Tips On What To Look Out For In A Car Security System

Protecting yourself, your family, as well as your belongings, vehicle, and car stereo are notable reasons why you must invest in a car security system. Also, keep in mind that most insurance companies offer a lower rate for vehicles that have an alarm installed; therefore, it will pay for itself. An excellent security system not only makes it more problematic to be stolen, but it also makes it easy-going to live with. The small remote control that is carried with your keys allows you to lock or unlock the doors, arm or disarm the car alarm and it may even open up the trunk. Some systems permit you to use your smartphone to monitor and control the security of your car.

How Does A Typical Security System Work?

When you leave the vehicle, you simply press a button to arm the system. You’ll hear the doors lock and a siren beep to let you know the car is protected. If you accidentally left a door open, the system will alert you with another sound. The first thing a car thief notices when he approaches a vehicle is the flashing Led that warns him the system is armed. This will often deter him from trying to steal your car. If the thief attempts to tamper with your car, he will get a warning signal or a full siren blast. The security system decides on the type of warning to give, contingent on the severity of the tampering that is tripping the sensors. Upon returning to your vehicle, you can use the remote to unlock the doors and disarm the system. You can look at this post on Wired Smart for more useful information.

Some Alarm Features To Look For:

  • Two-way remotes offer you feedback on your vehicle’s condition and respond to commands.
  • Starter kill deters your car from being hot-wired.
  • With a motion sensor, you can leave your windows open or the top down. The alarm sensors will sound as soon as someone is invading your space.
  • Glass-break sensors will sound the alarm when a sound of window breaking is heard. This protects you from a thief who is under the impression that he can bypass your alarm by not opening a door.
  • Tilt sensors monitor the tilting of a parked car as a result of an attempted jack up or towing of the vehicle.
  • The driver’s side priority unlocks a feature that allows you to open your door without having to unlock the others.
  • Auxiliary outputs permit you to enhance the alarm’s capabilities by adding features like window controls or a remote starter. Most alarms have auxiliary output. You must consider what you expect from an alarm system presently and onwards when you select an alarm.
  • Remote starting is the personification of convenience since you can have your car waiting all warmed up for you on a cold day or cooled down during summer. Remote start features are either built into the security system or can be supplemented later with a remote start module.
  • Smartphone – some remote systems allow you to use your phone for control, offering you unlimited range when you have phone service.
  • You can also add GPS capability to the security system, which helps in tracking your vehicle’s location and sending alerts when it enters or leaves a pre-programmed area or when traveling too fast.

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