Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews Of 2020 – Top Picks With Comparison

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

Are You Looking for Best Fuel Injector Cleaner? The regular use of petrol or diesel can cause carbon deposits affecting your car’s efficiency. However, you can easily solve them by doing a fuel injection cleaning and that too, by yourself. I have cataloged some of the best fuel system cleaners available in the market. If you are researching for the first time or looking for something new, I hope this helps.

Bestselling Fuel Injector Cleaners Comparison Chart

  • Liqui Moly Jetron Fuel System Cleaner
  • Dimensions : 7.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 Inches
  • Gasoline/Diesel : Gasoline
  • Volume : 300 ml
  • Item Weight : 9.6 Ounces
  • BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner
  • Dimensions : 3 x 3 x 5 Inches
  • Gasoline/Diesel : Gasoline
  • Volume : 325 ml
  • Item Weight : 11.2 Ounces
  • Royal Purple Max
  • Dimensions : 2.6 x 2.6 x 9.7 Inches
  • Gasoline/Diesel : Gas or Diesel
  • Volume : 591 ml
  • Item weight : 1.2 Pounds
  • Lucas Fuel System Cleaner
  • Dimensions : 10.5 x 10.3 x 7.8 Inches
  • Gasoline/Diesel : Gasoline or Diesel
  • Volume : 473 ml
  • Item Weight : 5.9 Ounces
  • Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner
  • Dimensions : 9.4 x 3.5 x 3.3 Inches
  • Gasoline/Diesel : Gas
  • Volume : 591 ml
  • Item Weight : 3 Pounds

5 Top Rated Fuel Injector Cleaner and System Additives Reviews

Liqui Moly Jetron Fuel System Cleaner

Product Specifications:

  • Removes Carbon Deposits.

  • Suitable for catalytic converter engines.

  • Promotes fuel automization.

Essentially a German product, it was meant to be used on the more expensive German vehicles. While that’s the combination with the results, you can use it on other vehicles that run on gas as well. I can easily choose this as my personal favorite. Even if it’s a bit above my range, it is just effective enough to make up for the cost.

In-depth Review:

  • This is one of those system cleaners with multiple uses. It not only removes the carbon residues from fuel injectors but offers much more. It cleans out the fuel pipes, the inlet valves, and the fuel distributors as well. After suffering from not being able to start my car efficiently for months, I loved the way it smoothly operated after the first clean.

  • By inducing a smoother start, it further paves the way for a non-lean surging and good throttle response as well. Moreover, you can feel the difference in the way the car idles smoothly. Something I noticed about this cleaner was that, when I was cleaning out the fuel injector again, there were no carbon deposits. I can only assume that this not only removes the existing residue but prevents further accumulation as well. This contributes to the overall operation of the car.

  • You can get a perfect measure of the injector dose. Moreover, it enhances the atomization of the fuel, encouraging it to its utmost potential. For cars with catalytic engines, it is even more beneficial. It reduces fuel consumption significantly.

  • If you are environment conscious like me, I should tell you that this fuel system cleaner ensures the minimum pollution level as well. This way, the combustion is rendered safe to the environment.

  • The only downside I can see is that there are other fuel system cleaners which offer the same benefits at a lower range. This is slightly off-putting. Otherwise, regarding its effectiveness, I have no complaints.


  • Safe to use for the environment.
  • Enhances engine performance and a smooth start.
  • Cleans out the valves, fuel pipes and inlets as well.
  • Reduces further deposition of residue.
  • Encourages low fuel consumption.


  • A bit above the usual price range compared to other fuel system cleaners with similar potential.

Final Words:

I find it better, in the long run, to use a good fuel injector cleaner even if I have to spend more. It is better than spending excessively on fuel or car maintenance later on. In fact, this fuel system cleaner is even preferred by professionals. And the effort required is less as well. I don’t need to remove the fuel injector for cleaning. So you can easily try it out at home and save the cost of car servicing for such a minor issue.

