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The worst thing that can happen to your car engine is by using a wrong oil filter!

Oil filters mainly work to remove the debris, coarse contaminants and dirt. Overall engine performance is affected by the oil filter. If the oil filters get sludgy, then a lot of damage may be caused to the engine, and a complete renovation will be the right action.

Noisy engines, decreasing car mileage, and more intervention of mechanics may cause unwanted hassles. For preventing all this, invest in the best oil-filter for overall engine enhancement, while maintaining the integrity of the car.     

Make your car run at a smooth pace! Select the best oil filter from the given alternatives.

We have tried to provide the products with the oil types they use for the best outcomes.

4 Best Oil Filters Comparison Chart : A Quick Look-Up


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4 Top-Rated Oil Filters - Tested & Reviewed

1. Conventional Oil

These oils are explicitly made along with additive packages, to help the engines of vehicles function properly. They ensure that the engine shows proper breakdown and heat resistance along with the thickness and fluidity (viscosity), which is required. These are oils that are used from quite a long time, but we would recommend you a better oil which comes out as a strong solution for your car or vehicle. According to the mechanics, the requirement of oil change is required after 3,000 to 5,000 miles approximately, if you are using conventional oil.

★ Recommended Product ★

fram high mileage oil filter

A. FRAM PH7317 Car Spin-On Oil Filter

An amazing filter technology that is designed to provide safety to your engine. The FRAM PH7317 ensures you a protection of 5000 miles when used with conventional oil, for which it is engineered.

This is more recommended for low-mileage vehicles and is available at an affordable price. This oil filter works surprisingly well when it comes to dirt-holding capacity. Furthermore, the dirt-trapping efficiency of this filter is 95%, excellent indeed! If you are an everyday driver, then this helps in performing the frequent maintenance of your vehicles at its best.

The product serves great with gasoline also and shows adequate capability to handle regular oil pressure. Since, it works well for about 5000 miles only, some of you may feel this low as compared to the others. Henceforth, the need of changing filter or oil may arise quickly. This may be the only disadvantage attached to it.



  • This provides a proven protection for up to 5,000 miles.

  • Engineered for use with conventional oil and gasoline.

  • The FRAM oil filter shows an ideal balance of dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-holding capacity.

  • Specially designed for everyday drivers who perform frequent maintenance on their vehicles.

  • Ensures a 95% dirt-trapping efficiency.

  • Supposed to be one of the best synthetic-oil filters.

  • This one manages regular oil pressure with ease.


  • Rusting issues.

  • The filter may fail and offer a low-life span.

2. Full Synthetic Oil

This can be understood as a lubricant that is artificially prepared and comprises of chemical compounds. Not the crude oil, but the elements of petroleum are chemically modified for manufacturing the synthetic lubricants. These work well under extreme temperatures and the base may be the crude-oil, that is distilled for further use. The synthetic oil is environmentally-friendly, and aircraft jet engines make use of them, while the aircraft piston engines don’t. The last longer than the conventional oils, and the need for changing them may arise after 10,000-15,000 miles.

mobil 1 extended performance oil filter

★ Recommended Product ★

B. Mobil 1 M1-102 / M1-102A Oil Filter

An oil-filter that is renowned and one of my favorites too. Mobil M1 is best suited for vehicles For Vehicles GM 1975 to 14, Isuzu 1989 to 94, 96 to 03, AC PF47 and GM 6439929 and 25010792. This professional-grade filter provides long life performance for today’s longer drain intervals. The capabilities of this oil-filter are marvelous, and the contaminants (99.6%) are sieved before they reach the engine.

A synthetic-filter blend media incorporates this amazing oil filter, possess consistent pores that make them more reliable when used. This is equipped with a heavy-duty canister that can withstand normal system operating pressure at 9X. The synthetic blend media helps in keeping oil cleaner and holds more dirt.

When it comes to dirt filtering, this proves far better than the cellulose ones. The oil filter should be changed whenever refilling of oil is done. The filtered contaminant which this oil filter can hold is up to 28.0 grams. This is compatible with any kind of motor oil, but most appropriate for synthetic oil (615 PSI operating pressure). Anti-drain back valve is an additional advantage which this filter possesses. If we talk about the leakage, then this one will prevent the occurrence of any dry starts along with stopping lea



  • Honestly, one of the best oil filters.

  • Enables a long-life performance for today’s long drain intervals.

