Best Foam Cannon Soaps – (Updated 2020)

Passion for Automobiles drive car enthusiasts to keep their drives shining like a new penny. If you are one of such race, having a foam cannon is just natural but most likely you must be missing the fun of a specialized Soap Solution manufactured for just Car Cleaning, that must the reason for you to be here in the quest for dedicated soap for foam cannons. Essentially looking to create that thick lather that removes uncouth dirt from your vehicle, the best soap for foam cannons can create the foaming which pH neutral and are available in flavored fragrances.

If you own a piece of foam cannon, buying the right soap solution is just the right option. Among a market flooded with numerous such products, we bring about the top selling soaps for foam cannons that you can trustfully rely to buy and use without a hitch.

Best Snow Foam Soap Comparison Chart

Best Overall

Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo

Adam’s Ultra Foam Shampoo

✔️ Safely removes dirt,pollen,soot.

✔️ Does not remove wax or sealants.

✔️ Rinses clean without streaks.

✔️ Made in the USA.

Top Pick

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo

✔️ Concentrated formula produces suds!

✔️ Gentle on all surfaces & ph neutral.

✔️ Reduces the chances of swirls!

✔️ Made in the USA.

Best Budget

Gold Standard Car Shampoo

Gold Standard Car Shampoo

✔️ Concentrated formula.

✔️ PH balanced.

✔️ Shampoo and conditioner.

✔️ Microfiber glove kit.

Top 5 Best Foam Gun Soap

      Top Pick 1      


Chemical Guys - Best Car Wash Soap For Foam Cannon

Available in two different scents, Honeydew and Watermelon, this soap is safe for all surfaces, including vinyl, rubber, paint, plastic, and glass. It eliminates even the most difficult-to-remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants, and its pH-neutral formula will never harm the wax or any other sealant on your vehicle, regardless of the car’s age or condition. Best of all, the product is concentrated and, therefore, you only have to use one cap of the soap for every five gallons of water that you use.

The Chemical Guys car wash soap delivers a thick rich layer of creamy white snow that does a great job of removing all types of muck from your vehicle. It can even be used on boats, jet skis, RVs, and many others. Best of all, it rinses away quickly and easily, allowing you to enjoy a vehicle that looks shiny and new when you’re done.


  • Cleans thoroughly and rinses away to a smooth shine.

  • No need to scrub – just apply and rinse.

  • Can be used with any type of pressure washer.


  • Some complaints about overall quality.

  • Some complaints about having to scrub some of the dirt off the vehicle.

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      Top Pick 2      


Adam’s Ultra - Pressure Washer Foam Soap

With an incredible ability to make lots of foam and suds, the Adam’s ultra-foam shampoo can remove everything from pollen to soot and dirt to bird droppings, making this a perfect product to keep in your tool shed. It combines top-notch polymers and cleaners that aggressively, but gently, remove all types of muck on your car, truck, RV, or boat. It will never damage your car’s paint job and it is pH-neutral to protect the sealants and waxes on your vehicle.

When you rinse this product off, you’ll notice no streaks or uneven looks, and it rinses off thoroughly so that you always get the shine and smoothness you want for your vehicle. It comes in both 16-ounce and 1-gallon sizes, and it will never scratch your vehicle or leave it with any watermarks. Simply spray it on and rinse it off with your power washer, because it gets rid of all dirt, grime, and even grease.


  • Thoroughly rinses off for a smooth and shiny look.

  • Nice, pleasant aroma.

  • Super-concentrated so you won’t have to use too much.


  • Some complaints about the product streaking.

  • Some complaints about it leaving the car sticky.

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      Top Pick 3      


Meguiar’s Gold Class - Pressure Washer Car Detergent

If you’re researching the best soap for foam cannons, this brand is likely to pop up on your list of choices. It comes in a 1-gallon container and is very reasonably priced, but it offers much more than this. The Meguiar’s car wash will clean and condition your vehicle with one use and can easily get rid of all types of contaminants, dirt, grime, and much more. One of its biggest advantages is that it has ultra-rich conditioners that help your car paint look its best for a very long time, and it works quickly, but efficiently, every time.

The Meguiar’s car wash is also super-concentrated and, therefore, you only have to use a 5:1 wash-water ratio when using the product. Its pH-balanced formula ensures that the wax on your vehicle will never be stripped away, and its biodegradable formula makes you feel good about its effect on the environment. This is a high-quality, reliable product that you can use on cars, RVs, boats, and many others, and you can purchase the product without ever breaking the bank.


