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Best Floor Jack Reviews 2019 – In Depth Buyer’s Guide

Cars will at some point of time require to be jacked up. This could be for replacing a flat, or for minor on-road repairs. It pays to have the best floor jack in your boot that will prove to be a reliable and sturdy tool to help take care of repairs and replacing tires. If you have a car, you certainly need a jack. Because there is no telling how when you will ever find the need for one. It may be at home, or on the road. And rather than feeling handicapped without one, it is best to have your own jack. Here is our roundup of the top five models to help you pick one that is suitable.

What Is An Aluminum Floor Jack?

Car jacks are rated for the load carrying capacity. You will therefore come across models labeled as a 2 ton floor jack or a 4 ton floor jack etc; this simply means that it has the capacity to support a 2 ton or a 4 ton load. Depending on the vehicle you own, choose your pick. You could also consider a lightweight aluminum floor jack to address your concerns, if you are not comfortable lugging a heavy model around. Perhaps one of the benefits of having your own jack is the fact that you would go in for a model that meets the requirements of the car you have. If you were to borrow one, and if it does not support the weight of your car, you will remain stranded.

Bestselling Floor Jack On The Market

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5 Top Rated Floor Jack Reviews

1. JEGS80006 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

Heavy Duty Car Jack


  • Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

  • Lifting Capacity – 2 Ton/4,000 lbs.

  • Weight – 49 lbs.


  • Pricing – At one cent less than a 180 $, this is a good buy, if you are the type who puts your money in solid and sturdy products.

  • Profile –This has a low profile, which means that it will slide easily beneath vehicles with reduced ground clearance.

  • Rated weight support– 2 tons or 4000 lbs means that you pretty much get a model that will support most sedans.

  • Material – This isa light weight model, made from superior aluminum, which means that it offers good quality while being light in weight.


  • Lifts vehicles high enough to undertake minor repair easily
  • Heavy duty, with smooth operation
  • Studded saddle pads surface prevents slippage


  • Pistons sometimes get stuck after a couple of years

Lonely At The Top

Strong, small and light.Certainly earned its place, with impressive build quality, low profile and high lifting range.

2. Neiko Pro 20272B Dual Pump Design

Low Profile Jack


  • 3 tons lifting capacity

  • Dual plunger structure provides quicker and efficient lifting

  • Safety valve to prevent overloading beyond rated capacity


  • Pricing – 249.86$ puts this in a relatively higher price band, but there is a difference, both in rating and security aspects that makes this a good buy.

  • Profile – Low profile model makes it easy to work on vehicles with clearance as low as 3 ¾“.

  • Rated weight support – 3 tons or 6000 lbs translates into use with heavier category vehicles among sedans and others.

  • Material – Industry grade lightweight aluminum will not make it a chore to cart it around either in a vehicle or outside it.


  • Swivel casters helps to smoothly position the beneath vehicles
  • Dual pump design, makes it easy to lift almost effortlessly
  • Safety valve is a thoughtful addition


  • Replacements are hard to come by.

Closing The Gap

The features on this model and its lifting capacity make it a good choice at number two.

3. Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service

Floor Jack Reviews


  • U-joint for precise load control

  • ealed hydraulic pump

  • Flagged side plates and wide frame for stability


  • Pricing – The price may appear a bit stiff at 382.92$, but this is a cast iron model which will probably out last the car.

  • Profile – At 4 ½ “ clearance it is good enough for more cars, but may not slip below the very low profile models.

  • Rated weight support – The 2 tons lifting capacity makes it suitable for most of the sedans with the exception of the heavier models.

  • Material – Cast iron handle and pump base make it one solid tool, supported by a lengthy handle for convenience


  • Good lift height
  • Nice saddle size for better grip
  • Long lasting and durable


  • The 90lbs weight may work against it

Bring Up The Middle At Third Position

If you are in it for the long haul, then yes, you can look at Check how much you can save, buying the Hein-Werner.

4. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

Best Car Jack


  • Reinforced lift arm for added strength and chassis torsion control

  • Dual pump pistons for fast rising action

  • Piston dust shields prevent hydraulic contamination


  • Pricing – 246.55$ for a lightweight and durable product surely piques our interest, and it has proved itself as a quality product.

  • Profile – The 3 ½ “ clearance makes it a good low profile to support vehicles that are stingy when it comes to ground clearance.

  • Rated weight support – 3 tons lifting capacity at this price gives it the tag of a budget product that can handle most cars.

  • Material – Lightweight at 56 pounds, it draws its strength from the high-quality aluminum material that goes into it.


  • Overload valves prevent the extension of hydraulic arm beyond the limits
  • Nice and fast raising action from the dual pumps
  • Decent range of lift height makes it useful


  • Customer service is found wanting in many cases

Bring Up The Rear At Number 4

A fair enough product, at the price it is offered for lifting 3 tons.

