Best Jack Stands 2019 – Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Car jacks are typically meant for raising a load. If you intend to get some work done on your car –something like replacing a flat, or getting minor on-road or in-garage maintenance work – you need to prop the vehicle up on sturdy and solid jack stands. This will lend the stability required to keep the vehicle in a safe and stationary position while repairs or replacements are being made. It is important to understand the need for this important tool. A jack stand is intended to raise the load, while a stand is placed beneath the load. It is not meant to keep the load raised. This is why in some instances an old, used or improperly maintained jack will give way under a load. Choose from five of the best jack stands that we have profiled here to get one that suits your requirements.

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How Are Jack Stand Rated?

style="text-align: justify;">Stands are rated for the load carrying capacity. Here, it is important to note that the rated capacity of a jack stand typically denotes the combined weight that a pair of stands can support. It does not indicate the weight that can be supported by a single stand. So, when you shop for a stand, you need to bear two things in mind. One, the weight of the car that you own.Two, the rated capacity of a pair of stands. This way you will be able to choose the from the best car jack stands that will reliably hold the dry weight of your car without giving way.

Our Reviews For The Top Rated Jack Stands

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Torin 3 Ton Jack Stand

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  • A pair of heavy-duty steel jack stands
  • Double locking pawl and tooth design
  • Lifting Range: 11.22″-16.7″
  • 3 ton capacity

jack stands reviewsFeatures

  • Pricing – At 23.88$ for a pair, you should find yourself happy with this solid pair of stands that stand firm and unshakeable, even over extended periods.
  • Extension Height –The height extension ranges from 11 to 16” and this will take care of most vehicles, permitting easy replacement of flats and maintenance.
  • Rated Weight Support – 6000 lbs between a pair of stands that do not weight too much renders it an impressive quality.
  • Base Dimensions – With base dimensions of 6 x 7 inches, this jack stand is formidable and reliable.


  • Weighs less than 15 pounds but holds up 3 tons between the pair
  • Impressive safety feature, lends assurance when undertaking repairs
  • Welding quality is good and trustworthy


  • Better coat of paint to prevent rusting

Leader By Right

Compact, strong, heavy duty and reliable. This is what you get for 24$. It makes the cut easily and will last long.


Torin 6 To

Torin 6 Ton Jack Stand

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  • Superior-grade steel
  • Double-lock technology with safety pin design
  • Iron ratchet bar provides precise adjustments

6 ton aluminum jack standsFeatures

  • Pricing – You will not hesitate to shell out 62.16$ after you read the specifications.  This is the big brother of the leader and fits a different segment.
  • Extension Height –You get to raise the height from 15 to 23 inches, which is quite adequate, considering the weight of support.
  • Rated Weight Support – 6 tons or 12000 lbs is not a small feat, and this beast does it without a wobble.
  • Base Dimensions – Base dimensions of 6.5” x 7.25” inches give it a firm and wide stance rendering stability to the propped vehicle.


  • Safety is always of paramount concern in a stand, and special features allay all fears
  • The large saddle area ensures that slipping concerns are addressed
  • The bonus compliance of ASME PALD standards makes it a good product


  • Finish could do with a relook to appear shining and new.

A Close Second

In an altogether different category from the first, this is a good one, with just the price taking the sting out of it.