Best Jumper Cables With Reviews, Ratings & Comparison Chart of 2020

Best Jumper cable

Are you looking for the jumper cables? We often get too complacent with the feeling that ‘it can never happen to us.’ Nothing can be farther from the truth. Situations can happen to anyone, and you need to get out of it real fast. Here is our list of five of the best jumper cables that will help you out of a tight spot.

The Best Jumper Cables Table Chart

Armed with reviews, you can choose from the top 5 automotive jumper cables and then decide where to buy solid copper cables and hook your drained batteries with a good one, if you ever find yourself stranded.

  • Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables 16 Ft Booster
  • Dimensions : 12.2 x 12.2 x 3.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 11.2 ounces
  • Brand : Energizer
  • Portable
  • 20 Foot Jumper Battery Cables – 400 AMP Booster Cable Kit
  • Dimensions : 12.5 x 12.1 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight : 5.6 pounds
  • Brand : Iron Forge Tools
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Cartman Booster Car Jumper Cables 10 Gauge 12 Feet
  • Dimensions : 9.4 x 9.1 x 2.7 inches
  • Item Weight : 2.4 pounds
  • Brand : Cartman
  • low temperature resistance
  • Performance Tool W1673 20′, 500 AMP All Weather
  • Dimensions : 13 x 4 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight : 6.4 ounces
  • Brand : Performance Tool
  • Size : 4GA x 20' (600 AMP)
  • Professional Booster Heavy Duty Jumper Cables 1 Gauge 25 ft 800 AMP
  • Dimensions : 16 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Item Weight : 8.25 pounds
  • Brand : Unique Imports
  • Rust Resistant - Heavy Duty Clips

Top 5 Best Jumper Cables Reviews

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery

Let’s look the specs over before we look at other aspects.

  • 4 Gauge 16 Ft. booster battery cables.

  • Copper Clad Aluminum.

  • Compatible with top and side post batteries.

  • Tangle-free cables stay flexible at -40°C.

  • 400A heavy duty injection clamps with PP.


Pricing –At the offered price, this is a good buy. Considering the quality of the clamps and the cables, you get your money’s worth.

Clamp Gripping Quality –The clamps grip nicely, making this a good one to have on the road.

Safety – The insulation is of good quality; therefore, this is a safe product to have and use.

Stowing Away – The product comes with a cardboard casing and carrying grip, making it handy to stow after use.


  • Firm clamp grip.
  • Superior insulation.
  • Good quality cables.


  • Could have come with a bag instead of a rigid cardboard case.

Featured On Top:

This makes it to the top of the list of the good quality jumper cables by virtue of overall good quality.

20 Foot Jumper Battery Cables

The specs and the prices make this a good choice, lets first see whats on offer.

  • Suitable for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and SUVs.

  • Free from tangles.

  • Fade free color codes.

  • 20 Ft long, 4 Gauge, 400 AMPs, CCA Construction, ETL Listed.

  • Lifetime Warranty.


Pricing –With a lifetime warranty, this is undoubtedly a good choice if you are willing to spend a few bucks more.

Clamp Gripping Quality –Firm grip, solid performance.

Safety – Assurance of safety, backed by the brand reputation.

Stowing Away – Nice carrying case, offers convenience for neatly stowing after use.


  • Superior quality across all aspects.
  • Safety during use.
  • Lifetime warranty makes it a great choice.


  • The markings need to be more accurate to prevent confusion.

Coming In At Second:

It follows the leader, mainly on account of the five dollar pricing difference.

Cartman Booster Car Jumper

In the category of light duty, let’s first go through the specifications.

  • Top and side post batteries compatible.

  • 200Amp use – for use with mid-size cars.

  • CCA (Copper Coated Aluminium).

  • Nice twice grip design.

  • TPR material of cable, low-temperature resistance (-25C/-13F).


Pricing –It scores high on the pricing. A good midway choice for car owners.

