Helpful Safety Tips For Moving Interstate

When you are moving to another State, avoid hiring just any mover blindly. Make sure you meet with the team beforehand, ideally at your home. The removalists must be able to provide you with a rough estimate by reviewing the size of your home and some of your belongings.

Here Are A Few Safety Tips To Consider When You Are Making Use Of A Removalist:

  • Avoid hiring a company that isn’t insured. A reliable removal company will have coverage for general liability, worker’s compensation, auto insurance as well as property value.
  • Never leave valuable items such as jewelry, money or important documents in the moving truck. Keep them on your person.
  • Don’t consider the price as the primary factor when choosing the right mover. You must take into account skills, knowledge of the community, family or friend recommendations and professionalism.
  • Avoid disturbing the movers while they are performing tasks, especially when they are moving heavy furniture or objects as this could lead to damages or injuries.
  • When you are using an Interstate moving company, it should be noted that certain prohibited items are prohibited from being moved across state lines.

Prohibited Items For Moving Across State Lines:

  • Explosives, i.e., Hydrogen, Calcium Hypochlorite, Ammonium Nitrate, Peroxide, and Sodium nitrate.
  • Corrosive substances, i.e., Sulphuric acid, Oxides, Caustic soda, and Hydrochloric Acid.
  • Poisonous & Toxic Substances, i.e., Weed killers, Arsenic, Pesticides, Detergents, Radioactive materials, liquid polishes and anything that may show visible signs of molding.
  • Miscellaneous items, i.e., Car Batteries, Fire Extinguishers, Life rafts, Scuba tanks, Aerosol cans, Spearguns, Car batteries, Igniters, Chemistry sets, Home soft drink makers, Firearms, Propane tanks, Pressurized vessels, Gas cylinders, etc. So, either you can skip these items or else you can talk to some good courier company like Classic Couriers who can help you with this situation and give some valuable advice on how you can send this small items via courier too.

Exceptions Relating To Moving Of Dangerous Goods:

  • Liquid petroleum gas bottles must be emptied entirely and kept at a safe distance from ignitable sources.
  • Lawnmowers or other gardening equipment must be emptied and, there must be no oil or fuel residue in the tank of any motorized equipment.
  • Scuba diving tanks can be hazardous if they are filled and the pressure builds up inside. Therefore, it is imperative to release the pressure and make sure the valves are opened or removed completely for safe removal.
  • Certain weapons such as handguns or replica guns that are not automatic and air rifles are allowed to be moved after the firing mechanism is removed or disabled.

Other Moving Safety Tips To Consider:

  • Avoid the overloading of boxes and keep the load at a weight that can easily be handled.
  • Always ensure that you’re using boxes that are sturdy and suitable for relocation.
  • Always tape the boxes up properly.
  • Sharp items such as scissors and knives must be packed with extra padding.
  • Items that include flammables (petrol or gas), acids, paint boxes must be left behind.


There are safety factors that need to be considered irrespective if you’re using a removal company or not. For a person that is not experienced in moving house, it can be easy to make a few mistakes that can end up costing you time, money and cause safety concerns.

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