How To Take Good Care Of Your Car Battery


If you have difficult cranking up your engine and get your car started easily, then you could have some problems with the battery. Improper caring of batteries is often considered to be one of the main reasons. This happens quite often and is a regular feature when the weather turns cold. You must ensure that your car is tested and inspected throughout the year and be sure that it is in good working condition at all points of time. following some simple and easy steps could certainly help in keeping the car in good condition.


You Must Inspect The Visual Condition Of The Car Battery

Just having a look at the battery in, around, below and above would perhaps go a long way in solving problems before they arise. If you find that the battery case is bulging, leaking or cracking, you must immediately have the same repaired or if not possible you must have it replaced. Corrosion at the end of the terminals may not avoidable, but you must ensure that they are cleaned regularly. You could do it yourself or it would be still better to take the help of professional battery cleaners to do the job for you.

The Battery Fluid Level Must Be Checked

While many batteries come up with fluid level indicators, there could be some old models where this may not be possible. Under the above circumstances, the best way forward would be to have the fluid checked with the help of a mechanic at regular intervals. Allowing the fluid to dry up would most certainly damage the batteries beyond repair and you must never allow this to happen.

Charge Your Battery Fully

If you are not using the car for a reasonably long period of time on a daily basis, then it is quite likely that they will not be charged fully. In case you are unsure you must take additional steps to ensure that the charging is done thoroughly.  You could buy an automatic charger from the market and this could play a big role in speeding up the process of battery recharge.

Finally, when it comes to winter season the onus lies on you to ensure that you take special care of the batteries so that its life can be extended. Fully charged batteries will freeze only at -76 F while improperly charged batteries could start freezing at -32 F. You also must check your batteries every two the three months and go in for preventive maintenance or else you should consider to the best car battery brand, which can easily work for many years.

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