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner 2

Product Specifications:

  • Works only on gasoline engines.

  • Contains zero alcohol.

  • Restores the engine performance.

  • Compatible with all fuel system materials.

I did not find too much of a difference between the quality of this good fuel system cleaner and the Liqui Moly Jetron. You can try either or both. Most professionals prefer this BG 44K fuel system cleaner. However, I would only recommend this if your engine fuel is gasoline.

In-depth Review:

  • This one too works on valves, combustion chambers and the entire fuel system along with the fuel injector. So you have the entire package right there. It effectively removes carbon deposits and improves the efficiency of the vehicle.

  • Every time I access a new gas station, there is no guarantee that the gasoline I use would be pure. This accumulated impurity will obviously lead to clogging of the injector. A clogged injector means inefficiency in combustion and inconsistent ignition. The BG 44K does not let the apertures in the engine to build up the residues and impurities in the fuel.

  • I did not face any engine surge or slow ignition when using this fuel injector cleaner. There was no power loss or stumbling either. In fact, it enhanced the power by leaps. The cleaner itself is non-alcoholic. I could inject it directly into the tank. There was less fuel consumption as well.

  • The key to getting the most out of it is to let it mix well. I suggest you take a short drive at a fast speed just after pouring the fuel system cleaner. It gets more effective with the amount of time it remains in the tank. The drive would ensure (after you turn down the engine) that the deposits in the entire fuel system are dissolved. When you next start the car, you will feel the difference.

  • The only thing I found inconvenient was the card funnel. I had to get a longer plastic one while pouring the fuel injector cleaner into the tank.


  • Enhances ignition.
  • Enhances power.
  • Cleans the entire fuel system.
  • Easy to use.
  • Increases fuel mileage.


  • You will probably need a longer plastic funnel to pour it in.
  • Works only on gasoline based vehicles.

Final Words:

While I do not use this cleaner often, it is one of my favorites. It works like a charm, and I don’t have to deal with annoying stuff like rough idling or a stuttering ignition. It does have some limitations. But if your car is gasoline based, I would recommend that you give it a try. You don’t even have to ask for professional help. It is very convenient and easy.

Royal Purple Max Clean

Product Specifications:

  • Works on gasoline, diesel, etc.

  • Reduces Hydrocarbon, NOx, CO emissions.

  • Reduces deposits.

  • Enhances horsepower.

While being more affordable, this is pretty effective as well. The advantage is that it works with all kinds of fuels. So whatever car you own, the chances are that this is going to suit you perfectly.

In-depth Review:

  • It is a good diesel injector cleaner because as I mentioned, it does not have any affixed fuel. It can work with anything starting from diesel or gas. Even if you have turbocharged, supercharged or naturally-aspirated engines, it will work well for you. Besides that, it is useful for reducing a lot of emissions.

  • I think emission control is really important and I would always choose a fuel system cleaner that includes that in its features.  This cleaner too is primarily focused on cleaning carbon deposits. It safeguards your fuel system from excessive corrosion or oxidation.

  • That comes with all its advantages like smooth idling and stalling or hesitations and even prevents spark-plug fouling. Not just that, you can now have less engine knocking or pinging. These are usually the effects of too much carbon deposition.

  • It significantly reduces your fuel economy as well. I was introduced to this through my friend, and he was very happy with this fuel system cleaners. It increases the horsepower of your vehicle. And you don’t need to exercise much patience for the results either. I noticed the change in my friend’s car right after the first use.

  • The fuel injector cleaner cleans out the fuel system and the combustion chamber. It does not matter if your engine is old. It will work the same and produce the same results as on a brand new engine.

  • However, it does have a downside. While it does your work, there are many who have claimed that other fuel system cleaners might do a better job.


  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Evens idling and prevents stalling.
  • Prevents corrosion and oxidation.
  • Increases horsepower.
  • Works fast.


  • Another fuel system cleaners may produce a better result.

