Best CB Radio Reviews 2019 With Comparison Chart

Best CB Radio Reviews 2019

Best CB Radio Reviews 2019

Are you looking for best cb radio? CB radio is the abbreviation for Citizens’ Band radio and is used in private and business between people on the 27MHz band. In general a CB radio will have around 40 channels that can be used for communication. Most high power CB radios are equipped with a 27MHz band and are generally have a transmission power of 4 watts, except the SSB (Single Side Band) ones.

Bestselling CB Radios On The Market

best cb radio
  • Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel CB Radio
  • Dimensions : 18.4 x 23.5 x 5.7 Cm
  • Type : Mobile/Fixed-Mount
  • Number Of Channels : 40
  • Range : 13 Miles
  • Item Weight : 2.5 Kg
portable cb radio
  • Uniden Pro 520 XL CB Radio
  • Dimensions : 4.5 x 6.75 x 1.38 Inches
  • Type : Fixed-Mount
  • Number Of Channels : 40
  • Range : 6 Miles
  • Item Weight : 1.63 Pounds
cb radio range
  • Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB Radio
  • Dimensions : 8.9 x 38.1 x 21.6 Cm
  • Type : Fixed-Mount
  • Number Of Channels : 40
  • Range : 1-6 Miles
  • Item weight : 2 Kg
best handheld cb radio
  • Midland 75-822 CB Radio
  • Dimensions : 23.9 x 6.6 x 17 Cm
  • Type : Handheld
  • Number Of Channels : 40
  • Range : 1-3 Miles
  • Item Weight : 181 Gram
high performance cb radios
  • Galaxy DX-959 CB Radio
  • Dimensions : 9.2 x 7.9 x 2.4 Inches
  • Type : Mobile/Fixed-Mount
  • Number Of Channels : 40
  • Range : 15-20 Miles
  • Item Weight : 4.4 Pounds

5 Top Rated Portable CB Radio Reviews 2019

Cobra 29 LX 40-Channel Emergency CB Radio

I will start off with, what in my opinion, It is super good. It comes recommended by several mechanics, and there is a reason for that too. This very popular HPS Full Synthetic Oil product is better than most other brands of fully synthetic oils and of course, conventional ones as well.


  • Gigantic multi-color display boasts information on all radio functionalities.

  • Available night-time driving – works in both dark and bright light conditions.

  • Enhances readability with night-time and day-light settings.

  • Smart and active “channel scanning”, which can scan up to 40 channels and stop, based on user preferences.

  • PA capable and can be used as a public address system.

  • Can toggle display between four amazing colors – red, blue, amber, and green.

  • Razor sharp access speeds and automatic scanning of up to 10 NOAA weather channels.

  • Detects nearby weather conditions and alerts users of any abnormal weather conditions.

  • Comes with radio check diagnostics, which displays battery voltage, RF condition, and antenna power.

  • New clock/timer features tracks on-time driving hours, and also functions as an alarm clock, convenient for drivers.

  • Programmed memory channels with instantaneous access to channels 9 and 19.

  • Audible key tones with CB, and weather channel frequency readouts.

  • Gorgeous LCD display with adjustable brightness and dimmer.

  • Emergency weather alert functionality auto scans for the nearest and strongest weather signals, and alerts users of unnatural weather conditions, with an alert tone, even when turned off.

  • Adjustable Dynamic feature enhances voice clarity, volume, and optimizes conversations.

  • Enormous nine-foot microphone cord, which can be hooked up to any area of the vehicle.


  • The Cobra 29 LX’s monster-sized backlit display shows whose boss, and displays information on transmission, SWR channels, current channel, and reception strength.
  • The portable CB radio can be mounted on any truck – pickups, semis and other vehicles, leaving ample space for additional mounts. This is the best cb radio for truckers.
  • The radio works with all CB antennas, with the cable connection utilizing standard CB PL-259 connections. It can also be mounted on flat surfaces with a “U” mounting bracket.
  • Additionally, it comes with a whopping two years of manufacturer warranty and is very easy to install for new users.
  • Perfect for the professional radio junkie and ideal for all amateur drivers.


  • Albeit, the on and off switch being slightly small, the CB 29 LX is a great radio.


One of the latest powerhouses, and the most innovative iteration, in the history of cobra line-up – if you’d like something, that packs the ultimate power, with a destructive transmission range, give the Cobra 29 LX-40 a try, and you may find yourself just as surprised, with the cobra rising within you.Check how much you can save, buying the Cobra 29 LX 40 on Amazon

Uniden Pro 520 Best CB Radio For Jeeb

Tough as nails and indestructible enough to withstand even the harshest of terrains, the Uniden Pro 520 XL is a navy seal packed in a box. Compact and rock solid, this daredevil of a Car CB radio will summon the most legendary of warriors on the battlefield and give you a run for your money.


