SMS Marketing- What is it? How to avail of its maximum benefits? Leveraging best practices for the better results

SMS marketing

SMS marketing

Introduction to SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing refers to the practice of sending marketing campaigns or transactional messages via text message (SMS). Your brand and marketing is critical. To gain consumer trust, you need to create a relationship with the customer that they can trust and depend on. This means building relationships with your customers through conversations about their experiences rather than just trying to sell them things or sign them up for services. You should be able to express empathy for what your clients are going through. This is where SMS marketing comes.

Text messages have become the most direct method of contact for individuals who are increasingly reliant on their phones. Therefore, this has resulted in SMS marketing becoming one of the most productive means of communication when done in a suitable manner.

Top Tactics And Practices For Carrying Out SMS Marketing

Ensure that your customers have consented to receive messages

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your contacts have opted in to receive messages from you before sending them text messages. The FCC requires that every message sent must include a clear opt-in method (like a checkbox) where users can choose whether they want to receive future messages from your company or not. This ensures that only interested people will see your texts and helps keep spam complaints down as well!

Refrain from sending messages at the wrong time

People are more likely to open text messages right away since they are only looked at a few times each day (at most). This is great for urgent communications; therefore, make sure not to misuse this ability by contacting them at odd hours of the day. There are regulations on when you may send marketing text messages in some countries, e.g., France forbids SMS marketing on Sundays, holidays, and after 10 PM.

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Remember to mention your company’s name in the message

Most companies send bulk SMS messages through a shortcode, which means your contacts won’t know it’s from you. That is why, in the first place, you must inform your contacts who is sending the message. Just think, will you ever want to send a promotional voucher to your clients and then let them wonder where it came from? Will you? Obviously no.

Incorporate SMS to enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing campaign

The appeal of digital marketing is that it offers so many ways to communicate with your consumers. These channels work in a combination to form a marketing communication system that allows businesses to develop connections with customers and leads at a large scale.

SMS and email marketing are two platforms that work well together. You may use both channels to construct campaigns, with emails utilizing more detailed information and SMS being used for more time-bound and priority-based information.

Why is SMS considered an effective mode of marketing?

The omnipresence of smartphones

SMS is a powerful tool for reaching consumers directly. As per the data of 2019, 81% of Americans now own a smartphone. SMS is an excellent method to connect with your consumers online since you may include a link in this text and drive web interaction.

Shutting off email loops

Email and SMS marketing has many parallels in their execution, but they’re most effective when used together. As previously said, you may utilize SMS to deliver immediate updates. On the other hand, Email is mostly used for delivering a longer form of content.

SMS has higher engagement rates

Do you know SMS’s engagement rate is highly enormous compared to emails? Within three minutes of receiving an SMS message, 90% of them are read. This makes SMS a highly efficient mechanism for delivering important information with a high success rate.

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A practical choice for emerging markets

SMS is a much more cost-effective channel to communicate information if your organization is attempting to operate in areas where data costs are high, and Wi-Fi is less widespread.

Working Mechanism of SMS marketing

As opposed to complete phone numbers, shortcodes are used to send text message (SMS) marketing messages. These shortcodes might be linked with a single sender or shared among multiple senders.

In some countries, like the United States, sender information cannot be modified. As a result, if your provider used a shortcode to send the message (not from your business), it will appear as a text message. Therefore, it is critical to include your company’s name in the text of this message.

2 types of messages that can be sent with SMS marketing


These are referred to as traditional “one-to-many” bulk text messages. They are used to delivering promotional messages related to coupons, sales, and so on. They are also used to provide general information related to event details, updates, weather alerts, etc.

Transactional- These messages are “one-to-one” communications that occur as a result of a specific event or action. An order confirmation, for example, is an instance of this. These communications provide essential and up-to-date information to each person.

Utility of SMS Marketing

SMS can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Let’s get an insight into them to better understand what you can achieve with it and how it might benefit your business.

Promotional offers for retail or e-commerce firms

Coupons and special offers are a fantastic method to get more people to your business. If you have a limited-time sale or promotion, then it is essential that as many people must hear about it as possible. SMS is an excellent way to deliver these offers, especially if you want to notify consumers while they’re on the move so that they don’t miss out the worthy deals.,

Immediate updates regarding events and orders of customers.

There are a lot of moving elements to an event’s planning and execution. The more people attend the event, the more difficult it is to convey relevant information to everyone. You can quickly inform clients or staff about any changes, cancellations, important information, or updates using SMS. It provides you with greater real-time interaction as compared to Email or other modes of communication.

It saves you from unnecessary hassles.

You know the irritation of having clients cancel or postpone appointments and showing up late. Client non-attendance is far more frustrating. It means you may have missed out on other engagements because a particular time slot was utilized. Sending reminder text messages is a great approach to ensure that customers do not miss their appointments and arrive on time.

A convenient way to send internal alerts

It might be challenging to convey critical information related to office closures, emergency news, etc., to everyone all at once if you have a large staff. You may email them, but they are more likely to miss it. SMS is an excellent approach to ensure that everyone receives your message on time.

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Which type of businesses can benefit from SMS marketing services?

Regardless of your industry, text messages can be an excellent tool to supplement your digital marketing efforts. They provide a unique capability of delivering crucial information in a highly reliable manner.

Businesses whose operation is ineffective without the use of SMS marketing.

Travel Industry

Customers want real-time information when they are traveling from one place to another. Therefore, SMS marketing services can provide emergency notifications like flight delays or cancellations, which is especially useful during bad weather conditions when flights get delayed or canceled frequently due to airport closures and other issues related to the safety of passengers flying at high altitudes in low visibility condition.

The businesses that require appointments

Sending SMS reminders to your clients makes sure they never miss any upcoming appointments. This will save your great deal of time and money spent on no-shows and late cancellations.

E-commerce businesses

E-commerce businesses can use SMS messaging to send order confirmations and shipping updates as an effective customer service channel. This will keep their customers informed about their orders without having to pick up the phone or send emails back and forth. It’s quick, easy, and convenient for everyone involved!

Large size organizations

Internal communication is critical, but it’s difficult to reach out to every employee in a large corporation. Email is too sluggish for delivering urgent information. Using SMS for internal communication is the most effective method of ensuring that everyone receives the desired information at the right moment.

The Bottom Line

It has been clearly understood that SMS marketing effectively reaches customers and keeps them engaged. It’s also a great way to build brand awareness, increase sales, and improve customer retention. The best part is that it doesn’t take much time or effort. The time-sensitive information will be delivered and consumed by the target audience in significantly less time. It’s fast, easy, and affordable.

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