Best Navigation Apps – 11 Apps That Direct You To The Right Places

The absence of a good navigation app can sometimes make us feel lost.

These little marvels of technology have made life a lot easier for us, guiding us out of traffic snarls, and helping us plot the fastest route to a destination.

These little game changers in the world of travel are loaded with features that make driving a lot safer, especially if it is out of town or to a new location.


Here is the lowdown on the 5 top navigation apps that help to take us to the right places. Do not miss out the features comparison table at the end of this write up.

Navigation App #1


With Waze, you will truly find convenience packed into the apps. Apps that are plain jane ones are easy to find. You can easily get a simple route indicator. But finding one that offers a lot more value with thoughtful features is important to get the most out of the apps.

Waze App

What’s So Good With Waze?

  • It offers real time updates from other Waze users. Which means that you will know if the route you intend to take will be clear or a quick commute, or if you are going to get into a bad traffic snarl.
  • Rerouting is a breeze with this app, charting an alternate route, avoiding the jams.
  • It is integrated with other popular search engines to help you locate places of particular interest.
  • You get a taste of the basics of machine learning, as this good GPS app makes a note of your preferred routes for routine trips and makes suggestions accordingly.
  • It does a reverse calculation for you, helping you to schedule your departure so as to reach your destination at a particular time specified by you.

What’s Missing?

  • If you are a cyclist and are looking for cycling tracks to take you around, this is not the app or you.
  • You need to be connected all the time. If you plan to make use of the app offline, you may not find this helpful.

What’s Our Take?

Go for it. The few cons notwithstanding, this is a good one to have. Especially considering the fact that you can update your contacts automatically about the time you expect reach, this is a good turn-by-turn navigation app to have in a connected world. And with connectivity grids improving globally, you really should not be concerned about going offline or online.

Navigation App #2

Google Maps

This one needs no introduction, and is the one that brought good navigation apps into focus. It has made navigation as simple as tapping a location on the integrated maps and wait for the little turn by turn instructions to come on screen and over the speakers.

Google Maps App

The best part of Google Maps is the timing. A seamless wonder, you will find the prompts coming just at the right time. And with the added options of saving offline maps or future use, you really have no reason to get lost, if you have made use of the features.

What’s Go Great About Google Maps?

  • Well, it is far ahead of the others, in terms of features and seamless functions.
  • It is loaded with all the features, traffic reports, cycling routes, offline and plans.
  • Part of a large ecosystem of Google apps and software. As it is a part of the suite of apps, you get a heads up with a range of features, and you can actually look forward to exciting add ons as other GPS apps come on board.

What’s Missing?

  • It lags in terms of not forwarding your ETA to contacts, or doing a reverse calculation, to help you plan your journey.
  • You need to be on top of the maps, updating them before they expire every month.

Our Take?

Definitely worth downloading. You really have nothing to lose. Get going easily, and without the fear of downloading an app from an unknown entity. The future of this will only get better with more features getting integrated.

Navigation App #3

Co-Pilot GPS

This is a pretty interesting GPS navigation app, provided you are willing to spend a little on it. If you ever get the feeling that you may not be online all the time, and you may need an offline navigation assistant, then surely this is the one, aptly titled.

Co-Pilot GPS App

Get the stuff downloaded on your device once, and you’re done. You need not really bother about getting online to navigate. This app shows two approaching turns, making your driving a lot more easier and planned. And re-routing is definitely one of the best features on this app, that quickly plots an alternate route for you, if you ever lose a turn.

So, What’s Good With The Co-Pilot GP?

  • To begin with, it is offline, that is a huge difference – your battery will not drain alarmingly.
  • It shows cycling routes as well as walking routes.
  • You get traffic updates, which keep you alerted at all times.
  • Simple and uncluttered interface that does not distract you.

What’s Not So Great About It?

  • Well, you need to pay for it.
  • If you do not foresee yourself travelling to a location where there is no internet, then you could look at other free options.

