Amazing Car Care And Maintenance Guidelines


Are you a car owner? This must be an essential personal investment and you, therefore, are willing to go to greater lengths in according the care it deserves. Super Auto Merch recommends taking good care of your car – whether new or used – to guarantee its reliability and avert breakdowns. Emphasis is given to used cars since they are more complex and cost more to maintain than their new counterparts.

Establishing a regular maintenance schedule will go a long way in extending your car’s lifespan as well as maintain its performance level.  It also saves you some cash in repairs. To help you further


Here Are Some Basic Car Care & Maintenance Routines That You Can Follow

Wash Your Car Regularly

Regularly here could be once a week. This will keep your car clean, shiny, and corrosion-free. Do not forget to wash the interiors as well. Dirt granules are erosive while liquids like juices and sodas can corrode your car. You should vacuum the interior properly and cleanse the dashboard lenses with a soft damp fabric. Remove the mats and brush them or clean with a hose. This removes filth that may wear off your mats if let to accumulate. Finally, allow the mats to dry thoroughly before returning them.

Drive Carefully

Avoid accelerating your engine on start-up since this wears off the engine rapidly. You should slowly accelerate when you start driving. At red lights, change to neutral to allow the engine to rest a little. Being considerate to your car rewards you with fewer repairs.

Do Not Park Under the Sun

Avoid parking under the sun to prevent interior corrosion by ultraviolet rays and to protect your car’s paint. If you are not near a shaded place, use a car shade to reduce the impact of the sun.

Wax Your Car!

Having your car regularly waxed protects the paint by slowing oxidation. It also creates a barrier against pollution and bird droppings. Waxing also enhances the appearance of your car by making it appear shinier.

Clean the Engine

Wash your car engine at least once annually. A clean engine runs cooler and it allows you to spot leaks effortlessly and service its parts. You can have a DIY engine cleanse or do a professional steam cleaning. When cleaning the engine, you must protect sensitive parts like the electrical parts and air intake distributor with a plastic bag. You can scrub using a bristle brush and a mild detergent and finally rinse it thoroughly.

Car Care & Maintenance

Have the Engine Oil and Filter Changed Regularly

A majority of car owners ‘manual suggests changing the oil more often. Still, frequently changing the engine oil is essential more so if you have a used car. This flushes abrasive dust and metal granules out of the engine, thereby prolonging its lifespan. The oil filters are changed because the old ones have oil buildup and debris that remains and mixes with the new oil.

Maintain the Battery

Do not believe the fact that the manufacture alleges that the battery needs no maintenance. Check the battery regularly to prolong its life. Begin by keeping the terminals clean by wiping it with a damp cloth, when necessary, use some detergent. Also, examine the battery case for any damages. If you notice any bulges or cracks, it is time to replace the car battery.

Take Care of the Tyres

Regularly check your tyre pressure and use the recommended pressure level. Look out for uneven wear which might indicate that the car needs a wheel alignment. It might also be a sign of worn-out shock absorbers or breaks, internal damage, or a bent wheel.

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