  • For Vehicles GM 1975 to 14, Isuzu 1989 to 94, 96 to 03, AC PF47 and GM 6439929 and 25010792.

  • Equipped with a canister of heavy-duty to withstand 9X normal system operating pressure.

  • The Synthetic blend media keeps oil clean and has ability to hold more dirt.


  • Quality issues sometimes.

  • Overall a great product with no major problems.

3. Synthetic Blend Oil

The blend oil, is considered to be a mixture of synthetic base stock along with conventional motor oils. They possess the qualities of both the oil and base stock and the performance and protection they exhibit is marvelous. High-performance additives and fluids form the components a synthetic blend oil. You can give your vehicle a gift of maintenance, by using the synthetic blend oil.

★ Recommended Product ★

bosch oil filter

C. Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

If your engine goes through premature wear, then the Bosch Oil Filter prevents any kind of possibility of failure. Superior outcomes are what these oil filters of high-performance provide you with. All type of oil impurities is filtered out with the FILTECH technology.

The Bosch 3330 is certainly a filter that is manufactured with components that possess a perfect blend of natural and synthetic elements. The size of the oil filter is 42% larger than the others in this category. More persistent impurities are filtered out with 30% thicker media. This is equipped with steel-based plates that help in the prevention of warpage and any sort of leakage.

Added perks prevent the imperfect fir of the filter, and the anti-drain valve is of silicon as compared to the rubber ones. Don’t worry about any dry starts, as this type of oil filters help in facilitating a clean oil flow when the engine starts. A leak-free canister is another added advantage provided by a double-locked rolled seam.



  • The use of castor motor oil is recommended by the company.

  • Greater engine protection is provided by the exclusive FILTECH media technology.

  • Warpage, leaks, and poor fit of any kind is provided with strong steel base plates.

  • On starting the vehicle, a supply of clean oil is ensured by the silicone anti-drain back valve.

  • The lubricity gasket design provides a tight seal, and allows easy removal too.

  • Mazda: 04-10 B2300, 10-12 CX-7, 06-15 MX-5 Miata, 04-13 3, 09-13 3 Sport, Volkswagen: 13-18 Jetta.

  • Audi: 16-18 A3 Sportback e-Tron; Ford: 13-18 C-Max, 15-19 Mustang, 14-18 Special Service Police Sedan; Lexus: 03-09 GX470, 01-05 IS300; Lincoln: 15-19 MKC.

  • The blended media is made of natural and synthetic elements.


  • Has a low contaminant capacity.

  • Low capacity may cause problems.

4. High Mileage Oil

The oils that provide high-mileage are supposed to be the best in terms of delivering outstanding benefits. These are specially and specifically designed formula for removing any kind of dirt or slime (sludge) from the engines. The high-quality detergents are also one of the elements of these high-mileage oils along with other components such as seal conditioners and additives. They make the 0-rings, seals and gaskets to swell for improving overall performance. The vehicles those who make use of this oil benefit the vehicles with more than 75,000 miles.

★ Recommended Product ★

royal purple oil filter reviews

D. Royal Purple 10-2876 Oil Filter

The Royal Filter is again an amazing a renowned and popular oil filter brand that is designed to provide performance with excellence. They are somewhat similar to that of Mobil ones and you will come across the least of the complaints while using this amazing premium oil filter. We have done a deep analysis to provide you with the best information about the product quality and work. This features a thick shell for providing extra protection (can’t access with random dust particles) to your precious vehicle along with a high-resistance to internal pressure.

Fine metal is used for manufacturing the caps, which ensures a positive seal when the assembling is done. The pure synthetic media helps in providing the perfect filtration for all sorts of impurities. In any case, the flow of oil is not dissuaded at all, and works with an efficiency rate of 99%.

The impurities are halted as minute as 25 microns, making the chances of dirt seeping to the minimum. The flow restriction is also handled wonderfully by the cop-out, and a low oil flow is ensured by-pass valve. The burst strength is also intensified by the steel backplate and the leakages along with dry starts are checked by the silicone anti-drain valve (the silicone can handle extreme temperatures well).



  • This provides a great 15,000 miles of protection with full synthetic oil.

