Most Accurate Fitness Tracker

We all want to remain fit and well informed about our health, isn’t it! These fitness trackers are fabulous small-sized devices that have so much to offer, more than you think. Some of the companies and brands are maintaining top positions in the market these days.

You may find it tricky to choose between a Fitbit and a Garmin or a Xiaomi. We have put our utmost efforts for introducing you to the best fitness trackers with their unique features, to help you in deciding right. An accurate fitness tracker should be capable enough to provide you with precise step counts, heart-rate monitoring, sleep cycles, calories burned, and more. Whenever you buy, just check their compatibility with your cell phone or computer. The manufacturers have come up with advanced versions, with more detailing to suit your modern-day lifestyle.

Most Accurate Fitness Tracker : A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Garmin Vívo Active HR

Garmin vívoactive HR


High Resolution

Long Battery Life

Best Overall

Fitbit Charge 3

Swim Proof

15 Plus Exercise

Made in the USA

Most Affordable

LETSCOM Smart Watch

Sleep Tracking

Heart Rate Monitor

Step Calorie Counter

Top 5 Most Accurate Fitness Tracker : Reviews

Best Overall Fitness Tracker

1. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate Fitness Wristband

Staying healthy is just a bit away with the Fitbit Charge wristband. You can keep track of your calories burned throughout the day, heart rate, pulse continuous, with this automatic wrist band. No uncomfortable chest straps are required, while you perform your workouts, and a clearer picture of your health will be measured. Whatever you do the whole day from climbing floors, track steps, calories burned or distance, you can just be informed with reminders all the time.

A 5-day battery life is the added advantage of the band, and the reminders to walk 250 steps every hour will keep you active the entire day. It will also help in keeping track of your sleep and wake you up with a peaceful alarm. Features multi-sport modes for specific exercises such as weights, yoga, running, and more. Before your workout, you can get a track of the map or route as this one is GPS enabled. The OLED display takes care of all your notifications, calls, text, and calendar. The pace and distance on your wrist can also be seen with the real-time stats.



  • Features a large display screen.

  • You can measure your calorie burn of the entire day, and the workouts can be maximized with the use of simplified heart rate zones.

  • GPS enabled tracker for seeing the real-time stats, on your wrist.

  • Fitbit provides multi-sport tracking with a guided breathing session.

  • Also shows calls, texts and calendar alerts.


  • Screen gets scratched easily.

  • The touch screen may be troublesome.

Best Regularfit Fitness Tracker

Garmin vívoactive HR

2. Garmin Vívo Active HR GPS Smart Watch

This is again another great GPS enabled smartwatch, which will work wonderfully when you run, bike, swim, play golf etc. The wrist circumference measurements are 5.39″ to 7.68″ (137 to 195 mm) and facilitate reading even in the sunlight. The high-resolution features help in receiving notifications (calls, texts, e-mails, social media alerts and more). You can customize for more than 1,300 apps in just one fitness tracker. The display size is 28.6 mm x 20.7 mm with a display resolution of 205 x 148 pixels.

This owns an elevate wrist heart rate technology, with 24/7 heart rate monitoring with an additional strap. You can use it during the day and the night, while the battery can go as long as 8 days with GPS mode for good 13 hours and smartwatch mode for up to 8 days.

Any notifications can be set from your mobile to display when required. This shows compatibility with android 4.4 OS or later, Bluetooth 4.0 or Later and Apple iOS 10.0 or Later, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. This helps in establishing a connection with their IQ store for data fields, widgets and watching face designs.



  • A smartwatch which cab be easily read in the sun-light, touchscreen with high-resolution color.

  • You can have heart rate monitoring 24/7 and no additional strap is required while monitoring at night (while swimming no heart rate monitoring).

  • The battery life is long, that goes on for 8 days with the watch and activity tracking mode.

  • Battery life at GPS mode up to 13 hours and smartwatch mode up to 8 days.

