How To Fix A Car Roof Lining Without Removing It! – In 10 Min

Fixing Car Roof Lining

The car roof lining is often called a car headliner. A good well maintained car roof lining will provide you with a sense of relief from the noise. It will further act as an insulator by protecting you from the extreme weather conditions of the outside world.

The sagging of the headliner could be due to poor maintenance or maybe due to an ancient car. Sometimes, even due to excessive heat or just lack of upkeep and dampness can make the fabric collapse.

A well-maintained car roof lining aims to provide a comfortable and aesthetic feeling to the occupants who are sitting in the vehicle. This could be treated as the main reason for well-maintained car roof lining.

To avoid last-minute hassles, extra dollars of repair, and make things easier for you, this article will enfold how to fix car roof lining without removing it.

You Can Easily Fix The Headliner Of The Car By Using Any Method From The Five:

To acquire the best possible results, use the following things given below:

  • A glue gun

  • Steam cleaner

  • Staple or special pins

  • Hand tools

Use the following inexpensive procedure to fix the headlining:

Use Of Glue To Fix Car Roof Lining:

One of the simplest ways to correct to put the headliner back is using the glue. Use the adhesive glue and apply it to all the edges. Try to use strong and special handling glue as ordinary glue will be of no use.

Even spray can work and will likely be one of the best solutions. This will even apply and spread the glue evenly.

fixing car roof

Use Of Pins To Fix Car Roof Lining:

Another simple method, which will save a lot of time and money, is the use of pins. It is an effective method that will push back the headliner. Press the pins through the fabric or in the foam. Make sure it will stay secure.

Put the pins into a pleasing pattern making them look good to the human eye. Use a hair spray after the completion of the task to ensure that the pins stay stuck to their position and do not fall.

Use Of Stapler To Secure The Car Roof Lining:

The use of a stapler could work in a similar way to the pins will work. To follow this procedure, use the giant stapler. Press the stapler against the fabric and make a beautiful and aesthetic pattern which appeals to the human eye.

Use a hair spray at the end of the process. This will enhance the capacity of staple pins to stay at their position. This will further ensure the secure connection between the roof lining and the frame and avoiding falling off the staples pins over your head.

Use Of Clear-Headed Twisted Pins To Fix Roof Lining:

The use of twisted pins is also similar to the glue or pins. This process is not so complicated and risky. The process is simple and does not require much man force or nay expertise.

Using A Steam Cleaner To Fix Car Roof Lining:

The process requires the melting of the glue. It will help you to reattach the fabric to the frame. Use the paint roller after the glue has melted. The paint roller will help you to evenly spread the glue and further prevents the gap between the surface and the roof lining.

To avoid the situation of glue to wear out and become less or ineffective, use a powerful adhesive.

Another DIY’s To Fix To The Car Roof Lining:

Use of double-sided tape:

You might be shocked about how this will work? But this is quite effective and one of the cheapest ways to secure your roof lining.

The process may demand a little more effort but all the effort will be worth it after you will see the results.

Use the double-sided tape and secure the ends especially with the tap. Even add the double-tape to some spaces on the fabric. Try to make an aesthetic pattern that will enhance the car’s look and will look nice either.

Once you are done attaching the double-sided tape to all the strategic points and you think the cloth looks even. Remove the other side of the tap and press it against the car roof lining slowly.

Use your palm or fingers to establish a secure connection between the roof lining and the fabric. Keep pressing the points where the double-tape is stuck for some seconds to avoid falling the fabric down.

Pro Tip: You can even add some glue to the other side of the double-tape to enhance its adhesive capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Car Roof Lining?

If all the work is done professionally and the new fabric is taken, the expense could up to $150 or even sometimes $180 depending upon the wagon’s size or even more.

What Are The Possible Causes That Cause Poor Car Roof Lining?

Many factors are responsible for poor car roof lining for example excessive exposure of the car to the heat, an ancient car, or even lack of proper maintenance.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Headliner?

The process to fix car roof lining by removing the headliner may take nearly two to three hours. But if follow the above methods, it will take nearly ten to fifteen minutes to fix the car roof lining without even removing it.