  • Safer and more efficient than other types of car wash products.

  • Does a great job of removing dirt and muck.

  • Comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Some complaints about it not washing off completely.

  • Some complaints about the product arriving damaged.

      Top Pick 4      


TriNova Gold - Foaming Car Wash Soap

With a super-concentrated formula that will provide dozens of washes, the TriNova car shampoo and conditioner is easy to use because all you do is apply it and rinse it off. In fact, you can wash any part of your vehicle – including the tires, rims, trim, and all glass and rubber – without worrying about the effect it will have on the vehicle’s paint and wax job. Made especially to be tough on dirt, yet gentle on your car, it is versatile enough to be used for vehicles, RVs, boats, bicycles and more.

If you are planning on waxing your vehicle, washing it with this shampoo first is a great idea because it will thoroughly prepare the vehicle for what comes next. The product will never scratch your paint job nor will it leave behind streaks or watermarks. Instead, it leaves the car with a beautiful, smooth shine and the protection it needs to stay looking great for a very long time.


  • A high-quality, very efficient product.

  • Comes at a very reasonable price.

  • Cleans and conditions your car to make it last longer.


  • Some complaints about it not providing enough suds and lather.

  • Some complaints about cloudy or streaky finishes.

      Top Pick 5      


Adam’s - Car Wash Soap Pressure Washer

Your search for the best foam cannon soap will undoubtedly include a product made by Adam’s because they make only high-quality soaps and shampoos that will never leave streaks, watermarks, or cloudiness. This is a thick, sudsy shampoo that rinses off thoroughly for a clean, shiny look. In addition to the 1-gallon size, it also comes in a 16-ounce and 5-gallon size, and it is safe for paint, plastic, vinyl, and even tires and rims.

This shampoo also comes with a very pleasant scent and can lift away all types of dirt and grime. It will never damage your car’s wax or sealant job, and it is super easy to use every time. Furthermore, because it is super concentrated, you only have to use a small amount to get the effect you desire, and it dries quickly and always leaves behind a smooth look. It is the perfect addition to any homeowner’s tool shed!


  • Rinses off thoroughly without leaving streaks behind.

  • Has a very pleasant smell.

  • Can be used in both buckets and foam cannons.


  • Some complaints about streakiness and cloudiness.

  • Some complaints about it not foaming up enough.

Best Car Wash Foam – Buying Guide

Foam cannons are different from foam guns because cannons are attached to a power washer while guns are attached to a regular garden hose. There are also different types of cannons and guns, but more importantly, there are many different types of soaps to go in them. The soap that goes in foam cannons include basic washes and shampoos and also snow foam soaps, which tend to be a little bit thicker than the others. When you apply these types of soap, it will look like a blanket of snow fell on your vehicle, hence the name.

When reading reviews of cannon soaps you’ll quickly learn that many of them offer the same benefits. Some of those benefits will be more important to you than others, but lists of what to look for when researching various soaps include the pH balance of the soap, that is, whether it’s acidic or neutral; the scents or aromas that are available; the thickness of the foam, which can range from weak to very thick; the options when it comes to sizes; and of course, the overall quality of the product.

When you read online reviews you often get a more realistic view of the product because most of these reviews are written by real users. If scent isn’t important to you, for example, you can simply ignore what other people think of the way the product smells. Otherwise, it is good to go through all of your options and compare each of these features so that you can make the right decision in the end.


Although car shampoos and washes come in various price ranges, it is best to look at other features besides cost if you want to make the decision that suits you best. Most soap for foam cannons offer thorough cleaning and streak-free rinsing, a variety of scents for you to enjoy, various thicknesses to suit your preferences, and even built-in conditioners that promise to protect your car’s paint job so that it can last a lot longer.

Most foam cannon soap reviews will list all of this information for each brand, allowing you to compare and contrast different products so that you get the best one in the end. The best part about using these soaps is that they are not at all like dishwashing soap – which should never be used to clean a vehicle – because they are specifically made for cleaning vehicles, boats, and RVs. This is especially important if you want a professional look once the work is done, because many of these soaps are the same ones used by professional detailing companies.

A little research and some time is all it takes to find the right soap for your foam cannon, and it allows you to learn about each product so that you’re happy with the item you’ve chosen after all is said and done.


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