is a bit above my budget. If money isn’t an issue, this could definitely be your go-to product.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Excellent shine
  • Smooth fine
  • Easy to apply


  • None as such, but the price may be a bit high for budget customers.

Final Verdict

To round it off, this is my favorite product in the entire list. It is not necessarily the one I use all the time. And that is once again because of the cost. But it is what I love the most for my car. It is a paste wax. And that makes it easier to apply and remove in general compared to the last two liquid products. And I think the combination of carnauba along with beeswax makes for an excellent texture if that counts.


Mother’s Reflection Wa

Mother’s Reflection Wax –  Long Lasting Car Wax

e car wax, it by itself comprises of an entire car-care kit. With its perfect finish, you can coat anything from tires to leather and of course, the car itself. It is a mixture of mild cleaners and obviously, polymers that set the clean and pristine glow to any automotive. For encountering its effects to the, try it on a dark colored car.

Mothers 10016 Reflections Car Wax


  • Just washed look
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time

In-depth Analysis

  • Well, firstly, even if you opt out of a top coat, it’s all right. This wax does the job for you. It gives off a washed clean appearance that brings out the original paint of the car. If you have a car of a lighter shade, it may not be that effective, though. But it would certainly take care of those paint flakes. And it gets rid of the swirls too.
  • The wax has a consistent viscosity. It’s not too thin nor is it too thick. That’s one of the reasons why it is so easy to apply. You can use it with a machine as well. If you don’t have one, then use the regular cloth. It doesn’t take much time with this one. Removing it is no extra work either. Just make sure that it has dried to a haze, then begin buffing with a microfiber cloth.
  • This won’t leave much powder residue either. That’s always ugly to clean off after you finish.
  • I live in a rainy climate and this wax has medium durability. In drier weathers, it might get better. But the primary focus is shine and not longevity when it comes to this.


  • Gets rid of paint flakes
  • Good consistency
  • Can be used with a machine
  • Easy to remove
  • No residue


  • Not certain about the durability

Final Verdict

I am not too sure about this product, and that is only because of its durability. However, when it comes to appearance, this does its work perfectly. Nevertheless, the sheer versatility of this wax is appealing. I don’t have to root around for different products all over the place. But then, if you want to wax to last longer, I would suggest that you try some other wax.


Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax –

Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax – Great for Maximum Shine

Well not really. It just protects it from any kind of UV damage. Nevertheless, you get the wet shine look when you finish applying this product. It is a liquid synthetic wax as well. And like I mentioned, Meguiar always comes up with quality stuff.

Meguiar's G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax


  • No powdery residue
  • Hydrophobic Polymer Technology
  • Eliminates swirls
  • Easy finish

In-depth Analysis

  • This product works well enough as a car wax, providing a wet sheen to the car paint. The formula is an upgraded version that gets rid of the swirls and any sort of micro-scratches. The effect is an intense shade of the paint job.
  • The Hydrophobic polymer technology is again a version of waterproofing. It allows the water beads to glide off the surface smoothly. It is a relatively new scientific breakthrough. After the wash, it gives a showroom appearance to the car
  • The box comes with a foam applicator and even an instructions leaflet. So for better results, you can easily refer to it. I would suggest that you wait for the wax to cure before you wipe it off. It would take around 5 minutes at the most. Use a cotton towel or a microfiber cloth for this purpose.
  • Unlike the carnauba wax, these are good for durability as well. They last long and protect the paint well. However, that doesn’t amount to much. Compared to other liquid waxes, the durability is lacking, and as a paint sealant, I won’t say that it works that well.


  • Showroom appearance
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Comes with a foam applicator


  • Durability is not that good

Final Verdict

On the whole, this does not impress me too much. I have used other products that offer similar results and more at the same price range. But if you want to try out something new, this won’t disappoint. It is better than most waxes out there in its price range. So, you don’t need to be really worried about the performance. And I like the showroom look that it provides. But for shine and mind you, just for shine, I would still go for the carnauba wax. It is easy to use as well. Spray waxes are easier, but they do not last that long. So for a long term product, it definitely falls among the best car waxes out there.

How to Choose Your Best Car Wax?

How to Choose Your Best Car Wax?le="text-align: justify;">

  • Depending on what your car needs, there are three kinds of car waxes. Liquid waxes are the most difficult when it comes to application. They may dry to a haze very fast. They are harder to apply evenly and buff out. But on the other hand, they work the best when it comes to cleaning. They even provide a better gloss and are more durable overall. If you are planning to use an older car, you should probably opt for this one.
  • Next is a paste wax. These are easier to apply. But then, there is always a bit of a residue left at the bottom of the container that might go to waste if you can’t remove it properly. Paste waxes take about 30 seconds to form a haze.
  • Finally, we have the spray wax. If you just want a nice sheen on your relatively new car, go for this one. These are easy, convenient and less messy. The main advantage of spray wax is that they can be used for spot application as well. They don’t dry that fast and you can wipe it off if done improperly.
  • However, this same factor makes it less durable, and it is an absolute waste on old cars. They have good compatibility with plastic as well. Cars, especially newer ones often have a lot of plastic on them. If the wax is applied over these parts, they may leave a residue which is difficult to get rid of. So, spray waxes are better in that regard.
  • While you choose your wax, the first thing to note will be the age of your car. Plastic compatibility is also a factor. And finally, look out for abrasiveness. Waxes are usually abrasive and often leave scratches on the surface. The end product will end up a duller finish than before. Especially, dark colored vehicle are very prone to abrasions. So, watch out for clear coat finishes as well.
  • Benefits Of Waxing Your Car

    Among all the benefits that I could list off the t

    Benefits Of Waxing Your Car

    most obvious one:

    • Shine. If you want the typical gloss that comes with a well maintained or a new car, you have to opt for waxing. Carnauba based waxes give your car some depth and clarity. But there are other paint sealants that work just as well too.
    • Wax protects your paint job. When left bare, your car’s paint will eventually be soiled by stuff like acid rain, bugs or corrosive substance. Waxing provides a layer so that these do not get embedded in the paint.
    • Washing your car is such a chore. And it gets easier with waxing. When you finally get around to cleaning off your car, a layer of wax will let you get done with just some car wash and water. Even if you do not get the time for washing, the next car waxing session will take care of it. However, if you work with just your regular paint, you will need to remove these dirt particles with full detail and extra cost.
    • And like I said, it protects your paint. That applies to preventing the paint from chipping of as well. When you put on some speed, tiny pieces of debris may hit your car and peel off the paint. These can be expensive to get rid of. If you wax your car instead, this debris does not get too much friction with your car surface and slides off instead.
    • Finally, a properly waxed car will have less visual scratches. Keep in mind that the car wax won’t exactly get rid of them. Rather, they fill them in so that they are hardly noticeable.

    Final Note

    With that sai

    Final Note

    e ready to invest an hour or so on your vehicle. And remember that a wax job lasts for about two months. So you need to touch it up every six weeks. Moreover, be careful and research well before making your purchase. A bottle claiming to contain ‘cleaner wax’ may often have an opposite effect. These are the substances that more often contains abrasive substances. So, I would suggest that you stay away from these.

    Further, price doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the product. I would concentrate more on durability instead. So look for what you need first. I hope you find the best car wax for yourself from the five products I have covered.

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