Clamp Gripping Quality –The grip is excellent and enhanced with the twice grip design.

Safety – Surprisingly good at a budget pricing.

Stowing Away – Cute little carrying case comes with a handy glove – a thoughtful addition.


  • Overall good quality.
  • T-Prene coated cables offer great flexibility.
  • Thoughtful design elements such as shielded surface and gloves.


  • The case could be a little more compact, presently it has an ill-fitting baggy look.

Strong Reasons For Being The Third On The List:

This is certainly one of the highly rated products that are priced perfect, with good quality.

Performance Tool W1673

Lets dive direct into the specifications.

  • Heavy Duty – full size trucks, vans, SUVs.

  • Color coded clamps for easy identification.

  • Rubber coated tangle-free cables.

  • Copper jaw clamps.

  • 20 Foot, 500 AMP/600 Peak.


Pricing –It does not qualify as a product that is priced cheaply, however, it is an heavy duty model and prices go higher with end uses.

Clamp Gripping Quality –Rugged quality lends confidence while using.

Safety – Suitable for use without safety apprehensions.

Stowing Away – No options. You need to make your own arrangements.


  • Length of cable.
  • Robust quality.
  • Rubber coating and flexibility.


  • A case would have made it easier to cart around.

Strong At Number 4:

Price sometimes becomes a reason for ratings, despite the good quality and this is a classic exampled of a heavy-duty product faring nicely on all counts.

Professional Booster Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

A heavyweight among the heavy-duty models, take a look at what it offers

  • 25 Foot – 1 Gauge – 800 AMP.

  • Tangle-Free Cords.

  • Color-Coded Cables and Clamps.

  • Temperature Resistant Shielding.

  • Rust Resistant – Heavy Duty Clips.


Pricing –It may appear stiff, but it packs in superior quality for every buck.

Clamp Gripping Quality –Rust-resistant clamps are truly rugged and firm.

Safety – Dependable and trustworthy.

Stowing Away – A bonus bag comes with the purchase.


  • Shielding qualities.
  • Superior material and color coding.
  • Durability.


  • The clamps are a tad too small when in open position.

A Natural At Number Five:

This is a product that comes in at five mainly because of the pricing. It scores big on all other factors.We trust that our review of the jumper cables will help you in buying the best beat, auto, and solid copper ones across all categories from good2 gauge too long 30 ft models.

Things To Remember Before Buying Heavy Duty Jumper Cables

Now that we are done with the review, you need to know how to go about choosing one that is suitable to meet your needs.

  • Brand Reputation

    Brand reputation certainly helps, but only to an extent. When it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, a brand whose products you have used earlier, and one that enjoys a good reputation is certainly, a good one to trust. However, as new brands hit the market, you should weigh other factors.

  • Length Of Cable

    For smaller cars, you can opt for cables of lesser length. But if you need a cable for a truck, an ATV or anything that has a bigger wheelbase or bonnet height, you need to look at lengthier cables.

  • Color Coding

    The clamps need to be color-coded, because of the simple reason that you need to connect the right cable+clamp to the right terminal, or you may end up frying your cables. Choose a product that has color codes for the clamps.

  • Grip Of Clamps

    The clamp should have a firm grip that snaps into place. Additionally, if you are looking at heavy-duty stuff, you need to have claws that open nice and full.

  • Weather Proof

    It pays to have products that withstand the vagaries of weather. Rusted clamps are definitely a no-no, therefore, choose a product that is weatherproof.

  • Cable Coatings That Will Not Make The Cable Become Brittle

    Cables with coatings that prevent the cable from turning brittle are a good choice. T-Prene and all rubber is a good choice to look for. This will automatically prevent tangling of the cables.

How To Use Jumper Cables

How To Take The Final Call

Understand Your Need – The type of vehicle you possess, know your budget and look at the expected life of the product, to see if it meets your requirements. Check out the cons first, before you look at the pros, and compare specifications between shortlisted products and choose the best jumper cable before you make a final call.

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