How To Install Garage Door – 12 Easy Tips

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What Is a Garage Door

Garage doors are a very important part of your home. They not only provide protection from the weather, but they also offer security. Installing a garage door is an easy process that can be completed in as little as two hours for an average size single-car garage door to find more info read on this article. If you follow these steps, you will have a properly functioning garage door that will last for years without any difficulties.

What Is a Garage Door?

A garage door is the opening and closing mechanism that provides entry into your home. It also protects your vehicle from inclement weather conditions. The doors are typically made of steel or aluminum, but some people choose to install fiberglass as well.

There are many different types of doors: Swing up, roll-up, sliding, etc., so take a look around the sites to make sure you’re getting the right type for your needs.

What Is a Garage Door

How To Install Garage Door?

First, you will want to ensure that the garage door is centered on its tracks. There should be a balance and symmetry between both sides of the doorway. If this is not properly aligned, then there could be an uneven weight distribution which can cause damage to your opener or other parts of the system.

Next, put some grease onto all moving joints in order to decrease friction and make it easier for them to operate smoothly with less wear and tear over time.

Install Garage Door

This includes: Roller hinges on each side, cables near where they attach at either end (alongside whatever pulleys are being used), crossbars if needed, as well as any connection points around the center section.

Attach one rail into place along what will be the top frame of the doorway and then attach this to one side at a time.

Next, use a level to ensure that it is positioned correctly before attaching anything else.

Put two screws into place on each side and tighten them until they are secure enough so as not to move but not too tight as there will be no give when opening or closing if you overdo it.

There should now only be one rail left for installation which goes along what was the bottom frame of your door in order to create stability while also making room for cables and other parts below it (as well). Put both ends into position with help from a second person, ensuring balance between both sides again by using another level if need be.

Garage Door Installation service

Attach the rail by putting screws into place on both sides and tighten them to secure it.

Next, attach the hardware for your automatic opener which can be found in a kit that is included with purchase of garage door or at most home improvement stores where they are sold individually.

The only thing left now before installing tracks (if you have not already) is attaching the end caps onto each side with their accompanying fasteners so as to fill out any gaps created through installation.

This step will take a few minutes but should not cause much difficulty if screws are correctly inserted from one angle then tightened from another angle opposite of the first screw used until tight enough so as not to move when opening/closing yet loose enough for track movement.

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