  • Smart notifications can be received from your mobile device after pairing.


  • Durability issues.

Best Water Resistant Fitness Tracker

3. Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Wristband

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an excellent smart wristband that monitors your sleep patterns, activity levels along with distance, pace, calories burned, active minutes and more. With the help of Bluetooth 4.0 you can sync the data to the MI Fit app. A fantastic fitness tracker that works to give smart reminders when you receive messages, phone calls and other FB notifications or more. This provides vibrations to remind you and just by lifting your arm you can view the notifications.

The sleep monitor has the facility to monitor your entire sleep cycle, recognizes the stage of sleep automatically via monitoring the heart-rate. The recording of the sleep duration is done accurately and helps in improving your sleep quality too. This is an IP67 water-resistant wristband and shows adequate durability when used in water. This shows resistance against sweat, cosmetics, water splashes, dust and more.

You can remain relaxed while taking a shower or washing hands. This shows support for Bluetooth 4.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above and iOS 7.1 and above iOS.



  • A fitness tracker that helps in monitoring activity levels, sleep patterns, calories burned, distance, pace, active minutes and more.

  • You get smart reminders when you receive messages, calls and notifications from FB and the vibration will make you know.

  • The sleep monitor automatically recognizes your stage of sleep and monitors the entire sleep cycle and improves sleep quality too.

  • A water-resistant wristband cum watch that remains safe in water, is durable and resistant against cosmetics, dust and sweat.

  • You can get instant statistics, set alarms, notification alerts and other functions.


  • Quality is not good.

  • Warranty issues.

Best Advanced Fitness Tracker

4. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 3 is supposed to be the most advanced fitness tracker from the United States. This measures calorie burn, understands resting heart rate along with a heart rate tracking 24/7. This has a battery for 7 days, that may vary with other factors and the charge time is 2 hours (100 %). The variety is wide from where you can choose, with 15 plus exercises, and modes like yoga, circuit training, bike, swim etc.

Just get the real time stats with this automatic fitness tracker and feel healthier like never before. The track of all kind of speed stages, such as light, deep along with activity trends, health insights. You have the facility of personalized guidance too, and the operating temperature is 10 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius. Water-resistant, swim proof are the features that you will love to have it in your smartwatch, and this has everything. Though having it in a hot tub or sauna is not recommended at all. The GPS helps in measuring the real time pace and distance when you are sweating outdoors. This can easily fit the wrist between 5.5 to 7.1 inches (small sized band), and the wrist between 7.1 to 8.7 inches (large- sized band).



  • Measures calorie burn, and understands resting heart rate and more.

  • The battery life is fantastic and goes on for 7 days, may vary due to other factors.

  • Automatic record time while you are sleeping, following activity trends and more.

  • Water resistant and swim proof too, this gadget is awesome.

  • You can connect to a smart phone GPS for real time pace while you are busy outdoors for your run and rides.

  • Enables you to stay connected while for texts, calls, notifications and more.

  • Radio transceiver for Bluetooth 4.0. with a syncing range up to 6 meters.


  • Inaccurate battery life indicator and step counts.

  • May un sync randomly.

Best Sedentary Alert Tracker

5. LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

This is different from others with a large and stylish display dial, measuring 1.3 inch with a TFT-LCD color touch screen. You can customize your displays, and can view time and date, calories burned, message notifications quicker and easier. Heart rate and sleep monitoring is also done wonderfully with a better understanding of your health. Like the others this also facilitates automatically records and keeps a track of your activities such as distance, calories burned, steps while you control your exercise rhythm and make it more effective.

The LETSCOM enables more smart functions such as music control, incoming call notifications, long press to hang up, 10 alarm clocks, sedentary alerts, wrist sensor, breathing guides and more. A great battery life with a 210mAh battery, which requires 2.5 hours for charging, and can be used for 10 days and a standby time of 30-45 days. The screen adjustments can be done for changing the brightness levels and more.



