Best Octane Booster Reviews In 2020

Looking for the best Octane Booster? One of the most important factors that ensure the smooth functioning of our car is an octane booster. If you are into car racing, you will know that this is necessary to ease the process of combustion. I decided to review five of my favorite octane boosters in this article. If you are trying to test out something other than your usual stuff, I hope that this helps in your research.

Top Selling Octane Boosters On The Market

  • Torco Octane Booster Accelerator
  • Dimensions : 10 x 7 x 11 Inches
  • Volume : 32 oz.
  • Item Weight : 11 Pounds
  • Klotz Octane Booster
  • Dimensions : 11.5 x 7.5 x 5 Inches
  • Volume : 128 oz.
  • Item Weight : 8.1 Pounds
  • Royal Purple Max-Boost
  • Dimensions : 8 x 2.4 x 2.3 Inches
  • Volume : 16 oz.
  • Item weight : 1.1 Pound
  • Lucas Octane Booster
  • Dimensions : 10.5 x 10.4 x 7.8 Inches
  • Volume : 15 oz. Each
  • Item Weight : 12 Pounds
  • 104+ Octane Booster
  • Dimensions : 9 x 4 x 2.5 Inches
  • Volume : 16 oz.
  • Item Weight : 13.6 Ounces

5 Best Rated Octane Booster Reviews

Torco Octane Booster Accelerator

Product Specifications:

  • Race fuel concentrate.

  • Can increase the octane level to 105 if you want.

  • Maximum efficiency level.

  • Customize it to fit your car.

I would happily classify Torco as the best octane booster on this list. Torco accelerator actually works as it claims, which is far from what I can say about some products. It is ideal for those who will use it on a racing vehicle. But that’s not exclusive. So whatever you own, it will work just as well.

In-depth Analysis:

  • Okay, so first and foremost, the most lucrative feature is that you can customize the blend to your needs. Yep, so all those worries about buying something to suit your needs is relevant with this. If you are new to octane boosters and confused about what to get, get this one. Apart from that, you can control the efficiency level that it generates, and it uses as well. It is very versatile and can be suited to your personal preferences.

  • You can easily score a 105 rating or at least a 100 with this. This, I can tell you, is truly exceptional. This helps with obtaining maximum efficiency. Usually, 87 to 98 will be more than you will require. And you can get a fuel boost in the horsepower as well.

  • And it is very good at ensuring that your engine works at its best. Even if you do not want to fill up the tank with race gas, this makes the vehicle run at the optimum level, easily.

  • As a caution, don’t expose the contents to sunlight. It is very sensitive and thus comes in a metal packaging. Sunlight can potentially ruin the blend.

  • Moreover, it may cause skin allergies if it comes in contact. So I would recommend wearing gloves beforehand.

  • However, you may have some difficulties if you are using an older model. It didn’t work out that well on my dad’s car. So I would suggest that you go for it if you have a newer car to achieve maximum results.


  • Increases horsepower.
  • Safe for sensitive engines.
  • Versatile.
  • Maximum engine efficiency.
  • Best suited for new cars.


  • Cannot be used on old cars.
  • Causes skin allergies.

Final Verdict:

Whatever flaws this may have, it is not related to its effectiveness. With a bit of caution, you can get the maximum out of it. My car has a sensitive engine, and this octane booster is perfectly safe for the 02 sensors. I have it from a source that no motorist has ever been disappointed with this. So, I would recommend this for anyone. If you want something other than what you usually buy, just see if this works out.

Klotz Octane Booster

Product Specifications:

  • Increases octane rating by 10.

  • Contains Tetraethyl.

  • Injector and Carburetor Cleaner.

  • Absorbs moisture.

Let me rave about the brand first. Klotz has been a prominent name in the automobile department for near about 57 years and had hardly let anyone down. Each of its products is up to par, and this octane booster is no exception. That said, I will move on to why is it one of my favorites.

In-depth Analysis:

  • To start off, this fuel booster excels in lubrication. This is due to the Tetraethyl content. It is a substitute for lead. For this feature, it decreases the pre-ignition issues, and sparks knock that is usually the product of low-octane fuels.  It works on the upper cylinder. And it decreases engine idling by a significant level. But it is still not alcohol compliant.

  • Even with lower octane levels like 87, this octane booster will increase the ratings and serve for better efficiency. This further leads to fewer detonations in the fuel ignition system. This also benefits the compression performance. This feature basically enhances the lifespan of the ignition system and adds to higher power gains as well.

  • It increases the octane rating by 10 which equates to 100. While the Torco is slightly better, this is no slouch either.

  • It improves the burning rate of the fuel and thus increases the power and efficiency it provides.

  • It is versatile in the way that it goes with any form of fuel. That may be oils, lubricants, petroleum oil, race gas or synthetic lubricants.

  • And finally, it works well as a cleaner for the carburetor and the injector That is unique and not found in all octane boosters.

