Tips To Hire The Right Car For Your Next Trip

Planning to go for a long road trip or on a vacation? Then hiring a rental car could be the ideal option. It would be an excellent option that would be value for money and at the same time, you would have the freedom to enjoy the destinations. Want to know how to hire the right rental car service? Read further…

Tips to Hire the Perfect Rental Service

Before you reach the renting spot, the car you have chosen must be available at your service in good condition. Make sure safety checks are done properly. There are several agencies that help you with car rental services. Ace Rent A Car offers the best car hire in Perth at a reasonable price. Before you finalize your car, check for the quality services and deals offered by the service provider.

Make sure they provide you with a well-maintained vehicle and also offer personalized services at a minimal rate. Also, check whether they have branches located at various places – this might come in handy during your road travel.

Tips that must be taken care before you finalize your Rental Car:

Go for Car Hire Brokers – Check with the various brokers and try to make price comparison before you finalize it. You can check with various brokers from different sites – each broker has their own price range and rules. The pricing does not include the same options, so make sure you check properly before you book one.

A few brokers may have offers and deals – check with the various options available with the service provider and ensure you pay only for what you use.

Check the Insurance Options – Before you hire the car, read the insurance document thoroughly. Read completely and make sure what is included and what not. If the insurance covers unwanted things which makes you pay more – you can either request the service provider to change it or you can check with other service providers.

If you’re going to rent a car only for a few hours, an insurance policy on daily basis would be the ideal choice. It won’t cost you more. But if you’re planning to go for a long trip and if you’re a frequent traveler then go for an annual policy.

Check the Fuel Type and Usage Policy – Check the kind of fuel your vehicle uses; filling the wrong type of fuel could cause a major damage to the vehicle. When you go for picking up your vehicle, check whether the fuel tank is full, half, or less than that. Some rental agencies ask you to make payment for a full tank but return the vehicle with an empty tank – with no unused fuel.

This has been a common issue that has been raised frequently, so it is better you avoid this option.

Book in Advance – Book your car well in advance either through online or go in person. Service providers provide you with better offers and deals when you book in advance. If possible, try booking up well in advance, say three months or even before that. Check for the top-rated rental agencies – they would always come up with the best deals and pricing.

Check for Age Restrictions – Some agencies come up with age restriction policy. They might charge you different prices if you fall into their age group category. Say for members who are below the age of 21, they provide you with rental drivers and would charge you premium pricing. If you are 25 years old, they might restrict you from high performance and racing vehicles.

A few rental service providers might not rent cars for people who are above the age of 70 or at times they might charge you an extra fee.

Damage – Make sure your car does not have any physical damage, not even a minor scratch or mark when you pick it up. Record each and everything in the contract and make sure you have given it a thorough read. Also, if possible ask the agencies to take a photo of the marks and scratches before you pick up the car.

Be Ready for the Unexpected Charges – On returning your car, at times, you may be charged for an extra fee. Request for a proper explanation and documents that support the exact reason for that extra charge.

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