Final Words:

I was quite impressed with this one. It is effective enough for a good drive. However, like I said, it could be better. But the good thing is, it is affordable compared to other fuel system cleaners in its range. So, it is a good deal. You need to use the entire content into the tank for it to take effect. And it works for 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. As I mentioned, it is versatile on all counts.

Lucas Fuel System Cleaner

Product Specifications:

  • Neutralizes low-sulfur fuel issues.

  • Burns exhaust emissions.

  • Protects the pump injector.

  • Contains no solvent.

This is a very versatile product, and it is easy to use. It saved me lot of time and maintenance cost. The unique feature is that it is even safe, unlike most fuel system cleaners. I needed just four ounces for 13 gallons in my fuel tank.

In-depth Review:

  • We all require being a bit careful with fuel system cleaners. As good as it is for our car, it is certainly not the same for our health. However, this fuel injector cleaners takes that into consideration. It is free of solvents or any such harmful substances as well.

  • This fuel system cleaners, like the previous one, works on both diesel and gasoline engines. So you don’t need to worry about whether it will suit your car or not. It is very effective. Made of slick oils and detergent, it lubricates the entire fuel system. It further decomposes the accumulated residue in the injector. It enhances the fuel usage, effectively reducing fuel consumption as well.

  • A mechanic told me that I could use this on my older vehicles as well. If you have an older vehicle that specifically required lead-based fuel, I would particularly recommend this product. This fuel system cleaner replicates the effect of leaded fuels, but the negative effects are eliminated. If you had purchased an old bottle and left it on your shelf, you can use it now. This stuff does not expire and lasts just about forever.

  • It drastically reduces emissions. In fact, I could confidently pass a smog test after using this fuel injector cleaner. My ride was smooth as well, and I had no problems starting the car. There was no stalling or hesitation. It significantly increased the mileage as well.

  • However while it serves a variety of purposes, it is not that effective a fuel injector cleaner. That’s the only arena where it lags behind to some extent.


  • Increases mileage.
  • Reduces emissions and fuel consumption.
  • Works on diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Lubricates the fuel pipe.
  • Can be used on older car varieties.


  • Nothing in particular. It is good but not the perfect money can buy.

Final Words:

While there may be better fuel system cleaners out there, this one is the epitome of all round effectiveness. It is easy, convenient and increases the lifespan of your fuel system. And it is so versatile, and it does deliver on other areas as well. I liked the lubrication it offers. That is something many fuel injector cleaners do not come up with. But this one was really good in that area. Just for that, you can give it a try.

Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Product Specifications:

  • Cleans the entire fuel system.

  • Restores operation of fuel gauge sensor.

  • Can be used for 3000 miles.

  • Works on Polyether Amine.

This is specifically meant for cleaning out the gunk from your car’s fuel system. It is recognized as the best fuel injector cleaner of Chevron as well. It is powerful and is preferred by all car enthusiasts and even professionals. In fact, it was specifically advised by several mechanics.

In-depth Review:

  • It uses the patented Polyether Amine. Like I said, the gas you fill may not be pure enough all the time. The hydrocarbon and ethanol it contains may result in said deposits. This product, used in cleaners, is very effective in cleaning out residues. When I looked it up, I bought it particularly for this ingredient.

  • Not only does this work on the injector, but also the entire fuel system. At the same time, it cleans out the valves and the combustion chamber. I find this feature beneficial in fuel injector cleaner and usually opt for those that offer it.

  • It deducts the fuel consumption and reduces a lot of expenditure that way. It further reduces engine surges and hesitation. And to top it off, it cuts down of rough idling as well. It maintains fuel consistency for about a year too. This is a feature unique to Techron. I did not find this in any other fuel system cleaner. It enhances the power usage of your vehicle. And it prevents fouling. Moreover, it improved the car’s cold start performance.

  • All-together, this is meant to improve your driving experience into a smoother ride. Chevron is a well-known brand, and I was excited to try out this fuel system cleaner. It did not disappoint me and delivered all that it claimed. I used to inject it every time I filled my tank. It has little to no downsides. Most people who use Chevron fall in love. And I was no exception. You just need to take good care of your engine and keep it in shape. I found no disadvantages to using this product.