  • Attractive LED display with red-lit indicators allows monitoring activities at a glance.

  • Mounts like a pro in jeeps, land cruisers and other smaller vehicles.

  • Monstrous, durable, and extremely tough, its reputation stems from its compactness.

  • Packs massive performance with its full 40-channel range operation.

  • Instant channel 9 switch tackles emergency situations.

  • Signal level boosters with RF gains, along with visual readouts displayed on the meter.

  • Also, features an adjustable RF meter.

  • Can operate on any of the 40 AM frequencies, authorized by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

  • Can easily switch between Car CB radio and Public Address mode.

  • Comes with a microphone – front positioned, durable, and with an extra-long cord, for ultra-convenience.

  • Features a built-in automatic noise limiter (ANL) switch.

  • Improves weak reception signals and eliminates background noise for fluid verbal communications.

  • Auto-squelch feature zaps out noise and improves communication quality.

  • PA system allows users to conduct addresses, by connecting with external speakers.

  • Shells out an electrifying 4W audio output.

  • Superheterodyne circuit, along with phase locked loop, enhances control precision.

  • Mounting bracket and hardware included in the package.

  • Its compact size enhances its mobility.

  • Can be used off-road and commercially.

  • Comes with a generous two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Put this daredevil through a war zone and you’ll find it coming out without a scratch! The Uniden Pro 520 XL CB radio proves its mettle with its compact form and toughness. Its compact size, streamlined well, can make it go undetected if you want it to.
  • Designed like a powerhouse, its enormous transmission range lets it roar like a tiger in the air, in terms of its volume. Loud and clear, with exceptional sound clarity, it can make even the toughest and most demanding of enemies faint with fear.


  • A bit hard to grab for folks with big more than makes up for it with its salient features.


If you want a CB radio designed for a soldier, which can undergo the wildest situations, the harshest environments, the roughest terrains and the most unpredictable of situations, whilst offering beautiful sound quality, clarity and enormous transmission ranges, give the Uniden Pro 520 XL CB Radio a try, and you might be pleasantly surprised.Check how much you can save, buying the Uniden Pro 520 on Amazon

Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio With SSB

For hard core tech nerds and radio geeks alike, welcome to the future! Meet the Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB radios – the living dream of every radio junkie. After a long hiatus, Uniden is back in action. Packing more powerful features than ever, the Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB offers an exhaustive plethora of technological possibilities.


  • Travel across various country blocks and stay connected with the Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB Radio, the latest trend in CB radio technology.

  • SSB feature allows for long distance communications.

  • A massive backlit LCD display houses the face of the radio, the Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB features a rich seven color multi-display, which enables you to toggle between colors and is also customizable.

  • Allows access to several NOAA channels and alerts users about any incoming weather conditions.

  • Features an integrated SWR meter, a noise canceling microphone and an RF meter.

  • Adjusts reception quality of weak and strong signals with RF Gain.

  • Its automatic noise limiter (ANL) eliminates background noise and enables smoother radio transmissions.

  • The SSB is powered by an awesome 12W battery and pumps out 3x the standard CB power and range.

  • PA mode feature allows the mini CB radios to be used as a public address system, whose signals can be monitored.

  • Minimizes channel interference of local signals from long range cb radio signals, with the aid of its Local/DX Switch.

  • Increases voice clarity with its adjustable microphone, thereby improving communication and sound quality.

  • CB radio with weather band comes with AM/SSB sideband capability.

  • Mounting bracket and extra-long power cord provided.


  • The Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB radio’s color display enables easy viewing and enhanced readability. You can change the display intensity from day to night and use the radio easily while driving. Furthermore, there’s a dimmer switch and an extra-long microphone cord, provided with the CB radio.
  • You can even toss around the cord to the backseat of your car and mess around with the microphone for fun, with your friends.
  • With a stunning multi-color display, customizable colors, variant weather stations and innovative design, the Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB has something to offer for every tech lover.


  • The only downside is that it may be a little too compact for users with big fingers but its other salient features more than make up for it.


