6 Things To Do Before Moving Your Family To Switzerland

If you are thinking about relocating to Switzerland, there are certain things you need to do first before making the big move. 

Preparing For Immigration And Registration

You are permitted to visit Switzerland without registration as a tourist for up to ninety days. However, it is not allowed to work during this time. Working in Switzerland for more than eight calendar years per annum also necessitates a work permit. All non-Swiss usually require some form of immigration authorization to work in Switzerland, or a combined residence and work permit. Besides, all newcomers must register their local town hall within eight days after entering Switzerland before their first working day. Make sure you are familiar with what is expected from you before moving.


Selecting the right school for your kids requires you to be open-minded, organized, and well-informed. You need to think about:

Birthdate and age of your children.

The personalities of your kids.

Prior-school experience.


How long you’ll be staying in Switzerland.

Where your children’s futures will be centered.

If you can afford private school tuition.


It is time to decide whether you’ll be transferring all, none or part of your personal belongings, household goods, and furniture.

Things to consider:

  • Length of time you’ll be spending abroad.
  • Family situation.
  • If you’ll be subletting your home.

There are many moving agencies, but you have to pick a reliable mover like Packimpex Swiss Moving Services that specialize in international household goods shipping. They can also assist you in finding housing in Switzerland. Before the move, you will have to find temporary or permanent accommodation. The process of finding permanent housing is complex, and the prices are very high. Besides, the entire home-find and leasing process typically takes place in the local languages of German, French, or Italian. It is highly recommended to enlist the support of a relocation specialist to prevent pitfalls and potentially pricey mistakes.

Preparing Your Pet For The Move

Custom requirements and regulations for bringing pets to Switzerland are stringent and change all the time, contingent on the animal and country of origin. This is mostly because of the level of risk for rabies in the country of origin. Quarantine may be necessitated.

Deciding Whether You’ll Be Needing A Vehicle

You may decide that you will need a vehicle in Switzerland. First, you must clarify whether you’ll be importing your present vehicle or purchase a new one locally after arrival. If you are deliberating on importing your car, you can save significantly if you plan six months ahead of time or more. Just bear in mind the costs involved with possible modifications that may be required to comply with CO2 / Swiss specifications and pollution requirements. It can be pricey for cars that are designed for non-European markets. Obtaining replacement cars for repairs to your vehicle can also be tricky.


It is obligatory by law to have Swiss health insurance when living in Switzerland. A basic healthcare policy is needed that covers most of the necessary medical fees resulting from illness. Contingent on your individual needs or health situation, extra options may be necessitated. Within three months after arriving in Switzerland, you’ll be required to offer proof of health insurance coverage to the local authorities. Personal insurance is also a requirement if you are renting accommodation.

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