Best Snow Chains – Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Best Snow Chains

Driving during winters is not easy. Depending on where you are driving through, you will have to contend with snow and ice. Getting traction in such slippery surfaces is a challenge. The moment your vehicle enters into a slide across snow and ice, there really is very little that you can do. You may either end up ramming other vehicles or may come to a stop precariously close to protective railings or unprotected shoulders of roads. With the best snow chains on your cars or trucks, you will be able to drive safely. Picking the most suitable model for your ride is extremely important, or you may end up with wrong accessories that do not help you one bit. We have made it easy for you to choose from the best tire chains, with a subjective review.

Our Reviews For The Best Tire Chains 2019

  • Thule | Konig Xg-12
  • Dimensions : 16 x 15 x 5 inches
  • Item Weight : 16.67 pounds
  • Size : 245
  • Security Chain Company QG2228CAM
  • Dimensions : 12.5 x 9.4 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 22.7 pounds
  • Style : Cam Style
  • Quality Chain Cobra Cable
  • Dimensions : 13.7 x 6.3 x 5.1 inches
  • Item Weight : 7.95 pounds
  • Size : 1042
  • Peerless 0232605 Auto-Trac Snow Chain
  • Dimensions : 12 x 11.7 x 3.6 inches
  • Item Weight : 14.4 pounds
  • Size : Series 2300 - 232605
  • Security Snow Chain Company SZ435
  • Dimensions : 11 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight : 5 pounds
  • Size : SZ435

Our Reviews For The Top Rated Snow Chains

Product Specifications:

  • Size 245 mm

  • Quick fitting snow chain

  • 12 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance.

  • Anti-scratch nylon bumpers for protection of alloys

  • Ö-Norm 5117, Ö-Norm 5119, UNI 11311, TÜV


  • Pricing – You should ideally be happy that your SUV will travel safely over snowy conditions without sliding uncontrollably.

  • External release – This model does not come with a quick external release. You need to do it manually. But with some amazing features thrown in, you should really be able to overlook this minor irritant.

  • Fit and feel – This one fits perfectly well on SUV tires with just the right kind of fit. Neither loose nor tight. This will ensure that the snow chains do not whip or flail onto the body of the vehicle.

  • Clearance – This one offers just the right kind of clearance on the inside and on the tread.


  • The chain has an advanced self tensioning system, making it easy to fit
  • Offers great traction with patented double traction plate design


  • A quick release system would have made it a lot more user friendly

The Leader

The patented self tensioning technology makes this a winner, despite the little difficulties in removing after use.

Product Specifications:

  • Cam and non-cam chains for heavy duty operation in cold climes

  • Superior traction

  • Includes cam tool


  • Pricing – This is a low cost option that comes in both cam and non-cam chains configuration.

  • Heavy Duty – This model is perfect for light trucks in extreme cold conditions.

  • Clearance – This will be a little slack when compared to the other models, and is designed to work with trucks that have adequate space for clearance.


  • The cam tool makes it easy to tighten the chain
  • Good traction, permits speeds upto 30 mph


  • Needs to be pre-fitted before actual use

Close Second

A low cost alternative to the number one on this list, it will give you value for money

Product Specifications:

  • Toughened carbon steel rollers

  • Low profile reduces noise and vibration

  • SAE Class “S” Clearance


  • Pricing – Coming to you, This is a steal considering the quality and profile of the rollers.

  • Durability – The carbon steel is an assurance of high quality which will last long, supporting passenger cars with great ease.

  • Clearance – An ideal snow chain to have for vehicles that have very less space for clearance, it fits snugly to give great traction.


  • Galvanized, preventing the onset of rust
  • Good for deep tread patterns


  • Does not come with a tensioner in the pack

Rallying Nicely At Number Three

This is a good product that is designed to last for the long haul, partnering you in difficult climatic conditions.

Product Specifications:

  • Self-tightening ratchets offer automatic tightening

  • Diamond pattern cross chain promises superior traction

  • Class ‘S’ clearance


  • Pricing – It should not separate you from a good product, especially in the context of the self-tightening features

  • Durability – Made from manganese steel alloy, the chains will not only last longer, but will have a better profile offering exemplary traction.

  • Clearance – The snug fits makes this chain ideal for vehicles where clearance is on the lesser side.


  • Does not require the vehicle to be jacked
  • Great support for snow and uphill drives across dirt and snow


  • The ratchet mechanism could do with some work to improve the way it holds

Number 4 Could Be Just A Number Here

The features make this a great product. The pricing and a few issues pushed this down to four.

Product Specifications:

  • Supports vehicles with limited operating clearance

  • Quick installation

  • Rubber tightener dispenses with the need to retighten

  • Superior all-around traction


  • Pricing – This is a certainly a good buy. Do not be put off by the number five ranking, it is a incredibly good product.

  • Durability – Alloy steel traction coils will surprise you with great durability, compared to other chains and cables.

  • Clearance – Probably one of the best when it comes to fitting on vehicles with the least clearance.


  • Less space around tires? No problem, this will do the job
  • Fantastic traction for greater control over vehicle


  • Removal procedure is a tad too cumbersome

A Good Choice At Number Five

The removal procedure dragged the rating down. However, all other features are astonishingly good.

Thing To Consider Before Buying The Best Snow Chains

Snow chains are an important accessory and you actually need to pay more attention than you think Because the wrong snow chain can not only compromise on the traction and control you have over your vehicle, it can also considerable damage to the body near the wheel area, if you end up with a size that is unsuitable or is a very loose fit. Choose the best snow chains for your vehicle. Here are a few tips that you can use to select the most appropriate one.

  • Side Wall Clearance Of Your Tire – If your tire does not have sufficient space for slipping a broad and slightly loose chain, you need to opt for a model that is perfect snug fit. This way you will do no damage to your car and will also have superior control.

  • Tightening Mechanism Or Procedure – If you get a ratchet mechanism inbuilt, then you will be saving yourself a lot of trouble. After all you really would not want to spend annoying and frustrating minutes trying to put the snow chains in place and tightening them, especially if they are pre-fit models.

  • Material And Durability – This is of great importance. When you put on the snow chains, they will come in contact with difference surface and temperatures. If the material and build quality is poor, you will find that it will leave you high and dry during one of those runs through snow, ice or dirt. Choose one that is manufactured from toughened material or strong alloys.

  • Release Mechanism – This is another important consideration. If you find yourself with a model that is complicated to release or remove, then you may find yourself in a spot, struggling to get on with your drive after you have transited the tough terrain.

  • Pattern And Profile – The pattern and profile of the snow chain links is equally important. A broad pattern and close profile will result in better traction and faster response from the wheels especially if you need to take sharp turns and make full use of the torque of your vehicles.

Our Concluding Thoughts

There were many models of snow chains and cables that we considered before we compiled this list of the best five. The five that made the cut came on tops of the others that we looked at. Our task was cut out, as we followed a proper procedure, eliminating snow chains that fared poorly on different metrics. We first looked at the material and build quality, then the design, followed by the clearance, the ratcheting mechanism and the release mechanism. Only those models that fared across all or most of the able parameters were even considered. We have arrived at this shortlist after a factual cross check and a detailed analysis of verified customer purchases to understand common and identifiable drawbacks which were mapped with our assessment.

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