Best Wire Stripping Tools 2021

Auto Wire Stripper

Use your teeth to strip wire….Oh! Just don’t try that.

Not only teeth but any wrong tool could actually destroy a project of yours!!! I am not saying that a great tool would save your project either, but surely will let you tackle the toughest of issues in the easiest way.

If you happen to work or visit a nearby electronic shop you will find that there are many types of wire-strippers available. Some are more costly while some are less costly. Shapes and colors of handles (red, blue, yellow) could also differ.

Does all this matter? Are you in need of such a specialized tool?

I am here to guide you to find the right tool…. You need to check some things before you actually invest in one.

One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to is the wire strippers you choose are calibrated for a stranded wire or a solid core. Let me make it clear, stranded wires are a bit larger over the solid core (same gauge). Common thing is that strippers which are calibrated for solid core feature red color while stranded wires have yellow handles. (Refer for details below).

Perhaps this is a unique tool, makes you perform effortlessly and should not be confused with a wire cutter, though you will find many wire-stripping tools that may feature a built-in wire cutter.

Ensure to do your homework by checking some real user reviews before you choose your wire stripping tool out of the family of very many options.

Hence “Safe for wires, and safe for you.” Pick one after reading below:

Comparison Of Wire Stripping Tools

Best Overall

Klein Tools

Electrician Wire Stripping Tool


Neiko 3-in-1 Automatic

Professional Wire Stripping Tool

Premium Choice

StripMeister Automatic

Best Wire Stripping Machine

Top 5 Best Wire Stripping Tools

Best Overall

Electrician Wire Stripping Tool

1. Klein Tools Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper

“This keeps the guesswork away and is suitable for numerous wire gauges. The clearly marked slots make everything simpler.“

If you are buying product of Klein then surely you are not compromising with quality. The brand boasts of being a reputed manufacturer for making excellent gear. This is product with not much downsides and has many impressive qualities.

The wire cutter and stripper is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. Packed with quality features this can cut, strip, and loop-wire over a great range- we are referring to 10-18 AWG Solid and 12-20 AWG Stranded wire.

Klein gives a precision cut to stripping holes and this leaves you with accurate strips you want.

The serrated nose of the tool enables pulling, shaping, and bending extremely convenient. Another benefit is that it cleanly shears 6-32 and 8-32 screws.

The Klein wire strippers feature double-dipped handles which when combined with compact size and light weight turn this into a comfy and ergonomic tool.

Best Features

  • Cuts, strips, and loops

  • Precision ground stripping holes

  • Holes for looping and bending wire

  • Works on 10-18 AWG Solid

  • Also 12-20 AWG Stranded Wire

  • Strong-gripping serrated nose


  • One user is disappointed with the packaging

Best Self-adjusting

Best Self Adjusting Wire Stripping Tool

2. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripper

“Without crimping or cutting the slender wire within you can separate the thick outer casing and thin inner sheaths of double-insulated wires.“

A really robust tool from Irwin which comes with a lifetime guarantee as Irwin is absolutely confident about this product.

On a personal note I am a huge fan of lifetime guarantees.

When you are busy dealing with many different types of wire thicknesses at a time then the interesting design of this self-adjusting wire stripper proves to be of great help and a huge time saver.

This strips wire from 10 to 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge) with its self-adjusting mechanism. The length of the core strip can be controlled with the built-in adjustable stopper.

The in-built crimper can handle wire sizes from 10 to 22 AWG. Made from premium long-lasting materials this is liked by many users.

Best Features

  • Self-adjusting wire stripper

  • Features an adjustable stopper

  • Crimp 10-22 AWG insulated, 10-22 AWG non-insulated, and 7-9mm ignition terminals

  • Swivel knob micro-adjusts to strip gauges

  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not suitable for long wires

Best Budget-friendly

Professional Wire Stripping Tool

3. Neiko 3-in-1 Automatic Wire Stripper

“Great features at this cost is what this amazing automatic wire stripper offers.”

When you are on the go and want to earn and maintain that ‘Ultimate tag’ then this automatic wire stripper by Neiko will never disappoint you.

The brand has put ample of features making it strong enough to stand up to the ultimate level.

Just at the cost of $19.60 this innovative wire stripper with self-adjusting mechanism is best suited for aluminum and copper cables from 10-24 AWG.

Specially designed and precision engineered precisely machined teeth grabs, holds, pulls and offer accurate cuts. They remove outer jacket in a simple one-handed motion.

The built-in thumb wheel provides more accurate stripping as this is used to micro-adjust the jaw tension.

The spring-loaded handles provide enough flexibility and the heat-treated blades longevity. Though difficult but this product lives up to the ultimate tag promisingly.

Best Features

  • Innovative wire stripper

  • Adjustable gauge/stopper controls

  • High-frequency heat treated blades

  • Built-in crimper crimps

  • Thumb wheel micro-adjusts jaw tension & clearance


  • Not the best one for left-handers

  • Good as a low-cost option as higher-priced could be a bit better

Best Commercial-grade

Automatic Wire Strippers

4. StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripper Machine

“This has the ability to power through hundreds of feet of any wire in no time.“

Buying a Stripmeister automatic wire stripper works wonderfully when you want to splice and strip wires for the purpose of replacing an old outlet or a dimmer switch.

