TAC Visors Review

TAC Visors

A small window shield, the Tac Visor is the product put forward by Bell + Howell. The company was established in 2017 and soon in April 2018, the company launched the Tac Visor which was a massive hit among the users.

Do your eyes hurt while driving on a day when the sun glares directly into your eyes? Or you are unable to drive at night when the car’s headlight flashes into your eyes making you blind for some time? Well, then this product aims to free you from the daily driving hassles.

But is it worth try? Does it work?

To know the product in better detail, we took this product to a car expert, Robert M. Salvatore, and let’s see what he has to say about the product.

TAC Visors Review

TAC Visors

Features claimed by the product:

  • Offers amazing light filtering

  • Blocks the glare without clogging vision

  • Tend to increase the color perception

  • Simple and quick installation process and adjustment

The Tac Visor Review:

Being ranked at no.1 in Automotive Sun Protection Visors, the product offers a variety of features. The lightweight product weighs nearly 4 ounces despite being 12*7*2 inches in size. The company designed the product by being inspired by the design of the face shield used by air force pilots.

The product offered by Bell + Howell is budget-friendly costing you nearly $20. This small light filtering window aims to enhance color recognition while preventing glare.

“The cheap product offers a variety of functions which will enhance any human being visions to an eagle’s vision providing him/her protection against the harmful sun’s radiation like UV rays. Even, if you want to drive on any bright or sunny or snowy day, the best part of the mirror is it will reflect backlight.” He says.

The product has two different panels offering two different modes i.e. one for the day and the other one are for the night. If you think, you won’t require the mirror at present you can simply flip it up.

The daytime panel works similarly to a pair of polarized sunglasses. It would work best for the people who wear prescription glasses all the time but do not have any prescription sunglasses.

Although, our experts find the night panel a bit less impressive. “A yellow tint glass will not make much difference in the vision”. Although, the yellow tinted night glasses provide a slighted improvement and tries to discriminate colors in nighttime glare but isn’t much effective.

The product comes with a simple clip attachment that can be applied to any type of vehicle. The manufacturing of the product with the developed technology offers heat resistance

and tries to eliminate the heat-induced discoloration.

The shatter-proof tendency of the Tac Visor enhances the durability of the product, making it safe for human use. It further enhances the reliability of the product.

Reasons to buy:

  • Cheap and pocket-friendly product

  • Helps to filter the light

  • Blocks the unnecessary glares without restricting the vision

  • Tend to enhance color perception

  • Effortless and swift installation process and adjustment

  • Gets securely attached to the vehicle’s surface

  • Tries to maximize human safety

  • Offers two different panels for the day and night time

Reasons to avoid:

  • The night-time panel is not much effective

  • The yellow tint may peel off or start to have bubbles if not used carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is The Product Polarised In Either Direction?

Ans1. Yes, the product is polarised in both night and day time but night vision is less polarised if compared to the day time vision.

Q2. Do I Need An Expert To Make It Fit In My Vehicle?

Ans2. No, no need for any expert required. The product comes with simple and quick installation. It offers a clip and sticks attachment which does not require any expert assistance. The mirror gets securely attach to any surface.

Q3. How To Avoid Seeing The Reflections In The Mirror?

Ans3.To avoid seeing the reflection in the mirror, you can either align the mirror exactly at the level of your site or you can pull and point 90odownwards.

Q4. Are TAC Visors Any Good?

Ans4.This Tac Visor is a great product that comes with effortless installation and easy to use. Follow the instruction given on the manuals and you within seconds, the installation part is done. It helps you to reduce glare from the sun and at the night time, enhances your vision.