  • The vehicle applications are 1996-2004 Subaru Baja, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback 2.5L; 1990-2001 Subaru Impreza, Legacy 2.2L; 2002-2003 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0L; 1992-1997 Subaru Impreza 1.8L; 2009-2019 Nissan 370Z 3.7L; 2002,2004, 2006-2019 Nissan Altima (2.0L, 2.5L, 3.5L); 2009-2014 Nissan Cube 1.8L; 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R 3.8L; 2005-2019 Nissan Frontier 2.5L; 2002, 2004, 2013-2019 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5L; 2008-2019 Nissan Rogue (2.0L, 2.5L, 2.5L select, 2.0L sport).

  • This uses a micro-glass media for achieving filtration efficiency of 99% at 25 microns.

  • Any kind of dry starts are averted by the anti-drain back valve, which is durable and silicone-constructed.


  • The price is high and other product can be preferred in this case.

Buying Guide For The Best Oil Filters

Every car cannot make use of every type of oil filter, and this should be clear to every car owner. If you purchase an unsuitable oil filter for your car, then there may be certain disadvantages to it. Frequent oil leaks, low oil pressures along with poor oil filtration may be faced in the long run by your car. It is strictly recommended to choose an oil filter which is specifically designed for your car type.

There isn’t rocket science to find out the best oil filter, just the comparison should be made for the size and model number of the new and the old. The manufacturers list it on the either side of the filter and instruction manual should be followed for any queries. Once you are clear about the oil filter you are going to buy then the under-mentioned things should be screened.

The Filtration Media:

The different types of filtration media are used to construct an oil filter. One of the major things which forms an oil filter is the filtration-media, as this helps in removing oil contaminants. It adds volume to the filter in terms of performance.

1. Mechanical

The pleated filter papers are used in making these filters and facilitate perfect absorption of contaminants from the oil. Their function is just like that of a sieve, which make passage for the oil to pass, while the debris and dirt is collected on the external surface. These are extremely cheaper and can be installed easily. But one major problem attached to these is the requirement of frequent replacement due to accumulation of debris, which may lead to slow down of the oil flow gradually.

2. Magnetic

Their working is similar to a normal magnet, that attracts the oil impurities and the pollutants. This deposit on the filter, and then the need of cleaning the oil filter arises frequently. These are competitively priced and reusable too, but cleaning them is a daunting task. If not cleaned properly, engine troubles may arise soon.

3. Sedimentation

These types of filters work on the philosophy of gravity, where the weight of the debris makes them go down and the clean oil gets a chance to rise up. This process may escape large pollutants and the efficiency is hampered overall.

4. Centrifugal

These works similar to that of a rotating bucket, and the oil enters the filters and the leaves the housing efficiently. In this entire procedure, when the rotation occurs at a considerable speed, the contaminants stick to the walls (due to heavy-weight). They are the best in terms of efficiency and have the ability to filter the smallest pollutants. Though, the housing requires frequent cleaning.

5. The Material

Whenever you buy any product the material plays a key role.

A. Cellulose

This type of filter is disposable, and have an efficiency to for trapping the particles within a range of 8 to 10 microns. The oil cleaning is possible for about 40% only and the need of replacement may arise after 3,500 miles.

B. Synthetic

Nylon, glass or polyester is used to construct the synthetic filters. They can support you for about 5,000 to 6,000 miles, and have the ability to clean minute particles than the cellulose ones.

C. Micro Glass

Though being an extremely expensive option, they can last up to 10,000 miles before the requirement of replacement. These type filter help in removing the finest of dust, dirt and debris.

Replacement Of Oil Filters

It is the function of the filter to remove any impurities, contaminants, dirt, debris from the oil. They function as a protective shield for the engine, while the oil circulates and smears the surfaces for perfect performance. These are not very expensive to afford, and is recommended that whenever you go for a change of the oil of your vehicle the filter should also be changed simultaneously. This kind of preventive measure will always leave the engine of vehicle in a well-maintained condition.

Can the same oil filter be used for all types of engines?

There is always a need to juxtapose with the manual and the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Once the assurance is there then you can make use of any oil filter for your precious vehicle. When you use a synthetic oil, then this is always ensured by the manufacturer, that omits the need of using a special filter. The automotive filters that are manufactured in today’s time show compatibility, for all types of oils.

Wrapping Things:

Having a potential oil filter will certainly benefit your car’s engine. We have tried to narrow down your search be explaining the most important factors that are required to select the right product. After changing your car’s filter, you will yourself feel that how the pick up goes up. Undoubtedly, the car’s performance is enhanced with a right type of oil filter. The contaminants, debris or dirt are removed and filtered oil flow is supplied to the engine. This greatly helps in maintaining the integrity of the engine.