Best Portable Solar Panels 2019 – Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Solar energy is rightly considered as the cleanest and most sustainable form of energy. This green energy is fast becoming an additional source of energy for vehicles, supplementing traditional power outlets in vehicles with clean energy. However, the trick is in finding the best portable solar panels that do not spoil the esthetics of vehicles, by blending into the overall appearance and delivering power. The panels are typically mounted on the roof of vehicles because of the amount of exposure to direct sunlight, plus the fact that this mount does not affect any of the functions of the vehicle. With advanced technology the size of panels and efficiency are improving to impressive levels. We have compiled a list to help you find the best portable solar charger and panels.

Here Are Five Of The Best Portable Solar Panels


Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

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Product Functions

  •   Fast Charging Speed – 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall.
  •   Highly Durable Industrial-strength PET polymer.
  •  Compact- 11.1 × 6.3in folded or 26.4 × 11.1in opened.
  •  Power Port Solar – 21W 2-Port USB Solar Charger), 3ft Micro USB cable.
  • 21 watt Sun Power solar array charges two devices simultaneously.

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

Certainly comes across as the most popular portable solar panel in afoldable unit. This 21 watt panel kit is designed to supply clean power to electronic devices regardless of the fact that the user is either remaining still or in constant motion. The whole kit offers 2 USB power ports which will permit users to charge two devices simultaneously and the type of the devices that are supported are mind boggling – from smartphones to tablets. Depending on where you are, which means that if you are under direct sunlight, a total of 3 amps of power or 2.4 amps per single port can be expected from the unit.  The best part about this is that it is highly durable, made from polyester that is considered rugged. This makes it weather resistant in addition to making it easy for carrying it around in hot and cold climes.

Price wise, it is pegged at a very reasonable price and is definitely one of the best alternatives to getting power from your vehicle for your devices. This will keep your battery in much better shape, and give it greater performance.

Excellent Product At Number One

The high durability and compact nature of the kit with an attractive price make it one of the best.


X-DRAGON 20W Sun Power Solar Panel

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 Product Functions

  • Smart IC chipadjusts the current and voltage
  • US made SunPower solar cell is 22%-25% efficient
  • 20 watt sunpower provides adequate power
  • Water-Resistant with Safety Protection
  • 20W Foldable Solar Charger,carabiner, micro USB cable

X-DRAGON 20W Sun Power Solar Panel

This foldable portable solar panels comes at a very cheap price, producing 20 watts of electricity. A very compact kit, it permits the user to fold it in different ways which will give the user greater options of capturing sunlight from angles of convenience.  From a technical perspective, these panels automatically adjust current and voltage, achieving optimum delivery of power. In terms of the power output, this kit will deliver 2.4 amps of power per port. The kit comes with dual USB power ports, and this permits users to charge mobile devices and tablets simultaneously. It is compact, is lightweight and will certainly permit the user to easily stow it and carry it anywhere.


Perfect Compact kit At Number Two

This is a natural choice at number two. The automatic power adjusting feature, the compact size and the warranty makes this a great choice.


RAV Power 16

RAV Power 16W Solar Panel with Dual USB Port

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Product Functions

  • Highly efficient solar cells convert 21.5-23.5% solar power, charging two USB devices
  • Compact Size – lightweight foldable format
  • iSmart technology automatically adjusts and provides optimal charging current
  • Smart IC frequency technology detects all connected devices’ input
  • Rugged polyester canvas weather-resistant device

RAV Power 16W Solar Panel

With features to support the delivery of clean solar power to two devices at the same time, this weatherproof kit produce 15 watts output, delivered through two ports. The combined maximum output of 3 amps is perfect and adequate for busy users.  The best part about the product is the way it has been designed. Ultra compact and light, it can be fully folded like a book and the user can actually carry it around and hang it from any convenient position. If necessary, it can be laid outflatly. The kit is rugged and solid, as the nylon exteriors lend it a water-resistant quality, in addition  to making it resistant to mold.

Proven Option At Number Three

A portable solar charger and panel needs to be lightweight and should come in a design that makes it easy to carry it around and install. This fits the bill perfectly.