  • But even though, the smell is flavored to be more bearable than usual octane boosters, I have heard complaints about the same. I do not find this a major issue and other than this, there are no such cons either.


  • Acts as a lubricant.
  • Good with all fuels.
  • Increases burning rate and efficiency.
  • Improves power gains.
  • Acts as a cleaner.


  • The scent might be bothersome.

Final Verdict:

This is mostly famous as a carburetor cleaner. A mechanic friend of mine recommended this for keeping the engine clean. Other than that, it does affect the performance a lot and is really good on the fuel consumption as well. While it is not often my first choice, I do use this alternately with the Torco often. However, with this, you have to be careful if it will suit your car needs. It especially does not work with any alcohol blends.

Royal Purple Max-Boost

Product Specifications:

  • Raises octane level up to 30 points.

  • Cleans fuel injectors.

  • Replaces lead addictives.

  • Reduces engine knocking.

If you want something that screams value for money, I will recommend this to you. It comes in a 16 ounce can and lasts quite a while. It provides a wider range of benefits as well and can be used in a variety of cars.

In-depth Review:

  • The feature I would like to point out first is the MMT agent included in this fuel booster. This works on a lot of levels. It serves as an anti-knock safeguard and it reduces the possibility of engine detonation from low octane content. This is especially relevant in supercharged or turbocharged cars or even cars containing nitrous injection.

  • It works as fuel injector cleaner as well. And like in the Klotz Booster, this is a useful feature and an added benefit. It is good in removing the deposits. And while you might have to use a fuel injector cleaner for better results, this is pretty effective on a regular basis.

  • It is versatile too. It can work well with both leaded and unleaded gasoline. Or you could try it out with ethanol or gasohol blends.

  • It is perfectly safe for the oxygen sensors and the catalytic converters as well. This is due to the high phosphorous levels. Often, performance oils act as an anti-wear addictive that collects in the converters and reduces the efficiency level. This booster prevents this deposition from taking place and safeguards the converter.

  • It works on the basic levels as well. It reduces the emission level. And it stabilizes the fuel too.

  • When it comes to increasing the octane rating, it is not so good. It increases the rating by 30 points compared to Torco’s 105 and Klotz’s 100. While that does not deter the performance by a lot, it is still a downside. Otherwise, there are no such drawbacks.


  • Versatile.
  • Prevents engine detonation.
  • Safe with catalytic converters.
  • Reduces emission level.
  • Stabilizes the fuel.


  • Octane rating is a bit low.

Final Verdict:

It does benefit the engine power level and it cleans out the injector as well. But if you are looking to convert your regular car into a racing one with this octane booster, it does not work that way. That’s not a downside, though. On an average level it is good enough. The injector does not clog too much, and I don’t need to worry too much when I refill the tank again.

As a whole, I will still prefer the former two because of the octane rating. But if you want to try out something new, like I did, give this a shot. It won’t disappoint you.

Lucas Octane Booster

Product Specifications:

  • Suitable for fuel injectors.

  • Clean fuel burn and low emissions.

  • Safe for catalytic converters.

  • Safe for oxygen sensors.

This Octane Booster leans more towards the traditional variety. Like the Royal Purple, this too comes in a 16-ounce container. One can is sufficient for an average tank. You can get a couple more if you have a car with a larger one.

In-depth Analysis:

  • If you haven’t bought an octane booster before and wondering what to buy, I will recommend this. That’s because this is safe for a variety of engine types. I used it on a couple of different cars, and it worked just as well for each. It works on carburetor and turbos as well.

  • It promotes a clean fuel burn. This, in turn, causes a reduction in emissions. If you are like me and are concerned about the environment, this is one of the determining factors.

  • Further, it works the same way as the previous one and is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. A friend of mine is particular about this feature and always gets this booster for the same. It was on his recommendation that I tried it out, and it worked well.

  • I found this affordable. So that’s a plus point as well. It is not the last word when it comes to octane boosters, but it is one of the factors when it comes to a choice. And it delivers what it claims. At this range, this is one of the remarkable products out there in the market.

  • It enhances the engine’s performance by a lot, probably more than the average brands. And this works on the usual requirements as well. After all, the performance is what you are primarily buying a good booster for.

  • However, on the downside, it could come a larger bottle. That’s the only con I can see. Other than that, it works well on all levels.


  • Boosts engine performance by a good level.
  • Works with different engines.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Safe to use.
  • Affordable.


  • Should come in a larger bottle.

Final Verdict:

I can’t say that this disappointed me. Because like I said, it exceeded expectations according to the price. However, I can’t say that I am highly impressed either. It covers all the basic points. But a lot of other octane boosters offer a lot more as well. When it comes to the best octane boosters, it is not it. But it still falls near the top of the list in my recommendation.

104+ Octane Booster

Product Specifications:

  • Cleans Fuel Injector.

