Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Changing Tires

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Talking about the past times the impact wrenches were primarily air-powered or pneumatic.

Hence, they were left in the realm of professional mechanics and generally a ½-inch pneumatic wrench needs a huge air volume of about 100 PSI, and this could be a significant investment.

Over the years as the battery technology improved the cordless battery-powered impact wrenches have made a mark and are a feasible alternative to the pneumatic ones.

Assembling and disassembling varied elements have become enormously convenient with the modern-day wrenches. For repair and maintenance alike they are useful for trucks, cars, and special equipment.

Since it’s pretty easy that you may get lost in the plethora of options available in the market today. So, we have put all these five wrenches to tough challenges and testing to provide you with the best outcomes. You can find more about the heavy-duty/high-torque, versatile, compact, low-cost, and more….

We are sure you must have heard but didn’t know about the detailed features of cordless impact wrenches earlier. Check out the top-most impact wrenches for changing tires:

Carry them wherever you want, and use them whenever you need them!!

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Best Overall

DEWALT Cordless

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cordless impact driver reviews

Premium Choice

Milwaukee 2767-22

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Top 5 Soldering Station For Hobbyists

Premium Choice

impact driver comparison

1. Milwaukee 2767-22 Fuel High Torque

When we talk about impact wrenches then the Milwaukee 2767-22 is a heavy hitter model. This certainly tops our list as you get a bigger, heavier and torquier gadget which is about 1,400 ft-lb.

Since the torque requires adequate power so this comes with 5Ah big batteries (two). It was not at all challenging for the Milwaukee to remove lug nuts from F-250 Super Duty. The fuel high wrench is torqued to 165 ft-lb. and does not have any hitch in breaking the nuts loose.

As we tested for the whole day, tires could be changed for one complete day with two batteries. The cordless marvel provides four modes along with three different speeds and the bolt-removal mode is a sheer pleasure to use.

This is seriously great for big jobs such as for industrial maintenance and repair applications, heavy equipment repair, or for other tasks of bolts, tough nuts, and even rusty old bolts.

Best Features

  • Comprises of impact wrench with friction ring, two battery packs, and a charger.

  • Perfect for rusted or stubborn bolts.

  • Compact design for easy use in tight spaces.

  • Rubber grip for comfort when in use.

  • Backs off speed and torque to prevent the nuts from flying.


  • A bit high-priced than the others though worth every penny.

Most Compact

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2. DEWALT Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

The DEWALT DCF902F2 XTREME 12V MAX is a little impact wrench that is best suited for jobs that are smaller and this ones conveniently gets into the tight spaces with ease where the other drivers cant.

This is a brushless motor that works for maximum runtime and durability. The DEWALT comes with 3 mode settings including Precision Wrench trade that enables decent control while dealing with a variety of applications.

The precision wrench works well to prevent over-tightening and also minimizes speed so that the nuts and bolts don’t fly away when loose.

The 3 LED lights offer illumination onto work surface. This is perfect for smaller bolts as this may take time in removing the lug nuts than the others. For this impact wrench automotive exhaust systems, lawn mower repair, along with mechanical HVAC repair are more appropriate and by far recommended.

Best Features

  • Brushless motor for maximum runtime and durability.

  • 3/8 in. Square drive.

  • 3 mode settings including Precision Wrench trade; for control in a variety of applications.

  • 3 LED lights for illumination onto work surface.


  • Intended for smaller nuts and bolts.

  • The sound is a bit louder.

Best Wrench Driver

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3. BOSCH Freak -18V Impact Wrench Driver

This one could be of great use as shares the qualities of both a half impact driver and a half impact wrench. The Bosch freak features a versatile hex shank with a power groove and a socket drive.

The amazing wrench driver provides three different types of RPM settings that can help you in a number of fastening and mechanical jobs. The freak has a powerful EC brushless motor – delivers a max of 1, 800 Inches -Ibs. of torque and up to 4,200 IPM (impacts per minute) for professional power.

This is known for its quieter operation with minimum vibration, overall giving a smooth feel. Like switching over from lag bolts to deck screws is so easy breezy as the Bosch Freak is great for many types of hardware.

The electronic cell and motor protection help protect the tool and battery from overloading conditions. One thing we really appreciate about this is the optional connectivity module that facilitates customized tool-settings through a connected app and Bluetooth.

Best Features

  • Half driver, half wrench.

  • Features a versatile hex shank with power groove.

  • Powerful EC brushless motor.

  • Core 18V battery.

  • Electronic cell and motor operation.

  • Comes with an optional connectivity tool module.


  • Lacks 150 foot-pounds of torque but produces more than 4,200 IMP.

Most Versatile

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4. Metabo Impact Wrench 18V

This comes with a beneficial balance of weight, size, and features. This has a compact head design that makes accessing the tight spaces with much ease.

The impact wrench comes with a 1/2″ 18V Impact Wrench and 2 batteries. This offers power through the toughest jobs as has the ability to produce 225 ft.-lbs of turning torque, 0-3,600 BPM, and up to 2,700 RPM.

For breaking loose the lug nuts on the F-250 Super Duty just took few seconds on average and they spun-off quickly when the highest of the three-speed settings were used.

The ‘S’ mode greatly helps in tightening eliminating the risk of over-torquing. The same goes for the rusty bolts and nuts, very easily they can be removed. This is protected from limited dust entry and water jets of low-pressure as rated IP56. In case you are repairing and rain comes you need not worry then.

Best Features

  • Suitable for most automotive.

  • Good enough to give power through toughest jobs.

  • 4-stage electronic speed switch enables good control.

  • IP56 compliant to add a degree of protection against dust and water exposure.

  • Built-in LED light effectively illuminates dark work spaces.

  • Features brushless motor technology.

  • Ergonomic grip, center balanced design and lightweight.