What’s Our Take?

This is difficult to answer. Overall, this is a good one to have, but it depends on your driving requriements. If you are the type who goes to a lot of places, new places, then yes, you need it. You may never know when you will find yourself in a location with poor connectivity.

Navigation App #4


This one more or less caters to users who hit the trails and outdoors. It is more of an app to help you navigate in places where others do not travel as a matter of routine.So, if you are the type who goes hiking, or if you are travelling across difficult terrain, this one is suitable.

Komoot App

Of course, you will have to spend a little on getting these offline maps that are pretty detailed and in-depth focusing on specific regions.

Why This Finds Mention Here?

  • For starters, it caters to a very niche segment, offering navigation or hiking, biking and mountain trails.
  • It is offline, which means you really need not worry about being in a connected area. You are free to go where you wish to, with Komoot in tow, or the other way round.
  • Advance information about the nature of the terrain, and the difficulties you are likely to encounter.
  • Inputs from other users of the app makes it feature rich.

Why Some May Not Find It Suitable?

  • The prices. You pay for every map you use, after the first free usage.
  • By virtue of being a specific area map, it covers a relatively smaller area.

Our Opinion?

If you are a die hard fan of the outdoors, then money will not come in the way of having a good time. And the USP of this product is the recommendations it offers to help you improve your fitness levels with each trip you take.

Navigation App #5

InRoute Route Planner

This is an incredibly simple and amazingly feature rich app. This turn by turn navigation app helps a user to plan a trip with stops in between in the right locations.

InRoute Route Planner App

All that you need to do is key in the number of halts and the app will make intelligent recommendations for you. The premium paid version takes the features higher. Make use of the intuitive app to choose a route that is the most uncomplicated and fastest to reach a location. The GPS app lets you be in control over your choices, while offering the best suggestions, taking over when permitted.

Standout Features That Merit A Look?

  • Intuitive features help to make your ride the most fuel efficient.
  • The intelligent planning option will help you plan your refilling with greater convenience.
  • Loaded with features that make it easy to plan a trip to touch multiple locations in the most convenient and fastest route.

Why It Could Do With Some Additions?

  • You need to be online to enjoy all the features.
  • It does not offer updates on the traffic ahead of you.
  • It does not offer users with cycle route information.

Our Take?

If you need an assistant to help you plan your travel smoothly, then this one is the app you need to have. Pay a little more and you will be able to sit back and drive, without having to worry where to stop, either to fill your tank or where to get off the interstate for a snack or a meal.

Navigation App #6

SYGIC GPS Navigation

Packed with a load of features, this is one app that evokes mixed reactions. Despite the number of features, it is a tad too complex to handle.

SYGIC GPS Navigation App

However, it makes the cut to this list mainly because of the features it comes with. Since it is an offline app, it is worth a look for users who expect to be offline at places they travel.

What Makes It A Good App?

  • It runs excellently in offline mode, and you can never tell the difference.
  • Clear 2D and 3D display, making it easy to discern indications easily while driving
  • Updated traffic alerts make this a useful tool when commuting in a hurry
  • It has a heads up display, making it easy to follow without taking eyes off the road

What Needs To Be Changed ?

  • Certainly not very user friendly, requires many inputs
  • Tiny notifications on screen make it a challenge to take advantage of the D and 3D display
  • Too much of chatter from the audio notifications

What’s Our Opinion?

You could give it a shot, considering that barring the world map, everything is free and it is offline. Another feature is the  input about speed camera locations, which helps to warn users on the need to stay within speed limits and out of the long arm of the highway patrol.

The best navigation app should definitely not come with too many bells and whistles, if you are mainly concerned about arriving at your destination fast and safe. This does it with great efficiency.

What’s Nice About This App?

  • The simple interface, for starts makes it a breeze to use.
  • Inputs from other app users offers timely warnings.
  • Great speed, regardless of online or offline status, thereby helping seamless use.

Why It Could Do With A Little Bit Of Additional Features?