One of the latest iterations in the line-up of Uniden High Performance CB radios – this modernized tech gizmo, packs everything awesome in a single bundle. The Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB radio is the ultimate salvation and answer to every tech lover’s dream. If you’re looking for something compact, portable and technologically futuristic, get the Uniden BEARCAT 980SSB CB radio and you won’t regret it.Check how much you can save, buying the Uniden BEARCAT on Amazon

Midland 75-822 CB Radio – Best Rated Handheld CB Radio

Journey into the mystical open lands with the Midland 75-822 small CB radio! Ride any vehicle and rig it with any car stereo system. Use its walkie-talkie feature and keep in touch with your buddies from far away, When good things come in small packages, meet the Midland 75-822 best small CB Radio, man’s ultimate mobile friend.


  • Beautiful backlit LCD display, allows for easy readability, in both day and night.

  • Get the best of both worlds – best mobile CB radio and handheld.

  • Extremely portable, robust, and adaptable.

  • Its small size helps it fit in most places inside the vehicle.

  • Cigarette lighter adapter included in package enables battery-free operation for enhanced mobility.

  • Can be powered by six AA batteries.

  • Offers a maximum transmission range, featuring up to 40 CB channels and 10 NOAA channels.

  • Output power is a staggering 4W.

  • Instantaneous access to NOAA radio, and channels 9 (emergency channel) and 19 (information channel).

  • Dual watch feature monitors channel 9 and an additional channel.

  • Eliminates background noise with its automatic noise limiter (ANL) capability.

  • Auto-squelch controls improve reception of weak signals and enhance sound quality.

  • Can be stored easily and takes up less space.

  • A go-anywhere rig, it comes with a complete car kit and a battery pack.

  • Can be used on multiple vehicles.

  • Beautiful backlit display, which displays weather channels.

  • Works with all CB antennas in the market.

  • Stylish duck-style rubber antenna.

  • Standard microphone hanger helps mount the radio inside vehicles.

  • Available channel scan facility.

  • Comes with a battery life extender feature, along with high/low transmit power settings.

  • Comes with a good one year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Midland 75-822 CB Radio is a compact addition to the CB radio industry. A well designed and a versatile unit, its NOAA weather band is usable even at 50-mile distances and its CB radio range ramps up to a whopping 5 miles. The best part is that it works amazing as a handheld device outside of vehicles.
  • The Midland 75-8522 small CB radio presents users optimal functionality, usability, and comes forth as a well-rounded all-in one best portable radio. Extreme channel sensitivity and supreme elegance, coupled with the ultimate portability.


  • Albeit, the audio output can be sometimes low, it more than makes up for it by offering distortion free audio quality at maximum volume ranges.


Let the Midland 75-8522 CB radio take you on a wild adventure with its extreme mobility! If you’re looking for a CB radio which fits in your pocket, and lets you roam around the barren wastelands without a tinge of worry, get the Midland 75-8522 CB radio. You won’t regret it.Check how much you can save, buying the Midland 75-822 on Amazon

Galaxy DX-959 Best CB Radio For Off Roading

Ever wanted a Best galaxy CB radio that got your heart pumping, offering everything you ever wanted in a single package? That’s what the Galaxy DX-959 does for veteran CB junkies. Packing top notch features with stellar automatic SWF calibration, the Galaxy DX-959 is the answer to every CB radio lover’s tech fantasies.


  • The ultimate full-featured CB radio allowing long distance communications.

  • Enormous, easy to read meter display, with a five-digit frequency counter, along with large yellow digits.

  • Power output, modulation, SWR, and incoming signal scales included.

  • Two-digit channel display with larger yellow digits.

  • Usable in semis, pickups and other vehicles.

  • Features Dynamic Boost, Delta Tune, Single Side Band (SSB), and a High SWR Indicator.

  • Household Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) reduces noises and recovers weaker SSB signals.

  • Flat surface mounting with the help of a “U” mounting bracket.

  • Power transmission at 12 watts, legally.

  • Meter lamp with push switch and variable dimmer controls included in radio design.

  • Communicates through standard 40 CB AM channels with all CB users.

  • Manufacturer warranty up to two years included in the package.

  • One of the best mounting brackets offered, with this CB radio.

  • Easy to use and offers great signal reception, even on weaker antennae.

  • Transmitted sound quality is loud and clear, over the microphone.

  • Variable Talkback circuit, coupled together with an on/off switch.

  • Gorgeous SWR LED alerts and an automatic SWR circuit.

  • Push switch with Variable Dimmer Controls turn off meter lamp and displays digits, along with a 3-position tone switch for receive.


  • The Galaxy DX-959 offers an end-of-transmission beep and boasts of simpler antennae tuning with its automatic SWR calibration capabilities. You can now go stargazing with its easy-to-read meter, illuminated with stunning lighting. The Galaxy DX-959 further adds on to its extensive list of salient features with its Mic Gain and Clarifier Controls.
  • Audio quality, and transmission range is exceptional; the Galaxy DX-959 works best for off-road use and packs great reception even on weaker antennae, making it ideal for long distance communications.


