A Guide To The Ham Radio Mobile Mounting Solutions

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mobile ham radio setup
mobile ham radio setup

Although there are many ham radio manufacturers the largest of them are ICOM, Yaesu and Kenwood. There are many smaller companies also which produce some great ham radios, like Cobra, Baofeng and Wouxun.

Due to so many companies producing ham radios, there are many mounting options available also. The mounting options are majorly dependent on the radio. The majority of ham radios are used in mobile or marine environments.

The ham radios have a rear knob or clip that can be put into the belt clip. The tabletop versions which are usually large have heads that are detachable. The radios are usually stowed out of human sight and the head is mounted.

The Mounting Of The Handheld Radio:

In majority of the ICOM handheld ham radio models have rear belt clips. This belt clip can be used to attach many mounts that support the radio.

The Yaesu use a variety of method combinations like belt clip to mounting knobs or no clip. The radios which do not have a knob make use of a heavy mount for a bigger mobile phone. More than the width factor the cradle depth is crucial when you are buying the mounts.

When purchasing go for ham radio of which the cradle depth is not less than 1 inch. You should also make sure that it should have adjustable side arms. This is due to avoiding the mishap of arms pressing the button on the side of the radio.

ham radio mounts

As it would be a complete futile exercise to mount a radio which presses the side talk button every time. Mounting of a tabletop HAM Radio frequently requires evacuation of the remote head and afterward putting away the unit itself somewhere else in the car.

The heads regularly require incorporating a mounting bracket for the head, for example, the ICOM MB-63 or Yaesu YK-8900.

You may need to bore a few gaps in the mounting plate to coordinate a standard mounting design called AMPS (fundamental 4 opening rectangular plan) as these are ordinarily used to join the mounting head to the mount itself.

Which Is The Best Location To Mount A Ham Radio?

The perfect location to mount the head of the ham radio is the floor. There are also the seal bolt mounts which attach as the name suggests to the seat bolts mounts. There is an 18 inch gooseneck which is flexible and places the head close to the level of the consol.

But one thing to always ponder upon in that before buying the seat bolt mounts you should make sure that seat bolts are easily accessible. It is fairly easy to attach these mounts with the help of pliers and wrench.

For this you should slide the claw at the mount’s end, which is under the head of the seat bolt, loosen the seat belt and then finally tighten the bolt. To avoid your mount to flop over you should always make sure to tighten the seat bolt.

This part of the wrench is very crucial and you should never forget it. You should never tighten with your hand as it would be a disaster. Another well-known area for a remote head is utilizing a spare cup holder.

ham radio mobile mounts

These mounts incorporate the AMPS plate regular to most HAM Radio head holders. The base extends and agreements to form to most cup holder sizes. These function admirably in conventional cup holders, not very well in cup holders that pull out of the scramble.

You need a strong base for dependability purposes. Their mount remains around five inches from the head of the cup holder and has a gooseneck that can be twisted to get the best point.

Last but not definitely the least location to mount a ham radio is the suction cup mount. This can be attached to the windshield and can be kept at your eye level. It also follows the same pattern of which uses the AMPS plates to attach the head.

The mount can modify at the center and the head with full swivel capacity. Made of unbending plastic, the mount remains consistent while driving.

This mount additionally accompanies a glue dash disk for appending to a dashboard. If picking a pull mount, be sure that it’s lawful to put anything on your windshield as certain states don’t allow mounts to be put on your windshield.


Nothing is more precious than your life, so when you decide to mount a ham radio, just make sure that it does not distract you from keeping your eyes on the road as this can lead to some dangerous accidents and can even cost you your life.

This is as harmful, dangerous and hazardous as texting or reading your mobile messages while driving. So you should always mention caution while using the ham radio.

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