Is Power Recliner Better Than Manual? – (Updated 2021)

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manual vs power recliner
manuel vs manual

Manual Recliners VS Power Recliners – The Main Differences

Invest in the right type of recliner by choosing smartly and wisely.

This is a major question that concerns all who are interested in recliners, which one is most comfortable recliner to buy manual or power? Be it the power or manual recliners both are available in varied shapes, sizes, models colors and brands. It’s obvious that the variety may be overwhelming, but the proper knowledge is must when you need to invest in a sofa. The differences between the regular, manual or power recliners should be clear before you choose the right one, that suits your needs and fits in your budget. Both the options are provided by many brands along with other features that should be a part of a recliner.

This article will surely make you understand better and choose right. Let us explore more:

1. The Number Of Locking Positions

The recliners come with many locking positions that are offered by the manufacturer in power or manual recliners both. There can be up to 48 different positions that you can change and use in a manual recliner. The power recliners can make you experience an infinite amount of combinations to sit comfortably along with ease to change the foot rest positions and locking chair combinations by your choice.

Furniture Powers

The electronic buttons that are present on the seats help in doing so. Head tilt and lumbar support can be adjusted with the power recliners and not the manual ones.

2. Power Source

The power source is the main thing that a how does a power recliner works on and this is a new concept in today’s era than the age-old manual recliners. The power recliners are adjusted and controlled by using buttons and this is possible by electrical movements. While the manual recliners use the conventional method of making any kind of adjustments. The power recliners are more desirable as they are automatic and easy to use.

Leather Electric Recliner Sofa

The wall socket and rechargeable batteries work well for a power recliner. In case of any elderly or person who has undergone surgery, the automatic ones are more preferred than the manual ones.

3. The Weight Of The Recliner

Power Recliners are a bit heavier as compared to the manual recliners, as the former has mechanical equipment that is fitted in it. You can more easily move the manual recliners than the power recliners, but the company provides ample service for assembling a power recliner.

Lazy Boy Electric Recliner Troubleshooting

The manual recliners use a lever or are supposed to be pulled or pushed by hand whenever required.

4. Extra Features

These recliners are another name of luxury as the heat and massage provision is also a part of power recliners. So much luxury in your house, that can make you have complete relaxation. These features require a power source to operate, and are not present in manual recliners.

Automatic Recliner

Do Power Recliners Break Down

Although power recliners are built to last for long periods, in fact, far longer than a manual recliner, still they run the risk of breaking down if you don’t maintain them properly.

Being a wonderful combination of electrical, mechanical and hydrualic mechanism, there are ample parts in a power recliner that can break down – Motor, Electronic parts, wires, transformers and even the fibre fillings get wore down after continuos usage for multiple years.

After discussing the differences let’s look at the pros and cons of recliners.

How Much Do The Power/Manual Recliners Last?

How you handle and how frequently you use your power/manual recliner will also determine its life-span. There is another extremely important factor and that is the intensity with which you use your recliner.

This may include the weight it bears, rising, reclining, the pressure exercised while you kick back etc.

How Much Do The PowerManual Recliners Last

With the simple mechanics these recliners may last between 10-20 years provided you look after it properly the way it does for you. Even the manual recliners can last long if proper care is taken similar to that of power recliners.

A balanced approach is advised to follow if you need to use the recliner for certain kinds of heavy-duty application. You should keep your actions that should cause minimal wear and leave your recliner in good condition to serve you for years to come.

Can Power Recliners Be Operated Manually?

As obvious as it may sounds but the power recliners for operating need an electric power source. On the other hand, the manual recliners are operated by your body weight, are or shoulder. You just need to raise the handle after reaching down, to lift up the footrest. There are 16 reclining positions through which you can rock through just with the weight of your body.

The Pros And Cons Of A Manual Recliner


  • Less expensive components form a part of a manual recliner and this makes them a less expensive option to invest in. If you are tight or restricted on your budget then go for a manual recliner.

  • These are chairs that are manually powered and very less effort is required to repair and maintain them on a regular basis.

  • They are light in weight and can be shifted anywhere with extreme ease and comfort.


  • They are not durable like that of the power recliners and have a shorter life span. More wear and tear hassles tend to happen with these.

  • At times the manual recliners may be a bit uncomfortable as their adjustments come with less changeable options and the headrest and foot stand may move together in some of them. Even they have to be operated manually, giving you more discomfort.

  • LA-Z-Boy is a wonderful brand and you can choose the best recliner from what the company is offering. Do go through the detailed analysis that we have tried to do for you, and make your search less complex and go for a smart choice!

The Pros And Cons Of Power Recliners


  • Any person who is differently abled (mentally) or is elderly, then the power sourced recliners are a boon. The reason is that they will require the least strength to operate. These are loved by people all over who have physical impairments.

  • Even the insurance gives coverage for the power recliners as the people with medical necessity tend to make use of them and are unable to use the regular recliners.

  • A huge variety of changing positions and settings can be done while you are on a power recliner, and the parts can be made to move separately.

  • They are more durable and have a great life span as don’t have wear and tear issues. The electrical operation gives them ample robustness.

  • Some downsides, as there are two sides of a coin.


  • The power recliners are expensive as compared to the manual or regular recliners.

  • They are heavy in weight and difficult to move in your house, or shifting from one floor to the other. The motor fitted inside along with the mechanical parts make them quite heavy.

  • The power source or socket is a must to be near to them as these require electric supply.

  • Any kind of repair costs (any brokerage or damage) are expensive of any of the parts that are fitted inside them.

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