Forddirect Window Sticker Lookup

forddirect is a website owned by the DVLA, the UK agency responsible for registering vehicles. The site allows small or private businesses to use this official service to create their own MOT certificates and tax discs, print them on demand with forddirect’s printer, then post them anywhere in the world.

By using your V5C registration document number (normally found at the top right of your MOT/tax disc) you can produce an electronic document that displays all of the information held about that vehicle in an official form. You can choose from either a letter-size or A4-size product printed on either white paper or transparent plastic material.

The most popular option is probably the 19mm x 8½” waterproof transparent window sticker which is printed on white plastic, though this may vary depending on your country.

Deciphering window sticker:

When you use one of these two numbers, Ford direct shows three windows stickers for the searched vehicle. The windows sticker has all the specifications for that particular vehicle so it may be helpful in determining what you have. The windows sticker has a few key things that must be considered when deciphering this window sticker:

Ford direct window sticker

Production Month and Day of Vehicle (This cannot always be trusted)

Ford direct uses the 3 letters on the left to tell you the production month, and the remaining numbers indicate the day of production. For this example, I will list all possible combinations, but it must be noted that not many engines were made during certain months depending on the year so some will be left out. January – W February – T March – A April – P May – U June – H July – L August – K September – M October – F November – S December – O Note: The picture above is for 1993 VIN’s; however, other years may have different month codes (i.e.; 1988-1992 use YA as the first letter)

Engine ID Codes i.e.: CxxxxxxxD = R-Code 351, CxxxxxxxA = H-Code 302 etc.

The first set of numbers i.e.: C5AE – D2TC means that this particular engine was a 351ci V8 with 210HP @ 4200 RPM and 315 ft-lbs torque @ 2000 rpm in a vehicle ordered in the US or Puerto Rico in 1993 (Note: This is not always accurate as sometimes these engines were used in other countries) The above example is an R-code 351 also known as the Cleveland engine which has a cast-iron block and heads. Now list below are different possible engines that can be found on a window sticker however, some will not apply to certain years.

Vehicle Order Code (VOC)

For instance: i.e.: Hxxxxxxxxx = High-performance V8 ordered by plant

Air Conditioning and Axle Codes:

YS – Y Fuel Injection and 3.25:1 axle ratio/YQ – YE Fuel Injection and 4.11:1 axle ratio/YS – YF Fuel Injection and 3.50:1 axle ratio/YT – YN “Normal” Fuel Injection and 3.00:1 axle ratio/YL – YD “Luxury” fuel injection and 2.75:1 axle ratio
/YU – YE “Performance” fuel injection and 3.50:1 axle ratio/YE – YF “High Performance” Fuel Injection and 4.11:1 axle ratio
Optional equipment : (If Optional Equipment is checked, there will be a price next to it)

Emissions Control System

F-341 = California / High Altitude Emission control system (Air pump) / EO-F = California Emission Control System (i.e.; air pump, heated Oxygen sensor etc.)


Q1. How do you find a VIN number for my vehicle?

To find a VIN number, go to your local DMV office or ignition interlock provider king on updating our list of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) that can be found through Ford Direct.