Essentials To Keep In Your Car

You never know when your car might let you down. Even after years of loyal service, it is best to be prepared for the event of having your vehicle leave you stranded. If you do, there are certain things that you can keep in the trunk to help you get back on the road or ensure your safety. Here are some of the most beneficial items.

First Aid Kit

If you haven’t broken down, but have been in an accident, then a first aid kit can really be of use. Not only do the plasters come in handy when the kids are breaking in new shoes, and you want to avoid blisters, but if someone goes into shock, you could be carrying life-saving items in your trunk.

Jump Cables

You never know when your car battery will die. It can even happen in newer cars if you have left the lights on all night. You could also use them to help a neighbor or someone else on the side of the road. Jump cables in the trunk can help get your car back on the road a lot faster than waiting for assistance. Plus, jump cables are reasonably priced.

Tire Inflator

Another must-have, a tire inflator is a safety net when you need it most. Even after replacing a tire, it will need inflating to get to your destination. As there are different types, you might need wonder, “what is the best tire inflator?” A portable 12V is what you should be looking for. One that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter socket is best.

High Vis Jacket

Given that there is no telling what time of day you might break down, a high vis jacket is important. Even in the daytime, there can be situations where you could be in danger of oncoming traffic. A high vis jacket gives you a layer of visibility for your protection.

Warning Triangle or Road Flares

This leads on from the high vis jacket and can warn drivers a little sooner of an accident or breakdown. A warning triangle or road flares gives other drivers a chance to slow down a little as they pass or just be mindful that there are people near the road, waiting for assistance.

Change of Shoes

This is more for the comfort of course, but if you are returning to your car after a heavy bout of rain, a change of shoes can be very welcome.

Car Registration

Of course, this is a legal requirement in some states. Keep your registration in your vehicle at all times should you need to present it to the authorities.

A Phone Charger

A phone charger point that plugs into your car with a long cord is one of the first things that many people install in their vehicle. This is probably more for making sure their battery doesn’t run out when using a navigation app or listening to music. However, if you have no battery left when your car has broken down, you will want a means of charging it.

All the above are important, and some more than others. Keep the essentials in your car to make sure you are prepared for a variety of situations.

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