Cataclean Reviews – How Cataclean Work? – Detailed Guide

Cataclean is EPA approved and a patented fuel and exhaust system cleaner. It reduces carbon buildup and cleans your vehicle’s oxygen sensors, cylinder heads, and fuel injectors. Excess carbon build-up takes away the horsepower of your vehicle, increases emissions output, and wastes fuel.

It helps to reduce carbon buildup and optimizes your vehicle’s full power train. It eliminates fuel injector buildup cleaning the fuel system for maximum production of power.

Cataclean is an engine and fuel system technology for detoxification that prevents the fouling of catalytic converter, removing the deposits which are existing and increases the efficiency of fuel.

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Easy to use

EPA approved

Safe for Diesel, gasoline and hybrid vehicles

Does not change fuel composition and is safe for Diesel, gasoline, and hybrid engines

Maintains and restore and help protect the catalytic converter, fuel injectors, oxygen sensors, cylinder heads, and DPF

Lowers the total hydrocarbon emissions up to 50%

Decreases harmful carbon buildup on Oxygen sensors

Improves fuel efficiency

Restore engine performance

Legal in all 50 states

Patented formula

How Cataclean Works

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Cataclean, a patented fuel treatment, has a unique blend of hydrocarbons and known fuel constituents. The components are recognized to be used in internal combustion engines.

Some of the components have a positive effect on the efficiency of the fuel combustion process whereas other components act as free combustion solvents, to remove the buildup of component contaminants.

Cataclean as a Fuel Treatment

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In internal combustion engines, incomplete combustion occurs under high pressure and temperature, when there is a lack of oxygen available to completely oxidize the fuel to water and CO2.

The byproducts of this incomplete oxidation result in environmentally harmful compounds like CO, NOx, and a mixture of organic chemicals like aromatic carbonyl, Methane, and unsaturated hydrocarbons.

To convert these byproducts to less harmful chemicals, catalytic converters are included in vehicles. The catalytic converter may become less efficient over time, due to build-up of carbon deposit, due to incomplete combustion.

The main constituents of the cataclean formula are isopropanol, Acetone, xylene and long-chain hydrocarbons like paraffin and it has two functions –

Produce oxygen to help with oxidation of carbon layer deposits on the surface of the catalyst.

Produce carboxylic acid vapor to clean the catalytic converter.

Many studies have been done on the individual components of cataclean and their combustion products. The products which are mainly identified are – formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, alkyl peroxides, and hydrogen peroxide.

Aldehydes oxidize to form carboxylic acid which takes away the inorganic contaminants and the catalytic converter converts hydrogen peroxide to Oxygen and water to aid oxidation.

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The Overall Effect of Cataclean on Internal Combustion Engine Performance

Pre – Combustion Effects

Cataclean formulation is differentiated by containing solvents to remove deposits that may be formed in fuel delivery systems pre-combustion. Deposits may form on injectors, fuel lines, sensors, or filters which causes an increase in fuel consumption and reduce the performance of the engine.

Acetone is a fuel solvent additive that enhances the fuel combustion efficiency in internal combustion engines. Since 1930, Acetone has been used in race cars to enhance Octane rating and efficiently burn fuel.

Isopropanol is less corrosive than other alcohols like methanol and ethanol. It offers better solubility in fuel resulting in low deposit formation and lower emissions.

Post-Combustion Effects

Since Cataclean components burn with the fuel, the by-products remove deposits like carbon buildup from the exhaust system of the vehicle, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converter.

The post-combustion vapors from Cataclean revitalize the catalytic converter to remove harmful emissions from the exhaust more easily. This cleaning improves the performance of the catalytic converter and increases the performance of the vehicle.

So the use of Cataclean, at the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer, cleans the fuel system, and improves the combustion efficiency.

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What is Cataclean?

Cataclean is a fuel and exhaust system cleaner that has been approved by the EPA. It works to reduce the carbon build up inside the vehicle’s catalytic converter. It is not only beneficial to the catalytic converter.

The unique formula cleans other vital parts of the fuel and exhaust system. It includes oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and cylinder heads. The formula is poured into the gas tank of the vehicle, it does not alter the fuel composition.

There are special formulas designed for diesel, gas, and hybrid engines. It can be used in everything from R56 Mini Cooper to Chevrolet Silverado 3500.

Cataclean lowers hydrocarbon emissions by up to half according to the manufacturer. This formula is legal in 50 states, so it can be used by anyone. The formula is a unique combination of Hydrocarbons and known fuel constituents.

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What is The Catalytic Converter?

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter is designed so that it converts harmful pollutants into a gas better for the environment. The conversion occurs when exhaust gases come into contact with metals inside the catalytic converter.

What Happens When Catalytic Converter Does Not Run Properly?

When the catalytic converter does not run properly, then many things can go wrong with the vehicle.

Excessive carbon build-up causes loss of horsepower.

Fuel is wasted / loss of fuel economy and more fuel is required.

More carbon emissions released.

The vehicle can become louder.

From the exhaust system, a rotten egg smell may be released.

Sometimes the vehicle can break down from the sides of an improperly running catalytic converter. It depends on how long the issue is left without being fixed, a lot of what does or does not happen.

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What Causes Problems With Catalytic Converters?

To create less harmful emissions the process naturally causes wear and tear on the catalytic converter. Carbon buildup is a natural process and it means that your vehicle is working properly.

When too much carbon builds up, the catalytic converter is not able to run as efficiently. It ends up causing air to fuel ratio less than the optimal. This is called running rich because all the fuel burnt. It is not used to run the vehicle.

Over time the catalytic converter also becomes worn. This happens with all the vehicles and is not worked out with Cataclean. Cataclean will help extend your catalytic converter’s lifespan and it is a preventive measure.

How to Use Cataclean?

Anyone can use Cataclean as it is easy, you need no mechanical knowledge just follow the steps given below –

  1. Remove the seal from the bottle. Dump the whole bottle content into your fuel tank. At the same place, you would put gas.
  2. Drive your vehicle for at least 15 minutes so that the Cataclean gets into your vehicle’s parts.
  3. If you have error codes on your onboard computer, clear them after you have driven the vehicle.
  4. At the fuel pump refill your gas tank. Refill it at least three-quarters full.
  5. If there were error codes, drive your vehicle for at least 50 miles to reset the OBDII.

If you follow the steps above, the catalytic converter should be cleaned. Sometimes it takes a little longer for the cleaner to work its way through the catalytic converter. Now by next time when you fill your tank, the Cataclean should have worked its way and be out of your gas tank.

So Cataclean is a fuel and exhaust system cleaner which is simple to use and legally safe in all 50 states. Although it doesn’t fix the broken catalytic converters, it does clean them to extend their life spans.