Synthetic Blend VS Fully Synthetic: Which One Is Best For You?

full synthetic oil vs synthetic blend

The motor oils like synthetic blend oil and the fully synthetic oil are mostly used in high-performance cars for better engine performance. Engine oil improves the functioning of the engine and provides a better life span to the vehicle.

The debate regarding which engine oil is better either synthetic blend or fully synthetic has been started by mid-1960s when for the first time synthetic blend oil was introduced.

Although fully synthetic oil which is also known as superior choice protects the engine and ensures long-lasting functioning is mostly highly-priced. Whereas, the manufactures find synthetic blend oil is to be a pocket friendly and a better alternative for the fully synthetic oil.

But there are many other features which one offers and the other doesn’t. So let’s find out which one is worthy of the purchase.

Synthetic Blend VS Fully Synthetic Oil

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic blend oil is a mixture of traditional motor oils & synthetic bases stocks. The oil performs better than traditional or conventional oils. The oil is usually used for the smooth & better functioning of the car’s engine.


  • Cost-effective

  • Avoids Wear and tear

  • Enhances the Oil life

  • Best suitable for Heavy-duty use

What Is Fully Synthetic Blend Oil?

Fully synthetic blends are similar to the synthetic blends. The oil is made up of a synthetic base with a mixture of additives. Different additives have been used by different companies.


  • Superior wear protection

  • Engines cleaner.

  • Enhances the oil life

  • Best suitable for heavy-duty use

The Key Difference Between Synthetic Blend Vs. Fully Synthetic Oil


Cost is one of the primary factors which are always kept in mind. The synthetic oil is pocket friendly as it is a mixture of conventional oils. The price of synthetic oil is also closer to the price of traditional oils.

While fully synthetic oils are high prices in the comparison. The price difference between both the oils is nearly about 30 per cent.

Engine Efficiency:

The fully synthetic oil offers better-improved protection against wear and tear of the vehicle. The oil provides high-level protection as well as prevents it from breaking down even at the higher temperatures. The oils works protect the engines that are engaging in the work of heavy lifting. For example: pulling up a motorboat. The oil protects the vehicle under harsh circumstances.

The Longevity Of The Life:

The fully synthetic oil is better in terms of the life it provides to the engine. Where synthetic blends need to be changed after every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, fully synthetic blends lasts for 10,000 to 15,000 miles.

Long Term Use:

According to the statistics, 45% use a synthetic blend. While experts suggest using fully synthetic oil as it provides better stability, improved chemical variation prevents the oil sludge concerns and thermal breakdown better performance in extreme temperature as well as the greater resistance to the oxidation. All these features of the fully synthetic make it a worthy purchase to buy.

Summary Of The Oils:

The experts say,

Best = fully synthetic oil

Better = synthetic blends oil

Good = mineral motor oil.

Kindly Keep In Mind That There Is “No Bad” In “Mineral Motor Oils”.

Choosing The Best Suitable Motor Oil For Your Car:

If you can afford to pay for fully synthetic oils, then go for it but if you can’t then definitely synthetic blend oils are a worthy purchase. They also protect your vehicles and cut down the hassles related to changing of the automobile’s oil frequently and deposits.

While purchasing any oil, for once refer its manual book and use that particular oil. Changing the oil will not harm your vehicle but keep a record over the mileage if any time you change your oil.

Do check the viscosity of the oil as the oil specification every time you purchase the oil.

what is synthetic blend oil

Which Is The Better One?

By comparing both the oils, most of the people say fully synthetic oil is the better one. It is one of the best possible purchases for protecting their cars as it covers all the necessary protection the engine needs. It will protect your engine for many years which keeps an edge over the synthetic blends.

Although synthetic blend also protects against wear and tear of the engine but not at the greater extent like fully synthetic oil do.