Supercab Vs Supercrew

Supercab Vs Supercrew

The 2010 Ford F-150 has two different cab styles: regular cab and super cab. Both cabs are available in single or crew-length bed configurations, although the super crew is only available with a long box.

Generally speaking, Supercrews provide more front and rear space than supercabs. This is partly due to the different rooflines and additional structures to support the more considerable length of the Supercrew’s box.

Furthermore, the greater body height provides standing room in both cab and bed for taller passengers and cargo, making it easier to enter and exit the vehicle and valuable tools and equipment.

Despite the same appearance, do they perform the same? Both models share cab and bed dimensions, but there are differences in storage space, seating capacity, and headroom.

Supercrew Vs Supercab

Here is a side-by-side comparison of these two popular trucks:

Seating Capacity:

Supercab has a seating capacity for six passengers, while the Supercrew can seat four people plus offer an additional rear jump seat which can hold three passengers comfortably. The two seats in the back can fold up into the floor when not being used or they can be pulled out and locked into place if needed by your family on a long, cross country trip.

Storage Space:

Supercab has the edge in storage space because it offers three large compartments for plenty of storage. The glovebox is small but can hold several items like manuals, registration papers, etc. There’s also a center console between the front seats to store your cell phone, keys, wallet, etc… Lastly, there are two cupholders located in the rear armrest.

The Supercrew only has one large compartment and no other storage area save for two smaller cup holders found in the rear armrest that flips down.

Headroom for both models:

Headroom is about the same in both models due to their roof design which allows you to slide into your seat rather than climb up into it, which means neither model provides any additional headroom.

Overall Dimensions:

The wheelbase is the same length on both models because they share the same platform. Track width is also the same, which means neither truck will be affected by turns and will ride the same whether loaded down with cargo or towing a trailer behind it.

The overall height of both models is identical as well, but if you opt for the Supercrew, you’ll have more ground clearance when driving off-road or through deep water thanks to its front axle being one inch higher than on the Supercab model.

On average, there are about two inches between your head and roof in both trucks – enough room to slide around easily if needed, but not too much that you’re constantly bumping your noggin on it. Tow ratings are the same for both, but because the Supercrew has a lower front end, you’ll benefit from better aerodynamics if towing a trailer behind it – resulting in slightly better gas mileage.

Ford F-150 supercab vs supercrew

Weight of the two models

Both models share the same weight and, as such, will be affected by similar handling conditions when loaded down with cargo or pulling a trailer behind it. This is not good news for those who need to haul heavy loads daily, as carrying such hefty loads will negatively impact fuel economy and ride quality due to more stress on the suspension system – especially if your truck doesn’t have an upgraded suspension system. Traction will be limited when driving off-road due to their tires, which do not provide much of an off-road grip.

Payload capacity

Both models can tow up to 9,300 pounds and carry a payload capacity of 3,300 lbs max. At the same time, off-roading will be similar on both due to their tires and some standard features that are useful when driving off-road such as hill descent control which is found only on higher trims for each model (XLT and Lariat trims).

With its front axle being one inch higher than on the Supercab, the Supercrew will have an edge when heading off-road due to better visibility. Its higher ground clearance can clear obstacles faster.

Availability to order or purchase these models online?

These models are available for order online, where you can configure them to your liking and get quotes from various dealerships nearby before deciding who will get your business. You won’t find the Supercrew here: or the Supercab here:

Fuel System:

Both trucks have V8 engines, which provide more power over their competitors. Still, only the super crew has an edge in fuel economy compared to its closest competitor due to having standard 20 mpg combined vs. only 16 mpg combined.

That’s because the super crew has a lower front end which helps aerodynamics, so while towing a trailer behind it, you’ll enjoy better gas mileage than its predecessor Supercab model.


Pricing for both models is about the same, with only a few hundred dollars difference between the two – but you may find better pricing on these models if purchased used rather than new because of their popularity and high demand among truck enthusiasts.

Both trucks can be purchased brand new at any Ford dealer, or you can check out your local Craigslist to see what deals might be found if purchasing it used.

Which one should I buy?

Before answering the above question, question yourself: “What do you want to use your new truck for?”, if you are clear with your answer, then cross-check the choice with the parameters given above. It will determine if a SuperCab or a SuperCrew is the best choice.

For example, if you want the extra space in the back seat, a SuperCrew would be better. If you need room for tools and equipment, then a SuperCab might be better. Before purchasing one, do some research on cab sizes and various important parameters and what fits in which size, style, and shape.

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