  • His has a large stylish dial display and the touch screen features 4 customized displays.

  • The fitness tracker measures and monitors heart rate and sleep tracking, while to get a clearer picture of your health.

  • Fitness monitoring can be done for the entire day, and the steps, distance and calories burned are recorded with ease.

  • This also enables a stopwatch functionality and more smart functions like the music control, long press to hang up, timer functionality and breathing guides with sedentary alerts.

  • Possesses a great battery life of up to 30 days and screen brightness adjustments can be done as per your requirements.


  • Improper customer service.

Fitness Tracker Or A Smartwatch

The fitness trackers are designed to measure a lot of things:

  • Heart Rate

  • Exercise duration

  • Active minutes

  • Sleep time

  • Calories burned

  • Sedentary alerts and notifications

  • Steps taken and more

You can simply get a basic model of a fitness tracker in less than 100 dollars. But more detailing can be provided like the ones mentioned above require an advanced tracker. Just for counting steps a fitness tracker doesn’t need to be a smart watch, but knowing your compete sleep cycle, and data tailored routine of weight lifters, skiers, avid swimmers, etc. can be monitored.

Smartwatch being a multi-purpose device enables you to have much more than the typical fitness tracker. The ones we have discussed above are fitness tracker smart wristbands, that are designed with innovation and advanced technology.

Fitness Tracker Or A Smartwatch

The best according to your personal tasteOnce you are clear about the features, you want your fitness tracker to possess then a few more things should be considered.

Accurate Fitness Tracker


As compared to the previous fitness devices, the brands have come up with fantastic technology and innovative features in the latest fitness trackers. The unmatchable qualities, colors, style, varied materials and many other things form a part of a modern-day fitness tracker. Just wear your type of fitness wrist band with style and feel comfy the whole day. You will be surprised to know that some of the fitness trackers can be worn not only on your wrists but can be clipped on your clothing and worn as a pendant too.

Display Features

The watch face like display of a fitness tracker helps in revealing the data by showing numbers, symbols, words and more. Even the apps are used by some of the fitness trackers for LED light display, and the data when brought in sync with the smartphone or computer can help you analyse and interpret things better. All these qualities should be checked by you before you invest in your fitness tracker.


Only when your tracker is compatible with your mobile, lap top or computer then only decide to invest for that. As some of them may work with an Android and not Widows. Just confirm their functionality for best outcomes on your fitness tracker, which your are looking for.


Specific algorithms and sensors for monitoring punches thrown, slept patterns, climbs, and more. There may be some deception as the heart rate monitored may vary than the ones which are strapped to your chest and are more precise. Function-specific device is required for hard data details. The activity tracker receives much better when the transmitting is done from the heart rate monitor strapped to your chest. They work better than the in-device sensors applied to your wrist.

Battery Life

A good battery life is always good news. The fitness trackers come with a battery life that can go from days to months. Some also run on coin cell batteries that may be used in cameras or your calculators. A fleet of sensors are available along with LED lights, touch screen facility in a tracker, that needs to be charged for best results on a frequent basis. The draining of the battery can occur due to various factors. So, decide it accordingly, after knowing all the features properly.

Water-Resistant And Swim Proof

A fitness tracker that is swim proof and water-resistant will always prove helpful. You can still keep a track of your steps, exercise duration, active minutes and more whenever and wherever you are. If you are taking a shower and going fo r the swim

Tracker By Price

They are available in a vast range, and buy the one that suits your style and pocket both. Don’t overburden your budget as you can change your fitness tracker and go for another after a specific time.

The Final Verdict:

We wish that by now you are pretty clear about the fitness trackers along with their features and qualities. You can actually keep a track of your health and heart with these cute devices.Our first choice is the Fitbit Charge 3 and purchasing a one will undoubtedly give you happiness. Invest in the best and stay healthy like never before.