  • A bit complex, compared to other CB radios, the Galaxy DX-959 works exceptionally well and offers several great features in the world of CB radios.


The Galaxy DX-959 is an exceptional CB radio, offering one of the best long distance communications over SSBs. If you’ve ever wanted to get geeky and shop for an all-in-one CB radio package, you’d be glad to know that the Galaxy DX-959 satiates every CB lovers’ curiosity. The best bonus – it comes with “Starlight Illumination” on its front panel.Check how much you can save, buying the Galaxy DX-959 on Amazon

Top Features In CB Radios

Different types of CB radios have different features, and although a variety come as standard the different features depend on what you need out of your CB radio. Here is a list of my top features:

  • On/Off Control-This is rather self-explanatory; you would not want your CB on the whole time.

  • Volume Control-Not everyone speaks at the same volume. Adjust your volume according to need.

  • Channel Control-You are not going to be exclusively on one channel.

  • Instant Channel- 9/19-Channel 9 is the general emergency channel and channel 19 is travel information.

  • Squelch Control-This activates the speaker only when a transmission is received, preventing constant static broadcast.

Mobile vs. Handheld CB Radios

The general opinion of most CB radio users is it is best to have both if you can afford to.  There are different factors that you need to consider if only one is an option financially.  When only choosing one to see if the style suits you I would suggest you start with a mobile, as the wires of the antenna and power can be awkward for a beginner. With a mobile I would suggest you keep in mind the range and battery life of the unit.

Choosing Tips Before Buying Portable CB Radio

Truck cab radios often referred to as CB radios, come in all shapes and sizes. Power packed, and rugged for roughness – the size and the feature set are the two main criteria for getting the best CB radio for beginners. Look for the following features in the set when hunting for the ideal CB radio.

  • Automatic Noise Limiter:

    For cleaner conversations and crisp audio quality, look for a Cheap CB radio that offers you noise elimination/reduction options. A CB radio that can enhance signal reception by filtering out unwanted background noise is considered a good fit.

  • Weather & Alert Channel Scan

    Being able to keep track of abnormal weather conditions and get automatic alerts is another thing to consider in a CB radio channels. Search for a CB radio that automatically monitors climate activity and weather patterns.

  • Instant Emergency Channel

    Make sure you can access the channels 9 and 19 since you may need it during times of uncertainty. Emergency channels are monitored round the clock and they can be a lifesaver. Channel 9 is for emergency and channel 19 is an information channel which equips you to deal with various situations.

  • Channel Scanning

    The ability to scan through 40 AM channels and select the one which stops activities is what makes a good CB radio just plain great.

  • Effective Display Lighting

    A good lighting system can enhance the readability of information viewed on the display screen. Look for a CB radio that allows you to toggle between four to seven colors and allows customizing them since it can help you drive easy, efficiently and reduce eye strain.

  • Single Side Band (SSB)

    The most important aspect to take into consideration when going CB radio shopping, especially since it involves long distance communication.

    If you’d like power outputs of 12W and longer talking ranges within legal limits, the SSB factor is definitely a great feature to look for. This is often ideal for off-road use and vehicles that are constantly on the go.

Benefits of Using Good Synthetic Motor Oil

  • The primary advantage of buying a CB radio is that it comes with its own magnet antennae which you can mount onto the roof liner of your car, about halfway from that. This can enhance the transmit quality of your signals.

  • CB radios are also very inexpensive, compact and can be mounted inside the vehicle. Unlike normal radios, they allow for two-way communication and the audio quality of the transmissions are a lot better due to the enhanced reception.

  • You can reach people miles away, get warnings about local weather conditions, ask for directions and even get emergency help – all through CB radios.

  • One of the biggest benefits which CB radios offer is access to over 40 AM channels for both broadcasting and transmission purposes. Channel 19 is mostly used by truck drivers and you can get access to local environment information and take measures for effective road safety.

  • Compact, easy to use and packed with features – what makes CB radios attractive is their portability and accessibility. Versatile and robust, most CB radios can endure the toughest terrains and last longer.


Whether you are hunting for local information, looking for emergency news or plain just want to have fun listening to the tunes of “the good old times”, getting a Best CB radio can enhance the quality of your travel life. Can be instantly mounted for easy, on-the-go use; CB radios are the beasts in the box for all travelers and can give you everything you have ever wanted.