How To Dress Comfortably On A Road Trip

Create a playlist of Motown hits and electric ballads, store the track mix and do some backward stretching: it’s time for the road trip. Whether you’re on a mission to take the most efficient route to the Grand Canyon or planning to hit the road with nothing but time, your main goal should be to dress for comfort. Even traffic jams and snooze road buddies can not ruin your good time, as long as you’re dressed to enjoy the trip.

Clothing: Slippers Or Slip-Ons

Save the flip flops for the hotel pool and dress shoes for your first night in a new city. For handling itself, comfortable closed toe shoes are the best, for several reasons. On the one hand, your toes will remain comfortable and warm, even if those foot-level vents are releasing cold air. Shoes with heels do not provide great control and maneuverability with the pedals, and flip flops can get trapped under the pedals or rugs.

Skip: Nothing Tight

If your pants are cut at the waist when you sit down for a minute, imagine how you will feel after eight hours in the car. Before putting on any garment, ask yourself how you will feel at the end of the day. If the answer is more than “as comfortable as when I put it on”, leave it at home or pack it in your suitcase to use it on no-drive days.

The same applies to underwear that itches, tops that always rise or bottoms that always roll down.


Be alert to sun protection. You may be in a car, but you are still in the path of the sun’s rays. Reapply at each rest stop, concentrating on the side of your body that is closest to the car door. If you are the driver, avoid the headaches and wrinkles that occur when you squint with sunglasses.

Wear: Casual Pieces Resistant To Wrinkles

At the end of a long day in the car, you may feel wrinkled and irregular, but you do not have to show it. Wear casual and easy clothing on fabrics that resist wrinkles, such as wool or polyester and other synthetic materials. Lace-up trousers with a short-sleeved or short-sleeved polo shirt, a long dress or leggings and a tunic are all comfortable options that do not look like gym clothes.

Skip: Your Dress Set To Impress.

Who would you prefer to dazzle with your more fashionable or flattering attire: strangers at service stations across the country or your friends? If it’s the last thing, keep that perfectly made shirt or those new designer jeans for the days when you’ll really be seeing the attractions and taking lots of pictures. On driving days, prioritize comfort. You can always throw in a motorcycle or denim jacket before posing for shots on the road.

Wear: A Sweatshirt Or Sweater With Front Zip

In the best case, putting on a sweatshirt when traveling in a car is uncomfortable. Do you do it when you are the driver? That is downright dangerous. Even in the middle of summer, it can be cooled in the air-conditioned car or in the cold roadside restaurants, so it is advisable to take a piece of warm layers to get in and out while sitting.


It can be sunny and warm where it begins, but it can be found in a totally different climate at nightfall. Spend some space in the trunk for a warm coat, boots, gloves, an umbrella and some extra food and water, just so you are ready for anything.

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