  • Maintains fuel consistency for about a year.
  • Gives a smooth ride for about 3000 miles.
  • Improves cold start performance.
  • Saves fuel expenditure.
  • Enhances power.


  • No such noticeable con.

Final Words:

I found this fuel system cleaner effective. It offers a lot of unique features. I always keep a bottle of this stuff in my garage as it is one my favorites. Like I said, it made driving all the better. I could even run a solid 3000 miles without a fresh injection, as long as my fuel lasted. I felt like I was driving a brand new purchase on my five-year-old sedan. I would recommend this as you don’t have to compromise on many fields like in other cleaners.

How To Choose Your Top Quality Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Because of so many options out there, it’s easy to get a bit lost about what to buy. As with everything, these too come in a plethora of varieties with new advanced features. I will provide you with what’s available, and you can decide what’s best fuel additive for your vehicle. A system cleaner is more or less a solvent that that cleans the gas pump, fuel lines and of course, the fuel injector.

  • There are three varieties. Polyisobutene is meant for getting rid of moisture from your fuel lines. It is alcohol based and dilutes the water, which burns out without any residue. But it will not help you with the residue accumulated in your car engine.

  • For the deposits, you have Polyether Amine. This nitrogen based cleaner breaks down the carbon residue and dilutes it with the fuel. They are later released through the exhaust. The best part is that these can endure higher temperatures and stays intact even when the engine is revving at its highest.

  • Another type of the deposits would be the Polyisobutylene Amine. This too is alcohol based but not as effective as the former. Used in large amounts, it does break down the residue. But you need to inject it several times, and it cannot withstand high temperatures either.

  • Now, while reading through the ingredients of your cleaner, you might notice that there are several other chemicals added to the mix. Whatever maybe there, make sure that either of these three is present in it. You will achieve your result using the minimum amount of product this way.

  • While you are primarily searching for something to clean out the injector, fuel injector cleaners much more than just that. You can buy one that cleans the valves, the stream engine, combustion chamber and more. Moreover, it should aid in enhancing the mileage and reduce emissions as well. Make sure that the fuel system cleaner is pure. Otherwise, while it may clean out the carbon residues, it will, in turn, deposit chemical ones. You don’t need that.

Benefits of Using Right Fuel Injector & System Cleaner

  • Is it not annoying to deal with a blocked or leaky fuel injector? I find it so too. But yes, that’s what happens when you don’t clean it regularly. It might be because of residual deposits of the fuel you use, collecting on the tip of your injector. Or it can be because of rust or even overheating.

  • You get a reduced output out of your vehicle. As if that’s not enough, it takes multiple attempts to start your car as well even if you are using heavy duty car battery . When your car’s emission level increases, you waste more fuel.

  • Not only does regular maintenance gets rid of these problems, but they also offer you further benefits as well. You can drastically reduce your fuel consumption. The gas you use can be used to its fullest as well. The fuel is delivered properly. If you can do the cleaning yourself and avoid a mechanic, it gets even better.

  • Not just that, you can extend the longevity of your fuel injector through periodic cleaning. You can feel the difference in your vehicle’s engine after a clean. You get an enhanced idling and throttle response. Further, your cranking period is reduced. If your car is relatively new, it won’t make much of a difference, though. But that’s because it didn’t yet have the time to build up enough carbon deposits to hamper your ride. Try it on your older vehicle, and you will know what I am talking about.

How To Use Fuel Additive

The Final Note:

I hope that these fuel injector cleaner reviews was enough to help you in your choice. The best fuel injector cleaner is your biggest factor as to how well your car engine runs.

My advice is to consider what your needs first, whether you need to get rid of the deposits or moisture and choose the right engine oil additive according to the ingredients. My reviews concentrate on removing the deposits because that is the major problem that afflicts a car owner. However, if you want something that removes moisture, you can look it up and get something that suits your needs.

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