Useful Tips On How To Prepare Your Dog For A Relocation

Moving can be stressful for humans, not to mention animals. But with planning, preparation, and affection, you can help your furry friend with getting through the process and quickly adjusting to the new place. These tips are mainly for dogs, but some can be applied to other pets too.

Planning Ahead

  • Buy a pet ID tag with information like your new address, your telephone number and put it on your dog before the move. In the event of your dog getting lost during the move, you can be contacted.
  • Opt for a pet microchip. If he’s already chipped, make sure the new information is updated.
  • Check for a veterinarian in your new areas so that when your pets are getting ill, you will be prepared.
  • Always use a pet transport company that is efficient with pet transfers.

 Preparing Your Dog

  • Maintain your regular routine and don’t veer off the existing feeding and walking schedule before and after your move.
  • Assist a nervous pet with becoming more at ease. Before moving, place some moving boxes where he can see it, move them around and just act natural so that he can become more familiar.
  • Gradually familiarizes them with their crate/carrier a few weeks prior to the move. It helps to place a few of his favorite toys inside. Then place a treat in there every day and eventually put his meals inside the open carrier. This will help them get used to eating their meals inside the carrier even with the door shut. Make sure you reward your pet with treats and playtime afterward. You can find more helpful pet-related articles on Fuzzy Rescue.

On The Big Day

  • You can either leave your dog with family, boarding facility, or a friend, or you can keep them in a silent room with the door shut and soft music playing. Leave familiar things with him like a soft blanket, his favorite toys, and fresh water. Place a sign on the door so that the movers don’t let him out accidentally.
  • Some movers don’t want pets at the house during packing, due to liability issues, therefore, check with them before the time.

  • Settling into the new house
  • Everything will be unfamiliar to your dog, therefore, slowly introduce him to every toom talking in a reassuring voice. Eventually, he would want to stay close to the family. Avoid leaving him in a room by himself since this will only make him anxious.
  • Introduce his bed, food, toys, and water in the same spots where it was in your old home. If his food dishes were close to the backdoor before, be sure to place them there again.
  • If the new home has steps, but your previous one didn’t guide your pet by putting a leash on him and gently show him how to do one step at a time. Reward him with plenty of praise so that he can gain self-confidence on the steps and start loving his new home.

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