How To Maintain Glass Windshields

Although you might need a glass windshield replacement in the near future, you can push it farther in the future by choosing some of the ideas offered on, but you need to read a disclaimer. Applying the tips and maintenance steps will not work for an already damaged windshield. When the windshield is cracked, damaged or needs repair, you should take a better or safer approach which is either to replace or repair it.

Also, ensure you are hiring a professional for the job. Your safety is important and an expert is required to ensure you don’t have a poorly fixed windshield.

Tips For Preventing Glass Or Windshield Repair:

1. Clean The Glass Regularly.

This could be as regular as once or twice a day. It could be once a day, usually before you use the car. Clean the inside and outside by washing. Every day, ensure you wipe with a soft clean cloth. If you are traveling a longer distance, you should consider cleaning it at least twice. Other factors that could determine how frequently you should clean the windshield include the road if it is dusty or the weather especially during winter.

2. Get New Wiper Blades

Once you notice your wipers are not functioning as they should, it means it is time to get a new set of wiper blades. This is especially common if you drive during winter when rainfall and snow are common. You can notice the need for new wipers if your wipers leave scratches on your windshield. Gradually, the problem can compound and it will lead you to seek glass windshield replacement. To avoid this, contact a professional and ask for replacement of wipers.

3. Keep The Distance Between You And The Car Reasonable

One thing is that you will be able to avoid accidents. Another thing is that small stones and pebbles can get caught under the tires of that car and your windshield might be the receiver. Keeping your eyes safe right? But it could leave scratches on the glass windshield and lead to glass windshield replacement in the future. This is not a minor thing as you might think, so you should remember to leave a good distance between you two.

4. Repair Little Cracks As Soon As You Can

A small crack, a stone chip, a little mark – find solutions to any of these as soon as possible. It could be the beginning of a bigger problem, so it is wise to face it when the problem is still small. Prolonging the repair will make a crater to be formed, a pocket of air will formulate within the layer of the small crack, expanding the damage. In fact, if you take this advice seriously, it could save you a lot of cost and insurance will be more willing to pay for such small damage.

5. Keep Your Vehicle Under The Shade

Shades might not available everywhere you go. For instance, shades might not be provided in your place of work. So you have learned to keep your vehicle under the sun as a habit. Hear this: the sun has a list of effects on your windshield; some of them are not very good. It can weaken the strength of the glass and if there is a small crack already, it can worsen it, expanding the cracks further. So to that, when you have the chance, use it. Park under the sun only and only if there is no available shade.

6. Check On Your Car After Someone Else Has Used It.

Especially if that someone else happens to be a teenager, you need to check your car. On a bigger level, this will help you prevent you to quickly determine if there are minor issues on time. Repair little cracks if there is any.

Tips On Cleaning Your Windshield:

To avoid making mistakes, below are some of the tips that can help when you are cleaning the windshield.

  •   Raise your wipers up and apply the glass cleaner you have bought. After application, you will need to keep them up for the till you finish cleaning and the glass dries.
  •   When wiping, move the wiper vertically and repeatedly. Doing this might be difficult for you because of the front of your car and your height. Get a stool and use it to access the unreachable corners. On your first clean, do not rub in a circular motion because streaks could appear on the surface after cleaning.
  •   When cleaning the inside of your windshield, you should put a towel on the dashboard.
  •   Pay more attention to the driver sides.

And these are the steps to take to make your windshield last longer. If you notice any small crack on your windshield, the best decision is to repair the fault. These maintenance practices will not work if your car needs glass windshield replacement.

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