5. Arcan XL2T Black Steel Service

Arcan XL2T Black Steel Service Jack Review


  • Dual pump for rapid lifting

  • Precise control through universal joint release mechanism

  • ASME PALD 2009 standard compliant

  • Height range: 2.75 inch to 24 inches

  • 32 inch extra long chassis



  • Pricing – The tag of 270.66$ should not actually come in the way of a quality product.

  • Profile – Low profile makes this one of the most suitable to jack up vehicles that stick to the roads.

  • Rated Weight Support – 4000 pounds of lifting capacity translates into it that handles most of the cars in the sedan category.

  • Material – At 97 pounds, itis a heavy one, but you can be sure that it will last really long.


  • The chassis is extra long, meaning that you push it deep beneath a vehicle
  • Nice lifting range of more than 21 inches
  • Gives greater control during descent


  • Some models come with incorrect elevation of rear wheels.

Making A Difference At Number Five

This is a good buy, and durable, if you are willing to overlook the weight aspect.

What To Look For In The Best Floor Jack?

Before you zero in on an aluminum floor jack, a 2 ton floor jack or a 4 ton floor jack, you need to understand a few concepts behind the working of the jack. This will help you to pick the most suitable one for your car. Because, to put it quite simply, it is a product that should ideally outlive your car, and need not necessarily be changed when you change your cars, with the possible exception of having to change them for a different load lifting capacity or a lower profile of the jack. Here is what you need to look out for before send one to your cart.

  • The Model Of Your Car

This should pretty much be the point where you start filtering out jacks. If your car is low profile and hugs the road, then you need a hydraulic one that offers to lift for low ground clearance vehicles. If you need a jack that is lightweight and one that you would like to have in your boot, then you should be looking at a scissor jack. And if you have one of those tall models with good ground clearance, go for the bottle jack models. Typically, hydraulic jacks more or less meet requirements of road users, with the exception of specialist high vehicles, SUVs and all-terrain beasts.

  • Load Rating Capacity

This is the dicey part and needs care. A jack may be rated for 2 tons. But it certainly does not mean that if your car happens to be 2 tons in weight, your jack will lift it cleanly. A 2 ton load rated jack will only be able to lift 70% of the total weight of the car. You therefore should not make the mistake of taking a jack that is equal to the weight of the car. Having said, that, it is important to note that the full weight of the car will not rest on one wheel. However when you jack up close to the engine area, where most of the weight is distributed, it will become an issue. Play safe, and go for a slightly higher load rating capacity.

  • Safety Features And Weight

A jack that comes with extra features, like a valve to prevent overloading, dual pump action to facilitate faster lifting, wider flanges or lengthier chassis will certainly help in choosing the jack. Safety features will certainly help you operate it with greater confidence. Similarly, you need a jack that offers a good grip without damaging the vehicle’s surface. Studded saddle pads, rubberized saddle pads, lengthy handles are all good features which should help you to buy the right one. The most important is build quality and the weight of the jack. If you want to take it around, then you need to go in for the lightweight aluminum models. If you want one for your garage at home, then the cast iron ones are the best choice.

Do’s And Don’ts To Bear In Mind

A floor jack will certainly help you heave a sigh of relief when you are stuck on the road with a flat. Replacing tires actually does not require a team of individuals. With the right tools and basic knowledge you can easily replace tires and drive to your destination before you seek some professional assistance.  However you need to be aware of following the right methods while jacking up.

  • Never attempt to raise your car on a jack if it is on uneven ground. Because you may run the risk of hoisting it to an extent, from where it may topple over.

  • The safest way to keep your car raised would be to use stands that will not give way. A floor jack is primarily meant to function as a lifting device. It does not replace a stand.

  • For quick tire replacements, individuals typically use a jack alone. While it is not advisable, you may end up doing so in an emergency. However, propping your car up on a pair of jacks is definitely a risky proposition.

  • When you lift your car on a jack, bear in mind to be fully aware of the height and the position of the other wheels. Never lift it to a height where the vehicle is in a position of imbalance.

  • Always put the emergency brakes on in your car before you attempt lifting it on a jack.

  • Always turn the release valve slowly and steady. Never release in quick and irregular motions as this may cause the vehicle to come down heavily.

  • Always lift the car slowly and wait to see if the jack is holding the load. This way you will not end up in a position where the jack gives way under a load. If the jack does not hold the load while being lifted, do not attempt to force lift it by pumping.

  • If you intend to go under a vehicle, or if a mechanic intends to go under a vehicle, never ever do so with only the jack support. The vehicle needs to be supported on stands.

  • Before you lower a vehicle on a jack, ensure that you take a good look beneath the vehicle for any tools or parts.

  • If you have supported the vehicle on jack stands and need to lower it, you need to first raise the load higher, so as to create sufficient clearance for the stands to be removed, before lowering the vehicle. If you fail to do so, you may cause damage to the vehicle.