5 Helpful Tips For Selling Your Junk Vehicle For Cash

Selling junk vehicles for parts or scrap to auto salvage yards is an excellent method to retain some of your car’s value. Salvage lots of trade used parts to repair shops or other vehicle owners for money, which is why there is a market for used parts. Nevertheless, before selling your vehicle, make sure that you are getting the maximum value out of it.

Establishing Ownership

Establishing ownership under your name must be done before selling the vehicle since this is an essential requirement.

Assessing The Value

Evaluate the damage to the vehicle and establish what the blue book value of the car is. When shopping around for prices, you will inevitably be asked a lot of questions about the vehicle, i.e., the damages to the car, whether it runs, etc. If at all possible, try to fix some of the damages before trying to sell the vehicle.

Obtaining Prices

First, check the local junkyards in your area and then move on to calling those in surrounding cities. Sometimes it is worth driving a little further when the price is right. Call at least a few junkyards and start comparing prices. Some top scrap car services in Ottawa, Ontario will pay a large sum of money for a vehicle depending on the model and make of the car and whatever is wrong with it.

Delivering The Vehicle

If possible, drive or tow the car in yourself since most salvage yards will pay more for a vehicle if it is not necessary for them to bring it in.

Lemon Laws

There are specified laws that must be adhered to when you are attempting to sell a damaged car or the spares to consumers. These are referred to as lemon laws and acts as a protection to consumers from biased treatment. Here are a few examples of the laws that you must abide:

  • State Lemon Laws– You must first research the lemon laws pertaining to the state where you are planning to sell your car to ensure you are covered. Some state lemon laws do not offer protection to individuals who buy used cars or vehicles that are sold “as is.”
  • Mileage Tampering Laws– You are not permitted to tamper with mileage readings on a meter to deceive a buyer at all. It is an offense punishable by law. If the odometer somehow stopped working, you must notify the buyer accordingly, and it must be documented on the title.
  • Private Seller Laws– In many states, lemon laws for used cars are endorsed inversely on private owners who sell their vehicle versus a dealer. You must know what outlines a dealer in your state. For instance, in the state of Massachusetts, anyone who has ended four cars within twelve months is viewed as a dealer. Dealer laws can be harsher than those linked to private parties.
  • Price Maximums– In many cases, state lemon laws can be circumvented by staying in a particular price range. In most states, refunds will only be issued under lemon laws if the car is sold for higher than $700. The same limitations are utilized for the age of a car and mileage.

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