This works with an adequate range of wire thicknesses and can even strip Romex wire with reliability and ease – the commonest wire which runs around homes and commercial properties.

This boasts of a superior value to any other copper wire stripper and includes a free extra blade of $29.99. The drill powered wire stripping machine is produced in North America using top-grade materials.

Another added benefit is that the Romex slot saves an additional 33% of your time in comparison to any other wire insulation stripping tool.

Best Features

  • Unique cable stripper made using top-grade materials

  • Strips long lengths of wire fast

  • Huge gauge range

  • Easy to replace blades

  • Saves time than the others


  • A bit expensive option

  • Heavy use makes the blade dull

Ideal for Large Cords

Best Wire Stripping Machine

5. Klein Tools Large Cable Stripper

“Works with brute strength and finesse alike and competently reveals the right amount of exposed wire.”

If you are on the go to deal with fair amount of long and pricey cables then Klein Tools 21051 is probably a perfect choice.

This is absolutely easy to use and is refreshingly simple- You just need to insert the wire inside the right slot on the four-pronged strip. Later on rotate it and you will feel the working is similar to that of a pencil sharpener. The brand boasts of making products that live up to the expectations of professionals who kind of use them every day.

Ensure that the cut is clean and precise prior to stripping otherwise the process will be messy and ineffective. The clover design features 4-different wire sizes in one toll and effectively removes insulation on 250 MCM- 2/0 cable.

Best Features

  • Robust design for longer tool life

  • Safer, quicker, and more precise than a knife

  • Easy to use like a sharpener

  • Blades are replaceable


  • Designed to work with few specific wire gauges

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide Of Wire Stripping Tools

We would like to make you aware about the most important features that need much attention before you buy the best wire stripping tools.

Let us get straight to the point:

Wire Range

The wire stripper you choose should have the ability to cut the wires with which you deal with on a frequent basis.

Generally the wire strippers can tackle and cut wire which have the size of 10 to 22 AWG. Even for very thicker wires there are tools and you should check all the specifications before you buy one.

Electrical Wire Stripping Tool


As the name indicates, self-adjusting tools leave you with more flexibility, ease while using manual tools. You will just need to simply insert the wire and then clamping and pulling will do the job.

A big feature that will make complex and multiple wire cutting projects easier. Even if the wires share varied thicknesses this feature will help to achieve all.


Precision engineering is something you should always look for in the construction before you buy manual wire strippers (cutting holes), cutters, or even blades (present on self-adjusting tools).

In a wire stripper tool the cutting edge holds much importance and this should be great as much as possible. This quality ensures accurate stripping and cutting every time you use your tool.

Auto Wire Stripper


Accuracy is something that is desired from any product. Since we talked earlier about the self-adjusting feature similarly, all ends up well if the tool works properly and accurately with its capabilities for which it is built.

There are chances that electrical elements of the wire may get damaged if the tool works with less or no accuracy. Don’t worry! Manual tools are safe and they make use of cutting holes that do not change shape or pressure ever.

The Summary

Selecting the best among the rest could be quite intimidating though. But we hope that the ones we have listed are not only some great wire stripping tools but will work promisingly to ease down your electrical chores. Most of them are suitable for DIY house jobs and for industrial-use too.

Our choicest products from the list are Klein Tools and Irwin VISE-GRIP due to their features and performance. Still the others are also not less. Select confidently and work for an ultimate tag ……Do a wise comparison for an educated-decision!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Q1. What Do You Mean By A Wire Stripper?

Ans1. They perform as they are advertised on the tin and work efficiently to strip away the plastic-casing from the electrical wire exteriors.

For a number of reasons you should buy a wire-stripper, like stripping the wire casing, attaching it to the terminals, rewiring of electrical-system, or splicing with another wire.

Better than a pocket knife and blade, the strippers are quicker, safer, and offer more accuracy. Ensures adequate protection for wires and establishes better connection to terminals.

Q2. Are The Wire Strippers Suitable To Crimp Terminal Connectors Onto Wires?

Ans2. Wire strippers do provide this facility but not all are suitable or designed this way. If you want your wire cutter to crimp then pick a model of wire stripper that comprises of slots for crimping the wires.

Q3. What Is The Life-span Of A Wire Stripper?

Ans3. There could be a number of aspects that will affect the life of a wire stripper. The first and foremost thing is the material used to produce them. The most recommended one is the stainless-steel (in cutting elements) with rubberized grips.

Both these will withstand daily use and abuse with ease.

This is not quite possible that you sharpen the cutting-edge of the wire stripper. For a prolonged life store them properly in a tool box or drawer and keep them dry to prevent rusting.

Q4. Can A Wire-stripper Strip Teflon-coated Or Wet Wires?

Ans4. Generally, the wire-strippers are made to strip the normal plastic casing which is present commonly on most of the wires. For wet wires or Teflon-coated wires you need to check the product specifications prior to your purchase. Teflon coating is said to cut down on the grip that could be generated by a typical set of strippers on the wire.

As the normal strippers may have to struggle with the Teflon-coated wires, it is recommended that you go for a wire stripper which is specifically designed to do so.