  • Large charger, nice case, and a comfortable wrench.

  • No cons as such, most of the users are satisfied.

Low-Cost Wrench

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5. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Impact Wrench

The Porter-cable offers 330 ft.-lbs of torque for heavy applications, is lightweight and balanced at 6.0 lbs with battery. Though we have quite expensive impact wrenches on the list this sits more reasonable.

The Max wrench is capable of driving large fasteners quickly with 1650 RPM. Also possesses a 1/2 Inch hog ring for quick and easy socket changes. We really appreciate the pro-grade Lithium-Ion battery which offers maximum performance and long life.

The chemical-resistant housing of the impact wrench keeps it safe for automotive friendly settings. Over mold grips offer ample comfort during use. This also offers a full variable speed trigger for precision control and comes with a short length measuring 9.9” front to back.

Best Features

  • Strong motor produces 260 feet pounds of torque for heavy applications.

  • Full variable speed trigger for added control.

  • Lightweight and balanced at 6.0 lbs with battery.

  • LED light for visibility in dark areas.

  • 1/2 Inch hog ring for quick and easy socket changes.

  • Maximum of 1,650 rpm’s for driving large fasteners quickly.


  • Not so powerful as the others on the list.

Selecting The Best Cordless Impact Wrench - Tips

A powered version of a wrench can be referred to as an impact wrench. This is mostly used in the world for automotive repair and loosen lug nuts of trucks or cars. Even they prove of great worth on a construction site, a repair project at home, or a building where you require high torque.

These gadgets surely reduce a person’s exertion otherwise you would have to loosen nut or bolts manually and that is impractical where heavy-duty tasks and large equipment pieces are involved.

Keep the under-mentioned parameters in mind if you want the best:

Motor Power/Torque Range & Adjustment

You may be disguised by the power aspect of the wrench you buy by misleading numbers. So, it becomes essential that you ensure the right torque range before you invest in the impact wrench for yourself.

The specifications need to be checked carefully as a tire of a car or a truck will require much more power than the disassembling or assembling of a shelving unit. Hence, go for a wrench that has all the tell-tales of robust construction.

best brushless impact driver

Drive Size

This size is named as: 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch. You might get confused as to buy what. The drive size which is mentioned on the cordless impact wrench will indicate the amount of torque you will receive for automotive usage.

This is simple mathematics, as more the drive size higher will be the torque. The ideal one is ½ inch. In comparison to others.

Higher RPM (Revolution Per Minute) & Higher IPM (Impacts Per Minute)

RPM is the measurement that lets you assess how fast your wrench operates. Whereas IPM shows how many times the hammer will strike the anvil in a minute (for all cordless, air, and electric impact drivers.)

Like the drive size the RPM and IPM also indicate more power when higher values.

Battery Type

Lithium-ion batteries are used in most of the modern-day batteries of cordless tools. In comparison with the nickel-cadmium batteries these charge faster and last longer. They are very helpful as the clutter is minimized and you remain conveniently versatile. Better to opt for a lithium-ion battery instead.

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Drill Voltage

When its drill power then it is measured by voltage. For changing tires the most popular option is 12V – 18V as for small household jobs 6V – 12V remains sufficient.

Heavy-duty drills will be somewhere around 24V – 36V. The experts recommend about 18V – 20V when you buy a cordless impact wrench for lug nuts.

Weight And Handling

Any tool won’t prove of good use until and unless you are able to handle it properly. A compact and lightweight tool comes with a huge yes and this way be it a DIYer or a professional, you will be able to use your wrench more frequently and for a longer duration.

Keeping a heavy drill in place will always be a pain though and will make your arms wear. So, for more maneuverability select a lighter tool.


Mostly, you will need hearing protection before you use an impact wrench, but to the neighbors loud noise could turn out to be quite annoying.

Higher noise decibel sounds could harm your hearing too, and lesser noise is always better. Though impact wrenches significantly make less or more noise. Hence, choose accordingly.


The standard warranty offered by most of the manufacturers is for two years (parts and labor on defective goods). You need to check it prior to your purchase as this greatly helps you to deal with any defects, repairs, maintenance, or replacement parts.

The more it is the more peace of mind you get.

The Summary

Before you make a final decision to buy …..Evaluate your needs first!!

The bare-bones model remains sufficient for a low-cost model, and for some heavy-duty torque invest in something tougher and stronger to get necessary power. All the categories have been listed with the best cordless impact wrenches, and you can choose one without any queries in mind.

We really like the Milwaukee 2767-22 Fuel High Torque and DEWALT Cordless Impact Wrench Kit and feel that and they are the best due to their amazing performance and features.

The others are great too, so just check the specifications thoroughly for your pick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is A Cordless Impact Wrench Capable To Remove Lug Nuts?

Ans1. The answer is yes! As the cordless impact wrenches are designed specifically for removing lug nuts and bolts. You just need to ensure that the wrench you buy will suit your specific task.

Q2. What Is The Ideal Torque Needed For An Impact Wrench?

Ans2. At least a torque power of 300 ft-lb is required for a cordless impact wrench. This will hugely help in removing stubborn or rusted lug nuts.

Q3. Where Should I Buy An Impact Wrench From?

Ans3. If you are not buying it from your local store nearby then ordering from Amazon is the wisest thing to do. You get a large selection base, honest customer reviews, and fast shipping as well.

Q4. What Is The Time Taken By A Charger To Charge A Battery Of A Cordless Impact Wrench?

Ans4. Every charger has a different capacity to offer from different brands. Just check the manufacturer’s specifications before you want that exact answer.

Q5. What Do You Mean By A Variable Trigger Speed?

Ans5. When the trigger is squeezed hard this results in faster spinning of the electric motor. Henceforth, additional power is created when you require it the most.

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