Packaging And Storage Tips For The Big Move


When all your paperwork is finished and everything is ready for the big move, the only thing left to do is start packing up your things and furniture. While you are in the process of packing up for the trip on the go and choosing between which things to keep or throw away and replace in your new place, we often forget the proper way to package each item. Reliable services such as Destin movers can provide excellent work with keeping our precious cargo safe but you can do a little something extra for each item to ensure its safety even further. We narrowed down several common things that you would be packing and the best way to have them packed.


Packing And Storage Tips For Your Smoothest Move

Chinaware And Glassware

Most people would usually wrap their precious china and glassware with newspaper as newspaper is very easy to obtain and doesn’t cost as much, making it an option for those on a tight budget. However, it also has a disadvantage as it can’t properly cushion the item if the trip to the new house isn’t particularly smooth.

When packing chinaware, glassware and other fragile objects, although a bit cliché, use bubble wrap or packing peanuts. You can use these options in conjunction with layers of newspaper. When packing plates and bowls, store them face up each other while adding cushion in-between by wrapping each individual piece before you bundle them up. The same can be for mugs and glasses where they also have to be packaged individually and placed upside down with the mouthpiece on the bottom of the box.

Clothes, Casual And Formal

For everyday clothing items like shirts and jeans, you can go about packing them in two ways. For the classic route you can simply place them into a case as these things are designed to move around clothes and other amenities or you can simply pack them up nicely inside a box.

For more special clothes such as evening gowns, tuxedos and business suits, it is advisable to place them inside clothing dust bags as this can help in not only with storing the clothes but also in retaining its shape and quality. Investing on a set of a few bags will go a long way as it can still be reused for storage purposes.

Electronic Devices And Wires

For devices, it is usually good to pack them back into the boxes they came with if you still have them. It is also a good habit to keep said boxes for this reason. This not only makes it easy to identify your devices but also keeps them secured. For the wires, you can use cable ties or velcro to bind them to prevent the wires from tangling. You further improve this by using a rubber band to bind together the device with its wires to make it easier to manage.


Books And Documents

Books and documents are usually just placed inside boxes. You can improve it by placing dividers inside the boxes and placing them inside. It keeps the books in an upright and secured position while also maximizing capacity. For documents you can place them inside clearbooks or folders. Don’t just place them into boxes as is as it can cause damages which can tear up and destroy the documents.

Artworks And Collectibles

If you are a hobbyist or enthusiast who likes to collect things like artworks or figurines, it can be difficult to package these things. For figurines it is advisable to store them back into their boxes or similar ones and pile them up with others while placing packaging peanuts to fill up any gaps. For artworks it can be a little bit complicated and it would be better to consult a professional, however if you are confident, you can try this:

  1. Cover the front portion of the canvas with non-stick paper like newspaper.
  2. Add cardboard covers on the edges of the frame to prevent it from getting chipped.
  3. Wrap it with packaging material. This can range from bubble wrap or cling paper.
  4. Package it inside a box with shredded paper or packaging peanuts.
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