  • Additional useful features are charged
  • Road representation is a little off mark
  • Cannot rely on audio notifications as it is not comprehensive

What’s Our Verdict?

It is a good app to have. If you want additional features, all you need to do is spend a reasonable  additional amount and you get features that are comparable with the best. Worth a download.

Once you get going, you will find that this app has all that you have wanted. With a few unique features, it stands out from the rest, despite its price tag.

What’s So Unique About Features?

  • A repeat of instructions is simple, achieved by a light tap on a part of the screen.
  • A choice of many route options are displayed, making it easy to drive to destination.
  • Quick rebound for a rerouting, in case you overshot an intersection.

What It Could Do With?

  • The price tag could be a put down for individuals who hesitate to fork out hefty sums for a navigator
  • The interface could be a lot more uncluttered. At present it is a tad too confusing
  • The color scheme could do with some reworking of combination

What We Think About It?

If you do not mind paying for it, shelling out money for map updates at periodic intervals, then yes, this one will certainly take you to your destination quickly. The additional features of integration with Foursquare make driving a lot more interesting.

Navigation App #9


This is one app that gives the user more power than the usual map apps. With many features that give most of the apps a run for their money, this is one app that is certainly one of the hottest to have when you are at the wheels.

MapQuest App

What’s So Hot About It?

  • Zoom full screen and with a mouse wheel, making it easy to take a closer look
  • Add locations that you actually come across, without having to all back on original data
  • Change routes and fix errors, to prevent mistakes in your next trip.

What Takes The Shine Off It ?

  • The ads are annoying. Who really wants to negotiate through annoying ads?
  • The required input makes it a chore to submit a request
  • Glitches in pinpointing locations

MapQuest has released a version for iPhone users in addition to the Android version, making it a well rounded option for drivers who look for a good GPS navigation app. If you can put up with ads, then yes, you will get around to liking this app.

Navigation App #10


This is an easy to use app, with adequate features that make it easy to drive and reach a destination in the shortest possible time in the easiest route. The features, while remaining pretty much the same as with other apps, differs in terms of its simplicity.

Mapfactor Turn-By-Turn App

What Makes This Worthy?

  • As an offline app, it certainly offers good features or drivers.
  • Updated maps make it easy to stay on top of the route.
  • Easy, intuitive assistance throughout route.

What Could Make It Better?

  • Could do with a patch or fix, as the app has crashed for many while in use
  • Is sometimes not compatible with all devices, making it a bad choice for users with different devices
  • Sometimes response speed is a but slow, taking the edge out of the app.

Our Take?

As a free and offline app, this certainly is a good download – as long as you do not happen to be in possession of some of the devices that have problems of compatibility. The feature rich app works nicely offline most of the time, making it a good app to have.

Navigation App #11

GPS Essentials

An ideal navigation app or individuals who travel overseas and would love to know more about the locations. This is one app that is typically considered as a good non-driving app. Maybe it has got to do with the act that it offers information about the Latitude and Longitude in addition to the Altitude.

GPS Essentials Navigation App

What’s Great About This App?

  • Great dashboard makes it pretty easy to read off important data
  • Thoughtful little compass, makes it a great feature on devices that do not have one
  • Simple navigation assistance makes it a breeze to use.

What Needs To Be Done To Make It Better

  • Needs a few fixes to remove wrong inputs that are difficult to correct
  • Maps need to load a lot more faster. Can be trying at times
  • Lagging behind in user friendliness.

Our Recommendations?

It has made it to our list of top navigation apps because of many features it sports. Despite the few glitches in loading and user friendliness, on the overall, it is a good app to download. If you happen to be the outdoors type and would love to have an app during a hike, then this could be the one that you are looking for.

The world of navigation apps have changed quite a bit when compared to the initial days of compasses and other basic devices. Today there are a number of devices and technologies which could help in navigating through very tough and difficult terrains and even in the worst of weather conditions. You will certainly get best value car battery and much more

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