Bringing Dead Batteries Back To Life : EZ Battery Reconditioning Course By Tom Ericson

Most users of batteries often end up discarding them either at the end of the life cycle or sometimes even before that. This book by Tom helps users with little knowledge of batteries to refurbish them, giving a fresh lease of life. Some of the DIY books can sometimes be complicated with technical terms and complex processes. However, this book more or less nails it, with a simple and uncluttered explanation of EZ battery reconditioning. Readers of this ebook will find the information of great use, permitting use of knowledge gained into practice, for improved financial gains.


Before the book is read, it certainly pays to know more about the author and his credentials. The author is pretty much the guy next door who witnessed an opportunity in refurbishing old batteries. He chanced upon Frank Thompson picking up used batteries and extending their lives, pocketing a cool margin in between. This sparked an idea, and the rest as they say is history. Coming from an individual who saw the potential and understood it from a layman’s point of view, this book adopts a style and format that is easy to grasp.

Ez Battery Reconditioning


The best part about this book is that it is no EZ battery reconditioning scam. It actually works. And the authors seem to have put the reader first, while drafting the contents. The e-book is organised in a simple format, free from all clutter and in a language that does not create any confusion. All that is required is the book, used batteries, jumper cables, torque wrench and other tools & materials. With simple techniques, it is possible to infuse life into dead batteries and make them almost as good as new.


To begin with, batteries have become a small part of everybody’s life. Batteries are used in the form of car batteries, laptops, inverter batteries, phones, RC kits, appliances, well, quite a lot actually. And this book makes it possible to actually reset the lives of various types of batteries.  Batteries of different voltages and categories, can be refurbished with the techniques spelt out in the ebook. This is probably what makes the book useful to a large number of people, driving away apprehensions of suitability of techniques.


Among the many advantages of grabbing a copy of this ebook, a few are profiled here.

Knowledge Acquisition

This book will create value for the individual. It helps in acquiring knowledge that can be used at any point of time. There really is no age for learning, and the best example is the author himself. At any given point of time, subject to the availability of accessories, it is possible for readers to give life to old batteries.

Simple Easy To Read And Interpret Format

The ebook’s format is the killer. It is simple and in an easy to read format. The contents are explained clearly in a step by step format, permitting readers to follow the guide easily and bring batteries to life.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

Cut Down On Costs

Batteries are used in virtually all areas of everyday life, and this adds to the expenses. It is difficult to lead life without the comfort of appliances. The connected world demands online presence for professional and social requirements. Possessing the knowledge and know how to bring dead batteries to life will cut down on costs considerably.

Potential To Earn Income

Individuals and agencies earn revenues by refurbishing batteries. This book equips the reader to accomplish the same, without having to go in for an expensive workshop or accessories. With just the right kind of accessories, it is possible to turn garages into little business opportunities.

Tips To Source Old Batteries

Cutting down on recurring costs is vital for the success of any venture. And the costs of sourcing old batteries can sometimes become a handicap for individuals with lesser funds to plough into a business initially. The book offers tips on locating old batteries for free. This would actually give a boost to efforts, without having to shell out money.

Guide To Use Meters

The activity involves the use of meters to take readings and the book offers complete guidance on using meters. This is thoughtful, as most readers may not be fully technically aware of how to handle meters and make sense of the readings.

In-depth Examination Of Old Batteries

The ebook shares information on the procedures involved to systematically examine an old battery to ascertain its suitability. Rather than leaving certain aspects open to interpretation, or the creation of grey areas, the book furnishes information on the processes that need to be followed to examine an old battery before considering it for refurbishing.


On the flip side, this activity requires time and dedication. It is certainly not a plug and play type of activity that most readers may be accustomed to. It involves actions and monitoring and the need to spend time for refurbishing. For those who are looking at the shortest ways to cut costs or to make money, this could bring dreams down. While, it is an effective and pretty simple option, without heavy overheads, it requires time.


Feedback from users indicate that they have found reasonably good success in refurbishing old batteries after reading the book. However, most of the users are unanimous that it would be good to source old batteries that have not gone beyond a particular condition. This way it is possible to extricate more out of the battery.

Summing Up The Review

To sum up, the ebook is a simple and effective option to save or earn money without having to invest heavily. And the fact that it comes with a full refund offer swings the deal in its favor. Potential buyers have nothing to lose, as an unsatisfactory experience can be cited as a reason to claim a full refund within the stipulated period. This means that the reader will not lose money, if the book turns out to be not what has been claimed.

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