  • Improves power.

  • Enhances gas mileage.

  • Safe for catalytic converters.

Prevalent since 1957, this is a classic Octane Booster. It works positively on the overall performance of the vehicle. And other than that, it works on a lot of levels as well. However, when you compare it to the other products on the list, it is probably not as effective as those.

In-depth Analysis:

  • When I got this bottle and was going through the features, I noticed that it doesn’t come with an expiry date. With a bit of care, you can store it for a long time. I shelved it for a couple of years, and it worked just fine.

  • It works in cleaning out the fuel injector as well. This works on many levels. A clean fuel injector will give you a lower fuel economy and better fuel performance as well. It improves the engine power as well.

  • Moving on, it reduces engine knocking. It worked to reduce the pre-ignition ping as well. And it reduces throttle hesitation too. Overall, this makes it a competent booster.

  • I noticed an improvement in the acceleration when I first used this octane booster. Like I mentioned, with low fuel consumption, it improves gas mileage. While it’s not significant, every bit helps.

  • Further, it is safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors too. This feature is included in a lot of octane boosters. And that’s because it is important.

  • However, it is not legal to be used on the road. Octane boosters are illegal to be used anywhere but off the road.

  • It comes in a 16-ounce bottle. A larger quantity would be better, in my opinion. That is because, for a larger tank, I often have to buy a couple of bottles. Otherwise, there is no such downside to this.


  • Reduces Engine knocking.
  • Reduces pinging.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • No expiry date.
  • Reduces throttle hesitation.


  • No such noticeable con.

Final Verdict:

I used this just once. And I won’t repurchase. That does not mean that it didn’t impress me, though. It did. But I could find something else with a better performance. It does fuel boost the power more than average brands. But there are other boosters that are better as well. You can give this a try if you want an option. That is what I did. And it may work well for you. And it does cover all the basics. I would recommend that you buy a couple of bottles together if your car has a larger tank.

Benefits of Using The Best Quality Octane Booster

  • Octane booster is meant to increase the octane rating of the petrol that you use. If you are wondering what an octane rating is, it is how the performance of the petrol is measured. A high octane number ensures that the fuel is probable to endure more compression before it detonates in the cylinder chamber. And the good thing is you just have to use a little for it to work.

  • Using an octane booster significantly benefits the pre-ignition resistance. This is helpful for increasing the power of the engine. Not just that, they help to lubricate your engine. And they reduce the emission level as well.

  • If the specifications of your engine differ highly from your fuel, it can damage your engine a lot. Even if your car is equipped with a knock-sensor device, which adjusts the specifications according to the fuel, it don’ be sufficient enough. The engine will still to subject to stress and deliver less than the expected performance. That’s when you need to use an octane booster. It accommodates the RON octane index to the required level. This effectively reduces the dangers of engine knocking, performance loss or the high fuel economy.

  • You can even get an octane booster that stabilizes the fuel that keeps the fuel effective for an extended period. If you haven’t driven for about a month or so, the fuel in the tank can lose its efficiency. The booster will safeguard it from any such issues.

  • It is very easy to use an octane booster. Just buy a bottle and add it to your car’s fuel tank.

How to Choose A Good Octane Booster?

  • The first tip to getting the maximum efficiency out of your octane booster is to learn what your car needs. That way, you won’t be disappointed at all. Even the so-called ‘best’ octane booster may not be useful to you. You engine specification is what you need to align your booster with. Octane boosters go hand in hand with the octane levels of the engine. A high-performance engine will require an octane booster without fail.

  • For example, firstly, performance is the determining factor. Or rather, how the octane booster you want to purchase, actually boosts the octane ratings of your car. Don’t trust the advertisement claims too much. Most boosters usually increase the performance by 3%. The really good ones can work up to 5%. However, more than that is unreasonable.

  • Of course, that’s not all. Even if they do not have any outrageous effects on the performance, they do increase the throttle response. You will even get a smoother engine and a lower fuel economy out of it.

  • Last, but not the least, keep in mind that you need to replenish it regularly. I usually get a large bottle, even if it is a bit pricey. It lasts longer, and I don’t need to run the store every week. You might drive a vehicle where you need to use the booster very frequently. This should be effective in your case if that is so. Like I mentioned, you don’t need to empty the whole bottle. Only a measured amount will do. So you can easily shelve it in the garage.

  • That said, you can easily make your own if you want.

The Final Note:

I hope you find something that will suit your needs form the five products that I have listed on best octane boosters. If not, with a little more research, you can get something else that balances your fuel perfectly. Some products suit all kinds of engines too.

While price is a determining factor, it should not be the only one. I would suggest that you concentrate on quality mostly. If you are not sure about what will work well, here’s advice. Sometimes information can be misleading or confusing. So, just test out a couple of products. You will eventually get to the right one. Experience is the best teacher after all.

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